The Littlest Things

18 year old Kaleigh Richardson and her ex- boyfriend Noah Killian just broke up but she meets a young charming boy Harry Styles that night. Hint: The littlest things make the biggest difference in a broken girl's life.


1. Emotions

Kaleigh's POV

I was on my break eating subway in the Walmart that I work at. I usually walk around and buy snacks for my breaks but I was just so excited for tonight I couldn't focus on anything else. Noah and I have been dating for almost 3 years. 3 years tomorrow ;)

We are celebrating today because he works tomorrow and I work too. I wonder what he's getting me...OH SHIT...I didn't get anything for him. I ran to the watches and grabbed the one I remember he said he wanted. I looked at the price: $399.99. Damn. I ran to self checkout and bought the watch with a little bag and some tissue paper. As I sat back down in Subway I got a text from Noah. 


Noah: Hey...Can we talk before we go out to eat?

Me: Hey babe, and yes. What about? Is everything okay?

Noah: Yeah everything is fine.

Me: oh okay. I love you and I'm so excited for tonight :))

Noah: I love you too baby, Well I'll see you in an hour. 

Me: yes I will. Are you sure everything is okay? You seem off.

Noah: I'm sure. Ttyl. Bye

Me: okay. ttyl xoxo 


What is his issue? He is definitely lying to me and he dodged my question about what he needed to talk to me about? I got chills and started to worry. My timer went off telling me my break was over. I went back to the cash register and couldn't stop thinking about Noah and I couldn't understand why he was acting so strange. 

1 Hour Later

I headed for my car and called Noah telling him I was on my way home. He was still acting weird and every second more goosebumps formed on my arm. I drove up to his apartment and walked through the door and he was standing up with flowers in his hands and the worry on my face turned into a huge smile. He walked up to me and kissed me gently and said:

"Here these are for you. Can we talk now?" 

"Yes !"

"We should sit down for this."


"So 3 years tomorrow, and this has been the happiest almost 3 years of my life. I love you with all my heart but I think he should break up."

My smile turned into a frown and my eyes started to tear up and my body started to shake.

"Noah why? Why? You love me but you wanna break up. I don't understand."

"I got a job but its in Hawaii. I know you have to stay here because of your mom's illness and I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me but I don't know how you would do it. I love you Kaleigh, with all my heart, but this isn't going to work. I know we almost made it to 3 years and this is probably the worst way to break up but I'm afraid we have to."

"Oh. I love you Noah and I don't wanna break up. Can we just figure out a way to make this work? There's gotta be a way. I'm happy for you but why break up. I can move in and I can just I don't know Noah."

By this point I was balling my eyes out and Noah was tearing up. I was speechless.

"Babygirl, I love you so much. But there is no way you can move in. We aren't ready for that yet. We are young. We are only 18 and we can't get married. Kaleigh I'm so sorry. But we have to break up. You will always be on my mind. You're beautiful and you will find someone else. It breaks my heart into a million pieces to have to do this." 

"Noah I love you so much. I bought this for you for tonight but I still want you to have this. I understand this whole situation it just hurts. It breaks my heart. I feel empty Noah."

I gave him the bag and wrapped my hands around his neck.

"Thank you. Here is your present. I know there is no way to make this better but maybe this will help."

He grabbed my face and softly kissed my lips. We pulled away and I looked into his eyes one last time.

"I love you and I'll miss you so much." I whispered into his ear.

I got up and walked out the door giving him one last grin and closed the door. I walked to my car and I felt myself breaking down. All I needed was a walk in the park. It was dark and I sat on the first bench I found and started crying nonstop. I heard a voice and shot my head up to face a charming boy.

"Hey are you okay?" 

"y-yeah I'm fine."

"You don't look fine. Can I sit down?"


"I'm Harry."

I looked up and he was smiling at me. His teeth were so white and perfectly straight. It was dark but his smile just lit up his whole face. 

"I'm Kaleigh."

"Nice to meet you Kaleigh. I don't believe you when you say you're fine. So what's wrong?"

"My boyfriend and I broke up tonight. It would've been 3 years tomorrow."

I explained the whole situation and he listened. I couldn't believe that I was pouring my heart out to a stranger but it felt good after I finished.

"Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. It'll get better I promise. I've had a breakup just like yours. But how about you give me your phone since we are friends now so I can text you and cheer you up." 

He winked at me and showed his beautiful smile again.


I giggled and handed him my phone and he handed me his phone. I put my number in and my name and gently put it on the bench.

"Okay and" He said very joyfully.

He handed me my phone and stood up and reached out his hand. I grabbed it and stood up. 

"I will text you don't worry. It was nice to meet you Kaleigh."

I giggled and walked to my car. He's adorable. 

As I drove to my apartment I didn't think about Noah at all. All I thought about was Harry and his cute smile. I got to my apartment and got my PJ's on. I climbed in my bed and waited for Harry to text me. After hours of waiting I got no texts. Maybe Harry won't end up texting me after all. 



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