Visionary of Saturn

On the Saturn planet of Titan, a group of soldiers attempt to keep the peace before The Great War begins. When Gregory Schiff, a teenage boy who has dreams of imminent death, decides that the way forward is to use his visions for all Mankind, all hell breaks loose, as the way beyond the stars creates further chaos.


1. The Beginning



The planet of Titan had been around for over two centuries. Silvery rings surrounded the atmosphere, as astronauts from Earth had planned on monthly space trips to colonize the world in Outer Space. In the year 4,547, the Great Wars of the past was inherently linked to the New Way. Gregory Schiff gazed out of the glass window. He had focused on the dying embers of Mars. He took a look at the E-scanner. He pressed a button on his E-pad. Before he could do anything, there was a loud whooshing ​sound. "Is there something wrong, Gregory?", Erin Jennings asked. "No, I was depressed by the end of Mars", he answered. He was concerned about the loss of a invaluable planet; he was seeking alien life, as if the dreaming of the Last Past that occurred in 4,000, was lost in the Near World over five hundred years ago. "Saturn needs you", Erin told him. Gregory shook his head. "Saturn isn't lost. It's a place where oils, materials, and ancient worlds. Of course, after what happened with mother and father who died in the Terminal Hospital three years' ago, was subject to all of the neuro-doctors and therapists who are eager to oversee everyone's future". Erin shook her head. "What are you doing now, Gregory?", she enquired. Gregory turned away from the windows. He wasn't allowing the visions to deter him from the Great Loss. He shook his head. The red moons were only seen by telescope. The rings of Saturn glowed in the acrid atmosphere. He shook his head. The lightning outside was black; the shining worlds of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, were also dying due to a Internet feed that said that planetary life was on the brink of destructive forces three decades ago. Gregory had dreamed of the Final Escape that was as prophetic as it was proved to be true. He stood towards the shattered valves to his right; he stood at the left. Erin, who wore black robes, glided to the Sleeping Chambers, where everyone dreamed of for four hours at night time. "Harris knew what it meant to have a profound effect on the Temples". Gregory shook his head. He wasn't used to believe in the High Priestesses of Titan; the Priestesses would be too willing to impart their religious and obscure rantings to The Ever Sickness that was like The Great Plague of 1348, in the 14th century, on Earth. He demanded a lot of things in his fourteen years; he was eager to placate the Anti-Cursed, a group of people who were linked to curses that weren't meant to have a long period to do their business. Gregory suffered inside his head. He blinked his bright, blue eyes at the ancient mirrors of Titan. He knew that the way forward was to feel the powers that was, indeed, his birthright. Besides, in the New Age, where overzealousness fed into the light scanners. Erin sensed the mind shattering aloofness of Gregory was part and parcel of his inferiority. ​He will seek a Great Power in the near future; he will seek a Grander Power where our kind will dominate by the next century,​ she thought to herself. "Gregory, it's time for you to eat dinner". Gregory shook his head. He had contemplated the ions that seeped into the Blackness of Time; he demanded the ions be replenished over the last seven E-hours. He closed his eyes. Then he glided down the red hallway to the Eating Bays, and waited for the others to enjoy their meals together.


Martin Kane, the Great Leader of Saturn, looked forlornly at the Chambers of Endless Light. He knew one thing was certain. That he wouldn't be spending eight years on a planet like Saturn unless there was E-money to be made; that Davison James Power, the former Leader, was stuck in a black hole five years ago. And he wouldn't be coming back to the planet in the near future. Martin, who looked haggard, slumped in the red chair. He knew, deep down, that the visions he had dreamed of was just that: visions. He remembered the astronauts would be kept in the news when NASA was paid five billion E-dollars for space missions on Saturn. After Earth had died, everyone had travelled to the ring planet by 2, 444. Martin knew what it meant to shift blame to others. His wife, Sharon, and their six children, were safe in Sector III. He heard the whoosh of the gated doors, as several soldiers stood at attention.

"What do you want?", he asked them.

"There's a problem with the boy called Gregory", the first soldier answered.

"What's his name?", Martin Kane enquired.

"Gregory Schiff. He is the new Visionary Leader of Saturn". 

And he shook his head, and planned to see him before it was too late.


