Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Areum Min is the most popular girl at the Seoul National University, but all those fakes after her family’s money don’t matter to her. She’s working hard to take over the business her father has run for decades, even if that means she’ll be the co-leader of the mafia with her older brother. Ever since The Tragedy many years ago, the siblings have been deep in the world of killing and drugs. What goes on in the mansion of the biggest crime organization in the capital of South Korea is hidden to most, but top gangs are doing their best to take it down. Blood will be shed, sweat will stain clothes, and tears will waterfall down cheeks.
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2. Best Big Brother

I sigh as I exit my bedroom, fully changed into a pair of black shorts, a white t-shirt with ‘Ask me About my Punch’ in black, a Monokuma hoodie, and a pair of black and blue tennis shoes. Finally feeling comfortable after a day in clothes that just don’t fit my personality.

          Not many people pass by on my walk to my father’s office, and I’m not even that surprised. The doctors and nurses are in the hospital wing, while the fighters are off training, a group is taking care of the dogs, and anyone else is on patrol in the off chance that a gang tries to attack.

          “Well, the brat finally showed up,” Yoongi’s annoyed voice fills my ears, and I can’t believe he’s actually twenty-five at times like this.

          I look up to see my brother leaning up against the wall opposite to our father’s office. “Come on, I’m sorry I left without seeing you this morning. I was stressed and in a rush.”

          It’s a bit crazy how similar Yoongi and I look. The same button nose, pink lips, gummy smile, oval-ish face shape, monolid eyes, and elfish ears. His legs are thinner than mine, and his cheeks not as chubby. My hands are smaller, but just as nimble as his. He has chocolate brown eyes, while I have forest green, but we both need glasses to read. Both of us would have pale skin, but I spend a lot more time out in the sun than he does.

          “I guess I can forgive you,” Yoongi pushes off the wall, pulling me into a hug. “Just, don’t do it again. My job is to send you off in the morning.”

          “Just like mom did,” I nuzzle my head into his chest, wrapping my arms around him. “I know. You’ve been so good about it since high school. Handing me my lunch, and making sure I had all my school supplies. There’s no way anyone has a better brother than me.”

          Yoongi’s hands rub circles into my back. He’s not towering over my too much, standing at 176 centimeters. He does, however, weigh less than me, and that irritates us both for different reasons. “Fucking of course there’s no one better than me. I am the best brother ever. I never hurt you, help you when you need help, and make you laugh.”

          “That’s not a very impressive list,” I pull my head away from his chest, leaning up to kiss his cheek.

          “You little shit, Areum,” Yoongi is quick to get is fingers on my sides, tickling me with no restraint.

          “Yoongi!” I squeal, trying to get away, but failing miserably.

          “This is what you get for leaving me this morning,” he has his gummy smile present on his face.

          I’m a giggling mess as he chuckles along.

          That’s another trait we have in common; the signature Min laughter. A bit raspy, even husky at times, but all around cute.

          His fingers stop their movements on my sides, “There, I think that was good enough revenge.”

          “I can’t believe you,” I pant out, fixing my shirt and hoodie. “That was cruel. You know tickles are my downfall.”

          Yoongi pinches my nose, leaning in and kissing my cheek. “I know, Bambi. All those times mom held you down, and I would tickle you all over. You would end up in tears, but I know you secretly love it.”

          “They weren’t sad tears,” I sink to the ground, resting my head back against the wall. “Laughing that hard for the amount of time you would torture me with tickles, that brought the tears to my eyes. You really are evil.”

          “And you aren’t?” He teases, crossing his arms over his chest. “Little miss fighter who punches to break bones, and bring the most amount of pain.”

          I crack my knuckles, a smirk on my lips, “What can I say? We are two evil fuckers. Damn Yoongi, we are kids of a godfather. How else were we supposed to turn out?”

          “You weren’t going to be in this life,” Yoongi sighs. “You’d have married someone barely linked to us, and lived a happy life out in a smaller city.”

          “That was never my destiny,” I mess with my bun, making sure it’s still on top of my head. “You know I was meant to lead along with you. I would have picked up on the whole mafia thing one day. I’m also pretty sure that I would have fallen for a guy I see around here every day. I probably still will.”

          “I refuse,” Yoongi nudges my leg with his foot. “No way in hell I’m letting you get with one of the men that work for us. They aren’t good enough for you.”

