I have never believed in vampires, but now I know I'm a vampire. Once the knife goes in my hand there's no turning back. The voices are telling me to do it, it's like they're controlling me. People say I should go into therapy. But there is no way they can stop these voices. (WARNING: Mature Content)


4. A.N


Hey guys just wanted to let you know in on a few things. 

Number 1: I will be changing the point of view to Nathan's, Jessica's and to third person.

Number 2: Zac is an important part in the story that I'll spoil soon.

Number 3: This is going to be a series of stories with Zac as the second book. There will be five in total with Nathan as book one.

Number 4: All five books will be connected together in someway. 

Number 5: There are spirits in it. You'll see

That's it. Hopefully you are enjoying this Movella and if you have any questions put them down in the comments below and I'll get right back to you. 

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