Erin started to dream of a better life. She gazed at Gregory. "I was concerned about the reactive forces that is going to be doomed for all of us", he stated. She nodded. What she wanted to do was be happy in the New World; what she wanted was to feel safe with the visionary of Saturn. Gregory looked through the windows. Next to them were six cyber-guards. They seemed to think that Gregory would do something out of the ordinary; they were standing by the tables, as if something would happen to them. "It's alright, Gregory. The guards are always on patrol", Erin told him. "Let's order", Gregory said. Suddenly a clicking noise disrupted their thoughts. Three Earth girls dressed as servants, glanced at them. "What do you like to eat?", one of them asked. "Steak with vegetables, and coffee", Erin answered. "I'll have the same", Gregory added. The other two servants wrote the orders down with their black pen...then they placed a number 42 on the table. Once they left them, Gregory focused on the rings of Saturn...and breathed in the air.


The woman was waiting.

She had her dreams of power. In her mind the burning night, (as it was called), was a long time ago. She glided towards the Ancient Wall Garden. She closed her hazel eyes in a deep mediative state. For fifteen minutes nothing happened; nothing was meant to happen for a long time. By six-thirty in the evening, a man bowed. "Forgive me, Kendall, but there's some news that you must hear about". Kendall, who wore long white robes, opened her eyes; she nodded.

"I was concerned about training my mind without getting frustrated". The man nodded. He was wearing a black, shining, robes. He was barefoot. Kendall turned around. She begun to remember that a lot of the women of Saturn were regal; she remembered that the other women were married or single. At forty, Kendall wasn't old. She was trained as a High Priestess,  but she was told that she had a higher purpose. "Everyone will be told of the Great World Order", she said. The man nodded. She focused on her meditation, as he bowed for the final time, and left the room.


When the dinner and coffees were served, Gregory smiled.

"It's late", he said.

"I know that", Erin said.

"So, what do we do now?", Gregory asked.

"You're the visionary", Erin answered him.

And he sighed, and they ate in silence.


The rings of Saturn cast a cold shoulder over the planet. Gregory heard the swishing sound that affected the whole of the tall blue walls that was shining brightly; the sound was loud. He took a long, deep, breath...and waited for Erin to arrive in the large Feeding Hall.


Martin Kane stared at the black screen. He blinked his eyes, as he pondered the future. "It's too depressing", Jill Marshall said. She waited for a response. Then Martin shook his head, as if that was the answer to all of his problems.


"It's awful", Gregory said.

"The food", Erin said.

"​No! It's just me​. I mean it's what I want to deal with on my own". Erin shook her head. She didn't want to deal with the news that the guards would arrive to take Gregory away. She couldn't take it. Gregory was a boy she loved; she was a girl who needed company since the Uprising began in the year 4,539, meant that her parents were missing. Or presumed dead.

The feeling of loneliness was a symptom of dread. "Is there something wrong?", Gregory asked her. "Yes, I was thinking about my parents...", Erin sighed. She looked at the time on her E-watch. It was Midday. She saw a female robot glance at them.

"What do you want?", it asked.

"Steak sandwich and coffee please", Gregory stated.

"I'll have the same", Erin said. The robot wrote everything down on the E-pad. Then it headed along the hallway to the busy kitchen.

Then it attended to other human and alien customers.


The cold blue moon of Saturn was engulfed in a strange mist. The rings glowed brightly. Devon Avery Power, Jr., a astronaut, was seventy. He had remembered his time in Outer Space fifty years' ago. Back then, as with other times on Earth before the planet died due to deadly toxins that were turned black due to The Great Catastrophe of 4,006, which left the citizens forced to leave to go to Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. Devon, his wife Amie, and their seven children, knew what to suspect. It was the idea that families were going to thrive on Saturn. Devon heard the sound of heavy footsteps; the footsteps were soft. He turned around. Then the doors were open. He turned around...and saw a tall woman in black robes. Her hazel eyes gleamed with an intensity that caused Devon to shiver; her feet was covered by straps. "I was concerned about you, Devon. Marshall J. Lowe, the Keeper of Stars, was eager to believe in the Shattered Lives of the Ancients". Devon shook his head. "Is he still alive?", he asked her.

"Yes, he won't be waiting for you for a long time".