          “They are just as broken and mess up as me,” I push my bottom lip out just barely. “The heart wants what the heart wants, brother.”

          “They’ll break your heart, Areum. I know these guys.”

          “I love how protective you are over me,” I tenderly smile at my big brother. “I’ll let Sooyoung know that we can start planning our wedding.”

          Yoongi chuckles, leaning his shoulder against the wall, “She’s already in love with one of our assassins, so I don’t think that dream will ever come true.”

          “I know,” I sigh. “Our love was never meant to be. She can’t help that her heart was taken by a killer. Holy shit, that actually sounds like a great story, but the killer actually took his loves heart.”

          “You are such a nerd,” he shakes his head, a small chuckle leaving his lips.

          “Sooyoung hasn’t approached the boy yet, has she? Isn’t that a bit against the rules, dating a coworker?”

          “We have no such rules. As long as they don’t kill one another, or let emotions ruin a mission, I don’t give a shit what they do in their spare time.”

          “But I can’t date,” I grumble.

          The door to the office opens, and multiple middle-aged men walk out. All of them CEOs, or head doctors, or creative geniuses of some sort. They all work with my father, unbeknownst to them that he’s the godfather of the biggest mafia group to sweep the country. Bangtan Boys, or Bulletproof Boys when translated, started as a small gang to force store owners to bring the prices of toys and snacks back down. One thing led to another, and then my great-grandfather had bought the boarding school mansion.

          “Areum, how are you?” Dr. Sato, my childhood doctor, smiles at me. “How is your punch?” The man chuckles at my t-shirt.

          “I’m good, Dr. Sato,” I politely bow my head. “My punch is probably the best it’s ever been. I’m still so sorry for that time when I punched you in the gut. Needles still aren’t my favorite thing.”

          “Her kicks are what will really get you,” Yoongi speaks up. “So, it’s a good thing you don’t treat her anymore, or she might kill you.” His face no longer has his signature gummy smile, and I can’t really tell if he’s joking or not. That’s what happens when people are around my brother: he just shuts down.

          “Yoongi,” I whine, slowly standing up. “He’s kidding, doctor. My kicks can’t kill anyone, only break some bones.”

          “You’ve always been tough kids,” Dr. Sato nods. “Even before that terrible day.”

          “Yes, well, it’s a tough world out there,” Yoongi answers, putting his arm around my shoulder.

          Dr. Sato smiles at me before turning and walking down the hall behind all the other men.

          “You become so dark when other people show up,” I slap Yoongi’s chest. “Why must you freak people out?”

          “Just who I am,” Yoongi shrugs. “They all know I’m not that personable, and am right to the point of being insensitive. I just don’t give a shit.”

          “That’s good, because there are too many people out there who just want to hurt you,” I sigh.

          “I’ll kill anyone who hurts you,” he kisses the top of my head.

          In the next moment, our father makes his appearance. He’s slightly out of his prime, but still a frightening presence. He may not be able to physically fight, but he knows his ways with guns. However, just because he’s the godfather doesn’t mean he has a stone-cold heart.

          “Daddy!” I giggle, bursting away from my brother.

          “Hello, pumpkin,” my father smiles, holding his hands out for me to grab.

          I push up onto my tiptoes, holding my father’s hands for balance, and press my lips to his cheek. “I love you,” I fall back onto my heels, skipping into the office.

          My father’s office is impressive to say the least. A huge, wooden desk at one end of the room surround by wall bookcases filled with priceless books; a window that reaches the ceiling on the left side, giving a wonderful view of the garden. Couches and chairs scattered all over the room, moved around depending on the meeting. A deep, rich, mahogany is used for the flooring, and a nice beige to match on the walls. It gives off the aura of a powerful business man that can take you down with the flick of his wrist. Exactly the man my father is.

          I plop down onto the couch nearest the desk; my back on an arm rest and my legs on the cushions.

          Yoongi enters behind our father, taking a seat in a nearby chair. “Did the meeting with all those partners go well?”

          Father takes a seat behind his desk, a grin on his lips. “Of course. They still have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors. All of them think we started as the bar, and then moved onto other business opportunities.”

          “Well, Bangtan still is the biggest club in Seoul, so it’s not wrong,” I point out, placing my hands behind my head.

