Past, Present, and Future (Twilight fan-fiction)

Ariella is a orphan who never knew her parents. One day while outside she was chased by a group of boys, but soon found herself stumbling to the Cullen's front door. Can they help this lonely girl? A girl who has the power to see into the past, present, and future? There could be more more to her.

Disclaimer: All rights go to Stephenie Meyer.


6. Chapter 5- Adoption

Chapter 5

I was looking forward to seeing Carlisle and Esme again. It felt nice to have people actually worry about me and my well being.

Christine came into my room. There are eleven foster kids here and they are all girls. Besides Mrs. Shelton — who is our foster "mother" — there is Christine who is her biological daughter. She is the oldest of us and also in charge of taking care of us.

"You need to change. There are some people here to see you. My mom said to keep your mouth shut, got it?" I nodded and went to change my clothes. I was really tired. A lot of my energy was gone. I hate the starving punishment.

When I was ready I followed Christine out of the room and down the stairs. She took me into the living room. It's the only place we go to meet those who have interest in adopting, as they aren't allowed anywhere else in the house because Mrs. Shelton forbids it. Not sure if that's against some type of legal code or whatever.

Christine walked into the room first with me trailing behind. As I entered I saw my awaited visitors. As one would expect, Mrs. Shelton sat across from the two adults, ogling Carlisle. Of course he ignored her completely. I smiled at that. I had to contain my excitement and stop from running over to them.

When I sat down they smiled at me. Mrs. Shelton walked over and stroked my hair, looking at me with a warning glare that no one would notice. I nodded, heeding her warning. She smiled at the two Cullen's then walked out with Christine behind her. I turned my attention to my new friends — I'd like to think we were friends — in front of me.

"Hello," I said politely. They both greeted me in return.

"How are you dear?" Esme asked.

"Fine." I put on a smile. I knew she didn't believe me.

"You look tired. When was the last time you slept?" Carlisle questioned.

"I've been sleeping just fine." He looked at his wife who looked worried. Carlisle sighed. Then to my astonishment his lips moved so fast making it barely noticeable. I wanted to hear what he was saying.

"She seems depressed," he had said. At least that's what I thought I heard.

"Are you okay Ariella?" Esme asked. Both of them had their full attention focused back on me. I looked at her and smiled.

"Yes." But before I knew it, I was being pulled into a vision.

It was the future:

I was with Alice, Rosalie, Renesmee, Bella, and Esme. It looked as if we were shopping.

"Come on Ariella, move faster." Alice was dragging me into a store that read Forever 21. I groaned.

"I'm glad it's not me this time," Bella said jokingly. I stuck out my tongue, earning a laugh.

I looked to see Carlisle and Esme staring at me. Carlisle had moved closer and was on one knee in front of me trying to get my attention. I grimaced. Not at him but at the vision. I didn't like shopping, even if I've never been. It just seemed so unappealing. I could never understand why anyone would want to shop for such things.

"Sweetie." It was Esme. I turned to her.

"I don't want to stay here," I spoke. I wasn't sure what had come over me, but I couldn't do it anymore.

"I know," she said. She got up and walked to the opening of the living room.

"Esme." Carlisle stood and questioned his wife. "Where are you going?"

"I'm looking for that lady. We're taking Arielle home with us." I was in shock.


"Of course. Obviously you're being neglected. You look worn down. No child should look this way. We've seen some of the other kids pass through and they don't look the way you do. I'm not trying to offend you dear-"

"No I'm not offended," I said quickly. She smiled.

"Oh good, we were going to call for you," she said as she saw Mrs. Shelton come by.

"What can I do for you?" Mrs. Shelton asked.

"We would like to adopt Ariella." Mrs. Shelton looked at her with wide eyes.

"What?" Mrs. Shelton said in astonishment, it made me cringe.

"As my wife said, we would like to adopt Ariella," Carlisle repeated. Esme turned to Mrs. Shelton.

"We would like to contact your connected adoption agency."

"But there are many girls here that would be better suited for your family."

"I don't need you telling us who is suited for our family. Now please do your job." Mrs. Shelton was disappointed as she walked out. Esme's eyes were now on me.

"You don't mind do you? I mean anyone could tell that you don't get treated well here." I shook my head.

"Thank you," I said. She smiled as Mrs. Shelton walked back in. I looked down at my hands, suppressing a smile. I was going to get adopted.

After a long discussion and a set time for meeting with the adoption agency I was so happy. The whole adoption process took weeks, longer than I expected or even wanted, but soon the day came and I was free to go live with the Cullen's. I kept smiling as I got my things — which wasn't much. All I had was three pairs of pants, three shirts, a pair of sneakers, five pairs of underwear and two bras. There was also the four books I owned, my mothers necklace, and a picture of my parents and me when I was four months old.

I left the room and walked down stairs. Carlisle stepped up to me and grabbed my bag. Thanking him I followed as he went outside to the car where Esme waited. When she saw me she gave me a gentle hug, that I marveled in. I didn't say goodbye to anyone at the foster home. I won't miss them and I was glad to be leaving.

After putting my suitcase in the trunk, Carlisle helped me and Esme into the car, like a gentleman. Soon we were driving and I didn't look back.

Maybe it's my turn at happiness.

~Chapter End~




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