"No. I thought not. I'm ready to die". Devon shook his head. Over the last decade, his body had broken down. As a result, he was staring at the Chamber of Death. It seemed to be a comforting thing. He stared at the windows. The icicles were sharp; the tips were hard on the grey walls. He watched Amie kiss him. "I'm sixty. Life has been good for me. But, you see, our time on Saturn is limited". Devon nodded. He shook his head. He pondered on the real things that were happening; he was anxious. "Let's eat some dinner". Amie nodded. She wrapped her thin arms around her husband, and Devon pressed the E-button. And, as the door was open, they headed to the Feeding Hall, as dark, ominous clouds, appeared in the early evening sky. By seven o'clock PM, thunder boomed in the night sky, as heavy rain teemed on the soft ground. Then, after the temperature dropped to 54 degrees, Devon knew one thing was certain: that Saturn would be drowned in deep water until tomorrow morning.


Gregory was served his meal. And coffee.

Erin followed.

"Thank you", Gregory said to the robot.

"Thank you", Erin told it.

And then they grabbed their knives and forks, and ate their dinner.


Roberta Kemper smoked a cigarette. She wore a grey suit. "I loathe the rain", she sighed. Marsha Kemper, her sister, nodded. They walked to the Tall Rooms. Roberta, a petite sixteen year old girl, was smart; Marsha, who was taller than her, was eighteen. By the year was out, Marsha would be leaving Saturn, get a job that paid, and see the planets. Roberta wanted to be a writer. It was something that she wanted to do since childhood. "No writers are coming to Saturn", she said. "Maybe; maybe not", Roberta said. She saw the thunder booming in the night sky. "Let's have dinner", Marsha said. And both of them arrived at The Feeding Hall...and headed to one of the free tables, as both of them felt their hunger grow.


Gregory ate his steak. He was about to drink his coffee when thunder boomed outside. He stopped what he was doing, and stared at the raging storm outside. "It's fierce", he told Erin. She agreed. Then she ate before anything else happened.


Baxter C. Jones, III, stared at the violent, raging, thunder. He shivered. "It's worse than I thought, Cassie". Cassie Dean, the owner of Saturn, shrugged. She shook her head. "Storms come and go", she said. She wasn't interested in storms; she was interested in money. "I heard that there's a lot of people who aren't eager to work for us", Baxter told her. "All of the workers know we pay them $60,000 Saturn dollars a year to keep the planet safe from doom". Baxter nodded. He wasn't interested in anarchy. The protestors were picking at the building sites for the last decade over conditions was wages; the protestors were old and new. Some were aged only thirteen. "What now?", Baxter asked.

"Now, we'll have a meeting in the Great Halls", Cassie answered. She walked past him. Then she pressed one of the E-buttons with her small, right, hand; she heard the loud swishing​ sound. Once the red coloured doors were depressed, six guards appeared for their night patrols. "Keep the room free from the enemies", Cassie ordered; the guards nodded, then they saluted, and walked towards the grey marble stone steps. Baxter saluted. Then, as the door closed behind him, he followed Cassie down the long path to the Great Halls...where the other owners of the planets in Outer Space, were prepared to force their numbers before they wanted to own all of the planets-except for Earth which had died years' ago.


Martin shook his head. He had dreamed of a better future. "It's time", Jill said. He blinked his eyes. He didn't want, or need, her to be thinking for him. She could think for herself. "Time. I...", Martin glanced at the skyline. The images of planets were spinning in his head; the sharpness of the planets was like a military drill that was drilled into the soldiers' minds once they were of age. He closed his eyes. Once the room wasn't spinning, he was able to relax.

Then he re-focused on the most important thing in the world: survival.