          “Yes, it is, so our cover is still hidden,” Father nods a few times. “Along with the beer, candy, convenience stores, and many other companies. No one is any the wiser.”

          “That’s good,” Yoongi crosses his legs, resting his hands on his knee. “It’s good that they all continue to work with us.”

          “Before we talk business though,” Father turns to look at me. “Areum, how was your first day of school? Is that what you wore today? I really don’t know the fashion for you kids these days.”

          I giggle, “No, daddy, I didn’t wear this to school. I have a training session with Jimin after this, so I just decided to change before coming down here. I’m excited for that, I have steam to let off from the terrible day of school.”

          “Oh, pumpkin, what happened?”

          “Just those fakes that want money,” I sigh, pushing my fingers into my hair. “They don’t seem to leave me alone, no matter what I do. I try to push them away as nicely as possible, but they still want to hang around me. I hate it. They make my head pound when around.”

          “Power through, Bambi,” Yoongi gives me a tender look. “Their fathers are high ups, and we can’t have drama from their daughters effecting business.”

          “I’m sorry that you have to go through that, honey,” Father sighs. “But your brother is right. Don’t blow up on them, or else we might be in big trouble.”

          “I won’t,” I cross my arms over my chest, pouting at the two men. “I know how to be nice. They just make me want to punch something, or rather, kick something. That’s why I’m having a training session after this.”

          “When are you going to do your homework?” Father gives me a stern look. “You are still a college student, and being in the mafia comes second.”

          “I’ll do my homework, don’t worry,” I wave him off. “I just need to hit something, or I will lose my mind.”

          “Yoongi, you’ll keep your eye on her, yes?” Father looks over at his son.

          “I can have the hackers keep an eye on her,” Yoongi answers. “Really, our best hacker is always checking in from time to time. He knows she needs to do schoolwork, so I’d be informed if it wasn’t getting done.”

          “Of course,” I tap my feet together. “Always being watched. Don’t you trust me?” I pout, widening my eyes at my father.

          “Pumpkin, I trust you more than everyone here, excluding your brother,” Father is looking back at me. “I know that we can’t always check in and make sure you’re doing what you need to do. Sure, I know you are a good girl, and you always do what you need to, but what if something’s wrong. They can contact us in an instant and we can check in on you in seconds.”

          “He’s only periodically checking in on you,” Yoongi adds in. “It’s not creepy or anything. The hackers watch over all of the mansion, and a lot more. That’s their job. To make sure nothing goes wrong. It’s to protect you.”

          “Yeah, yeah,” I wave the two men off. “Can we get to the point of why Yoongi and I are in here?”

          “You are always such a spitfire, Bambi,” Yoongi smirks at me.

          “Spitfire is too harsh; my temper isn’t terrible. I just speak my mind.”

          “Okay, don’t start fighting,” Father teases. “The reason I called you two in here today, is because you two are going to be leading the mafia for the next week.”

          “What?” Yoongi and I shockingly look at our father.

          “I have a very important business partner in the town over, and he wants to meet to discuss a few things, so I told him I would personally meet with him. In that time, I want you two to lead over Bangtan.”

          “We’ll do a good job, dad,” Yoongi nods a few times. “We won’t stage any missions, besides the one’s you already have in motion.”

          “When do you leave, daddy?” I feel my chest tighten as I try to focus on my breathing.

          “Tomorrow, pumpkin,” Father tenderly smiles at me. “Sorry for dropping it on you two with such short notice, but I know you two can handle it. Together, you two can handle anything. That’s how strong you are together.”

          “It’s just, I have school, and homework, and all the other crap. Can I really focus on the mafia as well? It seems quite overwhelming. I knew one day I would take over with Yoongi, but it wasn’t going to be this soon. I was going to finish college, and then I would delve into the doings of this crazy business.”

          “It’s only for a week, Bambi,” Yoongi stands up, kneeling over by me. “You have three of those days off, and it’s only half leadership. I will be right by your side, and make sure you aren’t stressed. You’ll be a great leader with me. Trust me, you already boss people around enough, so it’s no real change.”

          “Shut up,” I giggle, shoving his shoulder.

          “I agree with Yoongi,” Father stands up from his desk. “You are stronger than you think, and it’s only for a week. You’ll be fine. Your brother will keep everything under control.”

