Past, Present, and Future (Twilight fan-fiction)

Ariella is a orphan who never knew her parents. One day while outside she was chased by a group of boys, but soon found herself stumbling to the Cullen's front door. Can they help this lonely girl? A girl who has the power to see into the past, present, and future? There could be more more to her.

Disclaimer: All rights go to Stephenie Meyer.


7. Chapter 6- New Home

Chapter 6

The fifty minute drive to the Cullen's house or as of now my new home, was filled with laughter. Esme sat in the backseat of Carlisle's car with me and told me things about the family, some of the really funny stories. Which by the way sometimes ended with her kids being scolded by her, but overall they seemed to have many great and memorable moments together. I envied that.

When she told me that everyone, well almost everyone was paired off together I was a little shocked, but honestly I didn't care that's their personal business.

As we pulled up to the house I squealed. It was one of the worst and most embarrassing noises I've ever made. I placed my hand over my mouth as Esme and Carlisle stared at me in amusement. I nervously laughed and hurried out of the car.

"Welcome to your new home!" Alice yelled excitedly when she saw me from the front porch. She came and enveloped me in a hug.

"Thanks," I smiled.

"Okay let's give a tour of the house. Come on." She grabbed my hand and I didn't jerk away even though she was super cold.

She looked at me and her smile got bigger, however possible that was. Everyone else was watching my reaction but I just smiled and squeezed her hand lightly. It was also hard but I didn't care. They all seemed surprised by this.

"Are you going to show me around or stand here like a deer in headlights," I laughed. She began giving the tour and let me say this house was big.

There were three floors plus a basement and attic, eight bedrooms — four on the second and four on the third floors, four bathrooms — one on each floor and an extra in Carlisle and Esme's room, a big kitchen, a sitting room, a living room with a television and game systems, an indoor pool, Carlisle's study, and a library. This was the best house I've ever seen and I've been given the chance to live here.

When Alice showed me my room I almost fainted. It was big with a nice walk in closet that had shelves, racks, draws, and a nice little couch. She told me that each room has a big closet. In my opinion I believe it's too much, but I was always taught to keep my opinions to myself.

After getting settled I took a shower and got dressed. Leaving the bathroom I went back to my room and put my dirty clothes into hamper. I left my room and walked down stairs to the living room where the family was. When I walked in Fred greeted me first.

"Hi," I said back.

"Are you hungry dear?" Esme asked.

"No." I didn't want to be too much of a bother.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked. I nodded and my stomach growled loudly. I put my head down embarrassed.

"Um...I'll eat," I said.

"Alright, I'll be back. Anyone else hungry? Jacob, Renesmee?" she asked. They told her yes and she went to the kitchen.

"Ariella," Alice called me. I turned to her.


"Tomorrow we're going shopping."

"I know." Everyone looked at me confused. If I could punch myself in the mouth without earning strange looks and probably causing them to regret their decision in bringing me into their family, I would.

"So what do you all usually do around here?" I changed the subject.

"I love to shop and design," Alice said. "I have to approve of all outfits before anyone steps foot out of this house." I just stared at her. She's joking...right?

"She's serious," Bella corrected my thought.

"Well she doesn't seem like it because of her height, but she's a force to be reckoned with," Rosalie added.

"Rosalie loves Mechanics and tinkering with cars. I know it's hard to believe since most of her time is spent looking in the mirror," Fred told me with a laugh.

"Shut it Fred or you're dead," Rosalie growled. Like actually growled, it was surprising to say the least.

"Ooo, she can rhyme," another voice spoke. For the first time I noticed another person here. He looked to be at least twenty two, with black hair and eyes just as dark. His features were stunning, but not in comparison with the Cullen's. He was none other than Jacob Black, the other guy from my vision.

"You too. Shut up mutt," she growled again.

"Jacob stop antagonizing her please," Carlisle said kindly. Jacob smiled as he saw Carlisle trying to keep a straight face. Esme walked out of the kitchen and sat on the arm of the couch next to her husband, but when seeing him trying not to laugh she lightly hit him on the arm. Rosalie stood and stormed out of the room.

"Why'd you do that Jacob?" Emmett asked holding in a laugh as well. He stood up and followed her.