Joan R. Harding stared at the dim walls. The guards were keeping quiet over the escape artist. She stared at the picture of her dead brother, Ethan. She didn't remember her parents, Jim and Karen. Suddenly she focused on her breathing exercises; she was determined to shatter the frayed nerves since she was caught smoking cigarettes in the Exclusion Zones of Saturn six months ago; she was a teenage girl who was in power for The Cause. She stopped smoking, as the embers flickered from her small, right, finger; she stopped flicking, as of the nerves of her fingers wouldn't stop shaking. It was as if she had an epileptic seizure-but there wasn't any flashing lights to set off the illuminated brain activity; it was part and parcel of the negativity that surrounded her life. The thunder boomed loudly; the rain was now so heavy that Joan watched the soldiers who held submachine E-guns in their black gloved hands, so that they would keep warm in the cold, biting, Saturn evening. "We have a problem, girl", Chase Kame, a Asian girl, said. Joan remembered what she was thinking of; she was drowning in sorrow after the deaths of her parents in the Shattered Inn Wars of Jupiter when she was eight. She stopped thinking of their deaths. It was a bad memory that caused her to be angry. Life wasn't fair to her. Chase, who was seventeen, glanced at the E-viewer and watched the Saturn app news on her E-phone. Once her eyes turned rapid, she scanned the E-books on the cyber stand, where a old man was talking to a customer on the grey stone steps. He ignored the drenching as if the rain was a symptom that forced him indoors to get the E-money that filled the businesses of Saturn in the 24 hour cycle. Joan ignored the other voices that filed out of the alleyways where cyber criminals lurked to scan off the E-cards which were dumped on the harsh grounds that mud near the restaurants. Joan closed her eyes. In her mind, the images of people, robots, and alien life, was like a vivid vision of Saturn that was her home now since she brought a E-planet ticket to the planet once she turned thirteen. In her mind, the view the world was like a booming sound that ripped the very fabric of space and time. Chase spoke in her native Chinese; Joan heard bits and pieces of the language-then she looked around to see H. K. Loan, a notorious petty thief who was out on bail for corruption five years' ago. Joan heard the loud booming noises of the thunder. She enjoyed the sound of thunder. It soothed her when she was in her E-sleeping mode in her private chambers. Suddenly she heard the zooming of police car vehicles arriving at seven-forty five PM exactly. It was something that was expected; it was a dream-like existence that caused Joan to talk to Chase. In her mind, (as was before), she knew what was going on. She was not forcing the matter of arrest. The police upheld the laws; the Leaders of Saturn ruled the planet Saturn. Joan walked to the glass windows. She pondered her own future, then she saw the doors open...


Gregory finished his dinner.

"It's...", he was about to say. Then Erin saw something that was disconcerting. The doors were open. And ten aliens were armed with their E-machine guns.

"We want to arrest a girl named Joan R. Harding; a human girl", the Leader said. Gregory saw a E-card was in the alien guard's right hand. He saw the E-scanner details were on it. He had met Joan three years' ago when she was in the dark cells when he was stopped at the outer edges of the planet. "She's not here", Gregory stated. The alien leader shook his head.
​"Gregory Schiff", it said.

"The one and the same", he told it. He wanted Erin to be safe. Seconds passed. Gregory felt small. He didn't want to make a scene. He was about to speak when Erin decided to speak.

"We're not telling you anything", she said. It zoomed towards her. "She escaped a long time ago. Once she's arrested, everything will return to normal on Saturn". Gregory shook his head. He was concerned that saying nothing would inflame the tension in the air. "Look, we're here to enjoy dinner like all humans and aliens. Besides, no crime has been committed". He waited patiently. "​Fine. But you do see her...we'll know​". And it pressed the E-button...and it marched down the freezing hallway that lead to the Chamber of Sleep.


Time stood still.

Brooks J. Thomason, II, was alive. At least he hoped​ so. It was problematical. Since the Great Hole in the World happened two decades ago, he thought that the Black Holes were exciting to him from an analytical way of thinking. The other Black Holes were on Earth. Since Earth had died, he had moved to Saturn to start again. It wasn't something that was unnerving. It was something that caused him to have a lot of drama in his life. Since Edith Young had left him a year ago, he became single once more. Now, in a succession of jobs later, Brooks was now the Chief Engineer of Saturn. He was paid $1.5 billion E-dollars over a decade to rid the planet of any kind of problems; he was sure that the E-money would cause him to live in the high rise buildings that had crept up over the last half a century. He looked around to see whether the guards were around. They were used to creating problems; they stood out in the large crowd. Brooks tapped onto his E-food I-phone app,  and ordered pizza, garlic bread, and 1.25 litre of Coke, and ice cream. When he waited for everything to arrive, he rested his tired legs. He relaxed on a red sofa in his E-apartment. The lights outside were black; the lamps were aglow, as the traffic flow was like a sense of impending dread that shaped his own life in the bright future on the planet Saturn.


Marshall J. Lowe awoke from a wonderful dream in the sleeping chamber. He yawned, as he heard the ​swishing ​sound that was normal in Saturn. His eyes were focused on the doors. The  grey aliens were saluting him. "What do you want?", he asked the leader. "We've come for the human girl", it said. Marshall, who wore red pyjamas, stood barefoot. He got out of his chamber bed, and sighed.


