I have never believed in vampires, but now I know I'm a vampire. Once the knife goes in my hand there's no turning back. The voices are telling me to do it, it's like they're controlling me. People say I should go into therapy. But there is no way they can stop these voices. (WARNING: Mature Content)


3. Chapter 2

"Well you feel asleep". Dr Gibson said

"Did I retell past events again?" I ask

She nodded. I had a habit of doing that whenever I came to Dr Gibson. She let me sleep because of how tired I was if I killed someone. I would always stay up and wonder what would happen to me. Dr Gibson was the only therapist that actually helped me. There was a knock at the door. Dr Gibson excused herself and opened the door.

"Jess lovely to see you, come in". Dr Gibson said 

Jessica Gibson. Everyday at 1:01 in the afternoon she would come in and work in the spare desk in the corner of Dr Gibson's office. The session went on until 2:30. 

"Okay the session is over Nathan I'll see you next week". Dr Gibson said

"Wait! Is it too late to book a double session with you now?" I asked

"Well it's not but I can't do a double session with you today, unless Jess is happy taking you". Dr Gibson suggested 

"Not at all" Jess said

Dr Gibson didn't say anything but nodded and walked out. Jess walked over to the chair and sat down.

"So um N...Nathan when did this start?" She asked starting from the beginning 

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