----------------------- --------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- -----------------------

          “You’re gonna give me a run for my money, J,” Jimin’s slightly higher pitched voice fills my ears. “We are pretty much at the same skill level now. I’ll have to learn karate to be better than you.”

          “I’ve watched the Karate Kid,” I speak up as I enter the basement training area, taking a seat on a metal bench. “I think I’d be able to figure it out.”

          “Look who finally decided to come on down,” Hoseok big teethed smirk, tiny dimples in both cheeks, is a delight on his long oval face. “I was wondering if I was ever going to be relieved.” His brown eyes teasing me from his spot meters away.

          I roll my eyes, smiling away at the teasing. “You’re lucky I’m not your boss until tomorrow, or else I’d have to give you some kind of punishment.”

          Hoseok is one of those guys that I’m not really sure how he became a member, but he is a very important component of Bangtan. He’s one of the few that can go head to head with the enemy in combat. No guns or knives required for him. Twenty-four years old, making him well within his prime for the mafia.

          Off the field, though, he’s a cheerful guy. Always teasing me so that I smile, and making sure that whoever is around him is as happy as possible. There’s just something about him that gives the group that needed sunshine on bad days.

          It also doesn’t hurt that he’s quite an attractive guy. His high cheekbones give his face an adorable chubby effect, and his slender nose fits perfectly on his face. His lips are thin, but anyone can look past that when his jaw could cut steel. At the moment, his natural, light brown hair is straightened, and parted so some of his forehead is showing. The bright colors he’s wearing the complete opposite of what he wears out on a mission.

          “Aw, is my baby girl going to take charge?” Jimin tosses athletic tape over to me, running a hand through his silver hair so his bangs spread more to show his forehead.

          “I am, Chim,” I widely smile, starting the process of wrapping my hands.

          Despite the nickname, Jimin and I are nowhere near being a couple. He’s Yoongi’s longest and closet friend, and we both know that dating would make him lose his mind. That doesn’t stop all the flirty exchanges that happens between us.

          Jimin’s father is CEO of the largest pharmaceutical company in all of South Korea: Park Pharmaceutics. That means his family is just as loaded as mine, and is the reason he grew up in a secure neighborhood while attending the same private school as Yoongi and me. He always ended up in my classes, as he’s less than a year older than me. All the girls were always jealous that he always sat next to me, and it’s easy to understand where they’re coming from.

          Jimin knows just how handsome he is, using it to get his way whenever he pleases. His chubby cheeks are one my favorite features about him, next to his crooked front teeth, and then his squished down button nose. I wouldn’t know, but his plump lips give the greatest kisses. When he gives a big smile, his eyes turn into slits that make him look beyond adorable. Those beautiful dark brown eyes that can pull anyone in with a simple glance.

          He is the shortest of the guys that I interact with on a daily basis, standing at 175 centimeters, so still a good bit taller than myself. Depending on stress that is being put on him, Jimin’s weight can be all over the place. Some girls only see him for his abs, but I appreciate Jimin for much more than the shape of his body.

          “I’ll leave you two to your session then,” Hoseok walks past me, messing with the bun on top of my head.

          “Hobi, don’t you want a hug?” I pout, looking up at the boy. “I need a hug after the day I’ve had,” I rip the tape, finishing off the wrapping of my hands.

          “Bad day at school?” Hoseok holds his arms out for me.

          I stand up, falling into the hug. “It’s getting better now that I’m around people who don’t annoy the shit out of me. A hug from a literal sunshine is a plus, too.”

          He chuckles, giving me a squeeze. “That’s what I’m here for, buttercup.” His arms have a strong hold on me, and for how lanky he may look, he’s actually one of the most muscular men on the mafia. Like all the other guys, Hoseok is towering over me at 177 centimeters.

          “Thank you, Hobi,” I sigh, pulling away from Hoseok. “That helped a lot.”

          He smiles, pinching my cheek, “Whenever you need a pick-me-up, I’m always around. Just call for me.”

          “I know, I will,” I slap his hand, causing him so chuckle.

          “See you later, Jimin,” Hoseok waves to Jimin before finally exiting the training area.

          “Ready to fight, baby girl?” Jimin steps up behind me, placing his hands on my waist.

          “I really need to let off a lot of steam, Chim,” I take a deep breath, feeling a bit of anger bubbling within. “Don’t hold back.”

          “Sure thing, Areum. Let’s get to work.”

          Jimin and I make our way to the boxing ring in the middle of the room.