Kendall shifted in her seat. She was awake. Suddenly she saw a girl praying. The girl opened her hazel eyes; her face was young, as if she was contemplating a desire to use her knowledge of the planet Saturn to her advantage; her feet was sore from the constant running that caused her to feel her stomach muscles. "My Lady, how are you doing?", she asked. "I'm fine Essie. Where's Sheldon Le Hay?". "He's in the Church of the Ancient Lore. He won't be disturbed for five hours". Essie, who was thirteen, looked at the bright sun of Saturn. The rings were glistening; the planet's atmosphere birthed a violent streak that was catastrophic in the last decade. Kendall glided towards the shimming glass fragments that filled the old building over the years. Essie, who wore a red gown, nodded. She remembered her parents leaving Earth and going to Saturn for work. Essie started to make her own move. She saw a huge table in the middle of the spacious chamber room; she pointed to a spare white seat. "Sit!", she ordered; Essie bowed, and did as she was told.

"My Lady, there's nothing to worry about", Essie said. Kendall was smiling. "I know that the cyber-guards are rough; I know that the aliens are demanding on our time", she said. Essie nodded. She was used to the regal court of Saturn; she vowed to be a Lady of the planet once she turned eighteen. All of the girls who had a future on Saturn, and wasn't married in the near future, knew what they were getting into. Essie wasn't into having a brood of space-children; she had other plans without a worrying husband to support over time. "My Lady, here's your schedule for the day". Kendall gazed at the E-scanner app on her E-phone. She focused on the hologram. A pool was in the left; the deep waters were hypnotic. Essie waited patiently. By one o'clock PM, they had lunch. Other guards were saluting them. "My Lady, there's been talk of an uprising in Section III", Loren Gregson, the Head Soldier, said. "Who is in charge of the uprising?", Kendall asked. "Joan R. Harding". Essie blinked. "Essie's my best friend. She wouldn't cause much...". Kendall shook her head. "If she's in charge, arrest her". "Yes, my Lady". And she watched the guard leave via the glass doors...and glided past Essie towards the Space Diner.



Brooks awoke from a deep sleep. The planet was on a frenzy of activity. He was about to have some lunch when his E-phone beeped.

"Brooks!", he yelled.

"It's Caroline. How are you?".

"I didn't know you cared about me, Caroline. It pains me that you'd go all the way to Mars for work...and leave me...", he said.

"I had to, Brooks. You didn't have any job prospects last year".

"Me! I worked for ​Saturn Arms Works​. It's a legal job that pays $30,000 E-dollars a year...". "Yeah, but that's not enough to live by". Brooks hid his frustration. "Look, when we met a college, we had prospects for a future. And you're believing that we'd be married, have some children, and live in a mansion...". Caroline shook her head. She waited, then forced herself onward.

"I'm dating Barron Kemper, Jr., the Real Estate tycoon. He's worth $500 billion E-dollars". Brooks gasped in shock; he shook his head.

"He's seventy", Brooks said.

"And I'm forty-three. There's an age difference, yes. But I know, as his wife, that I have security. You never had...". Brooks was now on the verge of defeat.

"Hey, fine! You want to make me got it! Now, we can move on. Goodbye!". And he didn't let Caroline finish the E-phone conversation, as he knew one thing was certain. That he was single. He pressed the E-phone END button...and headed to the Saturn Diner to eat.


Joan R. Harding was in her cell. Escape was on her mind. She banged on the silvery door. A cyber-guard stalked her cell; Joan smirked.

"It's time for lunch", she said. The cyber-guard tapped the cells with his black, right, gloved hand. "It's cancelled, because your sentence for criminal behaviour has been increased". Joan didn't care. She'd rather starve than to deal with the cyber-guards. "I want a deal". The cyber-guard shook his head. "No deals". Joan shook her head; she wondered whether it was time for a deal. "It's my birthday. I want a cheesecake. And lighted candles". The cyber-guard laughed. "Fine, but that's the rest of the deal. Nothing more. If you do anything silly like escaping, we'd know about it". And he walked away...and left her alone.


Frank Ives, IV, started to feel death was coming. He gazed at the rings of Saturn. "It's not over, yet", Jill Forster said. He nodded. For over three decades, The Falling, (as it was termed), was a dominant feature of the Cause; Frank was limited in his movement due to a fall three years' ago that shattered his left ankle. He gripped his black cane in his right hand; he struggled to walk. "Here, let me help you to the Glistening Walls". Frank cast a nervous glance, as he succumbed to his injury. "Fine, but I don't need...". "​You need me; I need you​". Frank nodded. Jill wasn't like the other carers; she was his girlfriend. Jill waited patiently. "I'm sure the pain will end once the ointments do their job". Frank sighed. For over three years he was in severe pain. The drugs, and the medicines, worked for awhile...then they'd run out in the E-drug stores. And doctors were always talking to him about fitness; Frank knew that; Jill knew that, too. Then, as he watched Jill get the anti-inflammatories from the cabinet, he was sure that the pain would go away once the treatment worked its magic on him.