"Wait Rose," he called out. When they were gone no one could hold it in any longer. The sound of everyone's laughter rang throughout the living room.

Of course we all calmed down and called Rosalie back to apologize. She only accepted because Renesmee softened her up.

I got to learn about the rest of them. Jacob loves fixing cars and motorcycles; Bella loves reading; Jasper likes playing pranks with Emmett plus he is interested in scholarly endeavors and things that involve the Civil War; Emmett loves pranking and playing video games, as well as competition of any form; Edward collects cars and plays the piano; Renesmee likes reading and music — she plays the piano as well; Esme loves architecture and restoration; Carlisle is a doctor and he loves to study medicine and learn new things, and last but not least Fred loves reading, studying people and phenomenon, and playing cards. Alice added that he also likes shopping which led to another argument.

"No I don't Alice. I hate shopping." Fred defended. I laughed and so did everyone else. Next thing you know everyone started gagging and turning away from him. Everyone except Bella and myself. I didn't know why.

"What's wrong?" I asked. They all looked at me surprised.

"What?" I questioned.

"Nothing," Fred said. Esme called for Jacob, Renesmee, and I to eat, so we went to the dinning room. It was the first nice home cooked meal I've ever had. After eating we went into the living room and started up conversation again.

"You're fourteen right?" Alice asked.


"You'll start school next week after we get you registered and get you clothes and supplies. Is that okay?" Carlisle asked. I nodded. I never been to school before so I wasn't sure what it would be like. While many foster kids do go to regular school. At my previous foster home Mrs. Shelton homeschooled us.

"It'll be great. We're all going to school with you," Renesmee told me.

"How old are you guys?"

"Well we're all adopted. Rosalie and Jasper are twins and are seventeen, their last name is Hale. Emmett is seventeen and Alice is sixteen, they are related and they took on the last name Cullen after Carlisle and Esme. Edward and I are related, he's sixteen and I'm fifteen, our last name is Masen. Bella is sixteen and her last name is Swan. Jacob is seventeen and his last name is Black. Then there's Fred, he's sixteen and he changed his last name to Cullen," she explained.

"Oh." My reaction made her laugh. I looked at all of them and their beauty. I knew they were hiding something and that none of them were related.

"I don't believe that," I whispered so low no one could hear but I was wrong.

"What?" Renesmee asked warily.

"Nothing," I answered.

"You said you don't believe me. Why?" Renesmee inquired.

"It's just a feeling but I'm not trying to make you guys tell me what ever you're hiding." They all looked surprised. "We all have our secrets right?"

No one said a word. I waited for someone to speak. Instead Emmett laughed. Everyone turned to him.

"What's so funny Emmett?" Rosalie questioned.

"She's really observant. Now who does that make you think of?" Everyone, besides myself, looked at Bella.

"What'd I do?" She raised an eyebrow. They all laughed at her. I was soon taken into a vision.

It was the past:

Bella and Edward were in a restaurant. Bella looked different, her eyes were the same color brown as Renesmee's.

Edward looked displeased; his brow was furrowed. He shook his head and frowned.

"This is more complicated than I'd planned," Edward murmured to himself.

Bella picked up a breadstick and began nibbling on the end, measuring his expression. She looked as if she was thinking.

"Usually you're in a better mood when your eyes are so light," she commented.

He stared at her, looking stunned. "What?"

"You're always crabbier when your eyes are black — I expected it then," she went on. "I have a theory about that."

His eyes narrowed. "More theories?"

"Mm-hm." She chewed on a small bite of the bread, from the looks of it, she was trying to look indifferent.

"I hope you were more creative this time...or are you still stealing from comic books?" His faint smile was mocking; his eyes were still tight.

"Well, no, I didn't get it from a comic book, but I didn't come up with it on my own, either," she confessed.

"And?" he prompted.

The waitress returned with the food.

I blinked and looked around.

"Sorry just a vision," I said without realizing, but it was too late.

All eyes were on me — wide eyes — complete with silence.


~Chapter End~

I got the whole vision part from the Twilight book.

So no one thanks I'm stealing (All rights go to Stephenie Meyer). Hope it was okay.




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