          “So, what’s on your mind?” Jimin smirks as I bounce around on my toes.

          “The bitches at school who are overly fake,” I begin throwing kicks as Jimin blocks them all. “I can’t stand them. All they want is money. Never did they ever want to be my friend because they thought I would be a cool person to hang out with.”

          “At least you have something that they don’t have.”

          “And what’s that?” I grunt as I put everything into a kick at Jimin’s arm, only to be skillfully blocked by him.

          “Your drop-dead gorgeous looks,” he smirks. His small hands grabbing both of my wrists as he takes a step closer to me. “I know for a fact that those fakes have nothing on you in both looks and personality.”

          “They bothered me all last year, Chim,” I drop my head so I’m staring at the ground. “I will lose my mind if I have to deal with them a second year.”

          “It’s not the best advice, and you should probably talk to some of the other guys for their opinions, but you should make excuses to why you can’t hang with them.”

          “I already do,” I sigh, feeling suddenly vulnerable. “I lie and say I’m busy when we don’t have classes so I don’t have to go out with them. I do anything to get away from them. There were so many days spent in the library just to get some alone time. It’s hard because everyone things I’m so strong, and can just ignore them, but I can’t,” I hear my voice crack.

          “Oh, Areum,” Jimin releases my wrists, cupping my face so I have to look up at him. “It’s okay to have some weaknesses. It must hurt that they just want money from you, and don’t want to know the real you. I know how it feels to be hurt.” Anger flashes across his pupils. “I don’t like it that someone is making you feel that way.”

          “I have to put up with them, as their fathers are powerful men, to some extent,” I push my lips together. “Don’t worry, Chim. I’ll be okay. I’m sure to figure something out eventually.”

          “If you ever need me to be your boyfriend so you don’t have to eat lunch with them, let me know.”

          I chuckle, shoving the boy away. “Stop messing around, Jimin. I don’t need anyone to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

          “That’s true. Any guy would be lucky to be able to call you his girlfriend. I’m surprised one of the guys around here hasn’t snatched you yet,” he grins.

          “My brother stops that from ever happening,” I crack my knuckles, getting back into a fighting position. “Plus, I don’t see any of you like that.”

          “Maybe you will,” he shrugs. “There’s still a good number of guys you haven’t seen around the mansion.”

          “We’ll see,” I straighten up. “Now, are you going to help me with my kicks or not?”

---------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------

          I groan as I finish up my Japanese sentences. Not necessarily hard as it was tedious.

          Snow, the grey and white husky that I was gifted as a pup over four years ago, whines from her spot on my king bed on the opposite end of the room.

          “I’m coming, baby,” I begin placing papers into folders to put back into my backpack. “I am tired too, and want to get to bed as soon as possible.”

          As the mansion has as many rooms as a standard hotel, that means everyone living here gets their own room. The only thing different about mine is how big it is.

          My bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with both a shower and bathtub. The room is a lovely white and cream color that gives of a royal aura. It’s where every morning Sooyoung comes to do my hair and make-up. She also helps me pick out my outfits for the school day in my walk-in closet. Sooyoung just loves having me try on all kinds of clothes as she sits on a round, plush stool.

          The main part of my room holds my black frame, king sized bed; a wooden bench with a pillow sits at the end of my bed. Two bedside tables on either side of the bed match the bedframe color, one holding a lamp; a white rug with a black line design beneath my bed. The entire room is in the color scheme of smooth black; the walls painted a beige-grey, the hard wood floor a rich, dark brown, and the ceiling has glow-in-the-dark star stickers all over.

          A small alcove is separated by white, French, double doors. That’s where my office has been set up, and it’s a bit brighter in color than my main bedroom. The color scheme is white and lighter shades of beige. A white desk is off to the side of a window, with a small couch-like seat situated right under the window. I have quite a few bookshelves and wall shelves to hold my ever-growing book and figurine collections. There’s also a window seat with a few throw pillows and a blanket; my favorite place to read when it rains.

          None of that really compares to my favorite part about my room: the balcony. When the nights are warm, and there’s no chance of rain, it’s where I like to spend my evenings in peace. There’s a mattress placed snuggly between the wall and the railing, about twenty pillows spread around it to make it as comfy as possible. There are two rows of fairy lights strung above, and potted plants of all kinds scattered around that Hoseok takes care of. It’s my safe place; only my closest friends are allowed in.