Gregory shook his head.

He was thinking of the time he had met Erin. It was a long time ago when he was at ​Moon's Booksellers of Saturn​. She was looking for a Non-Fiction book on Mars when he found one in the 'N' section. She smiled at him. Then, as they talked, they started dating two weeks' later. Gregory knew what mattered to them. And that was to survive. They had kissed by the Titan's Woods, one of the most romantic places on Saturn's planet. The woods were thriving over the centuries because of its mysteriousness. Gregory stood by the night planet's cold warmth. It was fifty degrees outside; it was ​freezing. Erin shook her head. Suddenly she remembered the time in which she saw the detectives talking to her parents over crimes that happened before; crimes that Erin was sure didn't affect her; crimes that, in the end, was deemed abnormal. "What's wrong?", Erin asked him. "It's you; I was worried about you", Gregory said. Erin kissed him. "You don't have to...besides, we're here for the Cause". Gregory nodded. Yesterday was wonderful; today was a blur. "We need a plan of action", Erin told him. And he nodded, as they walked towards the grey roads, towards The Eternal Peace Tea Rooms.


Roberta Kemper shifted in her blue seat. She gazed at her sister, Marsha. In her mind, she dreamed of a better future. "It's not my fault", Marsha said. She stared at the rings of Saturn. "It's beautiful". Roberta glanced at the shining walls. "We need to deal with the fact that there's something weird going on", Roberta said. She walked to the High Chambers of Titan...and they knew one thing was certain. That they were going to be left out in the bitter cold, where the cyber-soldiers were on their nightly patrols down the lonely, grey, roads.


Baxter watched Cassie. She was thinking about the previous day. She knew what it meant to believe in the Change; she was about to talk when a group of homeless people were holding up the signs that read: "​SATURN IS FOR EVERYONE"; Baxter opened his eyes. Cassie heard the sound of cyber-police sirens which blared loudly outside the dim black stones; Baxter grabbed his E-gun in his right, gloved, hand. "The Saturn Police Commander is leaving". Cassie shook her head. "I thought he was already gone". Baxter watched the rings of Saturn. He focused his attention on six cyber-police cars. As they stopped at a derelict building, he shook his head. Seconds later, there was a lot of yelling. As they were prepared to fight, they saw a short man dressed in black. "Baxter, I knew it was you. I thought you were missing". "No, I was with Cassie. Are we in deep trouble?", Baxter asked him. "Not if you lie to us", the short man said. Cassie shivered. She didn't think that she was going to think straight; she was believing in the fact that they were in charge of the situation. "You're Silas K. M. Lang, II". The small man nodded. He bowed. "Not many humans know me. I've lived on Mars for a long time. Then, for purely selfish reasons, there's been a uprising that wasn't my fault. Besides, as a billionaire, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus, are full of minerals that can be excavated; the other things like law and order is subjected to The Saturn Act of 3,567, meant everyone must behave themselves. In short, there's a sense of damage which makes everyone nervous once we're patrolling the planet".

"And now...", Baxter said.

"Now we're going to create a sense of duty for all of us", Silas stated. He grinned. Then he walked towards the dark woods...and planned to enforce the laws as before.


Joan forgot the dream. It was of power. She saw the chains on her hands. She wasn't out of her prison in the Saturn cells; she was eager to think that the powers-to-be would deal with her eventually. Suddenly the thudding of boots caused her to see her food. She loathed her meal; she saw her rice, green beans, and bacon on a thin, grey, plate. The pains in her stomach was because of her hunger. By one o'clock PM, a cyber-soldier in his early twenties, spoke. "Lunch time", he said. Joan saw the plate of food as she peered out of the small slit on the grey doors. "I ate", she said.

"That's was breakfast; that was three hours' ago". Joan stared at him. "It's not my time to escape", she lied. The cyber-guard shook his head.
"What! Did I disturb your thoughts?", Joan asked him.

