I have never believed in vampires, but now I know I'm a vampire. Once the knife goes in my hand there's no turning back. The voices are telling me to do it, it's like they're controlling me. People say I should go into therapy. But there is no way they can stop these voices. (WARNING: Mature Content)


1. Prologue

1. Prologue 


"Nathan do it".

"Pick up the knife and do it".

The voices are telling me to. The blood stained knife maybe locked away but it always finds away back into the hands of the person I fear most. The pool of blood stains the new wooden floor brings my back to reality. Stab after stab. Scream after scream. I can't do any because I'm not in control anymore. Therapy. Is all that comes out of my mothers mouth any more. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey guys

Hopefully you like this. The may see similar to The Way I Am by elle.fuller however it is not going to be the same. I have plans that will be expected. Anyway the cover is of Niall Horan but that's just how the main character look. The main characters name is Nathan Woods. There is nothing in this book that relates to anything One Direction. Anyway hope you enjoy it. LOVE YAH ❤❤


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