Life, Love, War *A Harry/Ginny Fanfiction*

After the Second Wizarding War, Harry goes abroad to help wizards who were negatively affected by Voldemort. But when he gets back, the people he loves are doing the same. Is the Dark Side actually gone? And will love be able to flourish through the pain?


3. Unpredictability

Harry's POV:

     Harry sighed and laid down on Charlie's old bed. Does Ginny love me? Does she know that I love her? The only way to find out would be to talk to Ginny herself.

     Harry sat up and gazed out the window trying to think. There he spotted Ginny riding on her broom. It was now or never. Harry got up, filled with a new determination. He was going to tell Ginny how he felt.

     Harry ran out of Charlie's room with a plan forming in his mind.

Ginny's POV:

     Ginny sailed over to the pond and got off her broom. This was where she came when she needed to think. She had come here after Bill and Fleur's wedding, worrying about Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Ginny sat on a rock and looked around just enjoying the peace and quiet. Just her and nature. All alone.

     "Ginny? Hey! Ginny!"

     Ginny turned, hoping it was Hermione. She saw Harry striding up the hill toward her. Crap. Her stomach tightened with nervousness. She wasn't ready for this. She didn't need to hear him say that he didn't want to be with her.

     "Hi Harry," Ginny said in a subdued sort of voice. She could barely look him in the eyes. 

     "I'm glad I found you. I need to tell you something. It's about us," Harry said.

     "Well spit it out," Ginny replied trying to smile.

     "Alright," Harry said grinning nervously, "Ginny I--" Harry broke off staring at something over her shoulder. "Get down!" He pushed her behind the large rock she had been sitting on. Flashes of light that Ginny recognized as spells began to fly over their heads.

     "Death Eaters?" She asked pulling out her wand.

     "Yes. And lots of them. Ginny, get back to the house and warn the others." Harry yelled while firing spells over the rock.

     "No! I'm not going to leave you here alone. Don't try to protect me. Not this time." 

     And with that Ginny jumped up and yelled "Bombarda!" causing the nearest Death Eaters to be knocked back. Harry, taking the cue from Ginny stood up and started taking out some more. Soon enough there was only one left.

     Ginny was on the ground holding her arm which had a large cut in in. "Harry you take this one."

     "Take this one?" the Death Eater sneered, "He can't take me! I'm am the most loyal and greatest Death Eater that will ever live!" He began to duel with Harry. 

     Ginny thought Harry could handle just one Death Eater but Harry must have been more injured than he showed. In a few minutes Harry was on the ground unconscious, without a wand. The Death Eater seemed to have forgotten about Ginny.

     "The great Harry Potter. Overpowered by me." 

     Ginny struggled to her feet, stood next to Harry, and pointed her wand at the Death Eater. 

     "Not today idiot." Ginny began to duel with the Death Eater. At first it was evenly matched but then Ginny got the upper hand. "You will never hurt anyone again!"

     "That's what you think." The Death Eater pointed his wand at Harry. "Sectumsempra!" He bellowed.

     "No!" Ginny screamed, diving in front of Harry. The spell hit her in the chest, blasting her backward. The last thing she saw before she passed out was the Death Eater diapparating holding Harry.



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