"​No! You're a girl who isn't going to escape​", the cyber-guard answered her. Joan grabbed the plate of food. She knew it was worthless to complain; she was a girl who was on a mission for the Cause. A lot of teenagers were in prisons. They weren't bad people; they were going to force the Government to yield to their demands for better pay...and wages. Joan knew that. She then had a thought. "HEY! I NEED TO GO TO THE TOILET", she yelled. The cyber-guard walked back to her cell. He opened it with his keys. Suddenly she knocked him out with her hands; she then dragged the limp body into the cell. Then she grabbed the keys from his pocket. And, as she walked out of the cell for the first time in two years, she saw the other cyber-guards. Joan walked towards Sector II; the sector was guarded by four aliens. All of them were gazing at Joan. Before they were about to use their cyber-guns, she headed to the toilet. Once she flushed the toilet, and washed her hands, she opened the door. And headed outside into the dim sunshine.


Gregory shook his head.

He hadn't imagined that the planet Saturn was dark. Its rings were shining. He shook his head. Cassie started to think that the vivid images of Titan was something rigid in his thinking. "We have to go to the cities". She nodded; Gregory stared at the taxi drivers who were zooming in and out of the city. He gazed at the other groups of citizens of Saturn...and knew what it meant to be powerful.


Marsha walked towards the Ice Dream Halls. She was eager to meet Ken Oliver. She wore a red gown, and black boots on her feet. She saw the military vehicles attached to the barracks. By two o'clock PM, she noticed some Ice Flies swarming in the air; she backed away from them. Before she saw Ken she saw Lisa Worth. "Good afternoon, Lisa. I thought you were in school". Lisa, who wore a light green gown, was barefoot. "School is out because of the Cause effect". Lisa had a grim look on her tired face. "A lot of teenagers are working for the Cause. They're in danger of death". Marsha nodded. "We have to fight-otherwise it's all over". Lisa smiled. "Nothing is as bad as it seems; nothing. Besides, in the scheme of things, power is power. Franklin is attempting to force the Keeper of Stars to yield". "You can't force the Keeper of Stars to do anything. He rules Saturn". Marsha shrugged. She saw a

little girl holding flowers in her small, right hand. She stared at them. "How much for the flowers?", Marsha asked her. "$3 E-dollars". She nodded. She took out her five E-dollars. "Keep the tip". "Thank you. I'm Iris". "Marsha". "Lisa". Iris nodded. She wore a purple dress, (the main colour of Saturn); she glided towards the shop. Then she walked towards the front door...and opened it. The two teenagers were about to leave when Ken finally arrived. "Did I miss anything?", he asked. "Yes, the Keeper of Stars is nearby", Marsha answered him. And he laughed, and knew one thing was certain. That the time had come to confront his destiny.


Joan followed the cyber-soldiers. She was going to see Martin Kane. He was her father. Or, more to the point, the absent father​ who didn't acknowledge her as his lost daughter, years' ago. She pondered the idea of having him to declare his love of her. But, over time, the idea disappeared into the bright ether. Joan saw a sign by the thick, black, road. It read: "​TRESPASSERS WILL BE ARRESTED ON SIGHT​"-signed Martin Kane. She wasn't going to think she would be arrested  again; she was in jail for protesting against the Government's laws. It was something that irked her. She remembered her mother, Ethel Kane, was a loving woman. She was forty-five by now. And living on Titan's poor shelters where they wanted to be invisible from the World. Yet, for her, Joan wanted to believe in the Cause. It was a political way to advance her beliefs; it was something that was in her blood ever since she was ten years' old.


Kendall was anxious.

The previous night was like a dream. Or was it. "Essie!", she shouted. The servant-girl opened the double-doors; the bell chimed twice.

"My Lady...". Kendall stared at her.

"I want lunch to be arranged. It's almost time to let Martin know that the way forward is...". Essie, who wore a blue gown, cast an indifferent way of thinking. She saw that the doors were open. "Martin's too busy, My Lady". Kendall sighed. She was sure that the girl knew about the Cause; the Cause was a top priority. Kendall noticed a grey mirror by the walls; Essie held onto it with her small, right, hand. Kendall stared at her. "I want to rule Saturn", she said. "And you will, My Lady. There's too much angst in the world", Essie confided in her. "Angst! I think not. It's a sense of power that you honour with your love for Saturn...and for your family". Essie bowed. "I know what you mean", Kendall explained.

And she waved her left hand, and Essie opened the doors...and attended to other matters that needed attention.


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