          “Today has been a crazy day, Snow,” I toss my backpack over by my door.

          Snow lets out a few barks, jumping up into a standing position.

          “Fakes, leading, training, homework,” I walk into my closet, quickly shedding my workout clothes. “If I knew my first day back to college was going to be this crazy, I might have just gone and snuggled with Yoongi all day.” I slip on some short-shorts and an oversized t-shirt, walking out to sit next to Snow.

          Snow rolls onto her back, her belly exposed for me to rub.

          “I wish you could just come to school with me,” I place both hands on my dog’s tummy. “That would be great. Wouldn’t it, baby?” I use a childish voice as I scratch my hands on Snow’s tummy, rubbing my nose across her own. “Snow, you are my protector. Such a strong girl for me. I love you,” I coo.

          Snow lets out a bark, her tongue licking a stripe up the side of my face.

          “I love you more, Bambi,” Yoongi’s voice has me pulling away from Snow.

          “Is something wrong?” I look over to see my brother in my room’s doorway. “Or did you just come to talk?”

          “Nothing’s wrong, just checking in on you,” Yoongi walks over to the bed, taking a seat on the edge. “Got all your homework done?” He reaches out to pat Snow’s tummy.

          Snow lets out a yip.

          “She loves you too,” I tenderly smile. “Yes, I got all my homework done. Just in the nick of time too, seeing as it is almost eleven o’clock now.”

          “That’s good,” Yoongi falls onto his back, looking up at me with a tiny smile on his lips. “I wanted to make sure all was good about having to lead the mafia with me. You seemed a bit stressed in dad’s office, and I just came to check up on you.”

          I run a hand through my brother’s blond locks. “I’ve thought about it, and talked it out with Hobi and Chim, so I think it will be okay. A bit of pressure, knowing I have to balance it with schoolwork, but it won’t be for long. It’s not like I don’t already boss people around. It’s meetings that I don’t want to worry about.”

          “All you need to worry about is school,” Yoongi grabs my hand. “I will keep track of all the missions and such, plus plan any meetings. Namjoon can always brief you on the drives home.”

          “That sounds like a good idea,” I tap his nose. “I knew you had a brain in that head of yours.”

          “I will tickle you,” he smirks.

          Snow lets out a low growl, knowing that the word tickle does not make me happy.

          “Stand down, Snow,” I pat the husky’s head. “He’s only teasing. He already tortured me out in the hallway some hours ago.”

          “You’re lucky that dog of yours is here,” Yoongi pushes to sit up. “She’s always been so protective of you. Taking my job,” he chuckles as Snow pouts. “It’s okay, Snow. I can’t always be around, so it’s good that you want to keep my baby sister safe as much as I do.”

          “Is there anything else on your mind?” I can’t help the yawn that passes through my lips.

          “As long as you are okay with having to lead, and that you aren’t stressed, I think that this little talk is over. You need to sleep. Another big day of school tomorrow, so you need all the rest you can get.”

          “Thanks, Yoongi. I promise, if I feel like I can’t handle leading, I will let you know,” I smile, “Now, get out of my bedroom so I can sleep.”

          “Always bossing people around,” he grins, leaning in to press a kiss to my forehead. “You’ll be great leading by my side. No doubt about it.” He hops off my bed, walking over to the door.

          “Yoongi,” I call out before he can exit my room.

          “Yes?” Yoongi doesn’t even turn around.

          “I love you,” I scramble to get under my covers. “You almost forgot to say it to me before you left. Mom wouldn’t be happy.”

          “I love you, Areum. The most out of anyone in this world. Can I turn the light off?”

          “Go ahead, I’m all under the covers and ready for sleep.”

          “Sweet dreams, Bambi. See you in the morning.” His index finger flips the light switch, and he closes the door as he exits.

          I stare up at my starlit ceiling, “Snow, come snuggle with me.”

          Snow makes no noise as she maneuvers over to rest right by my side.

          “Goodnight, baby,” I place a hand on my husky’s shoulder, closing my eyes to block out the little light. “Hopefully I can have sweet dreams tonight.”

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The plot is slowly coming together, and I hope you are all enjoying it! Please, I’d love to hear what you thought, so don’t be afraid to post a comment. This is just the beginning, I hope you are ready for all that’s in store! :D

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