Life, Love, War *A Harry/Ginny Fanfiction*

After the Second Wizarding War, Harry goes abroad to help wizards who were negatively affected by Voldemort. But when he gets back, the people he loves are doing the same. Is the Dark Side actually gone? And will love be able to flourish through the pain?


4. Punishment

Ginny's POV:

     Ginny groaned and opened her eyes. She was back in her room but covered in bandages. The door opened and Hermione came in.

     "Ginny! You're awake! Finally! How are you feeling?" Hermione asked.

     "Awful actually. My while body hurts. What happened? I can't remember," Ginny replied.

     Hermione bit her lip. "Ginny you were attacked by Death Eaters. You and Harry. You were hit by the Sectumsempra Curse. Harry...we think he was taken. We couldn't find him. And you've been unconscious for a few days. You lost so much blood..." Hermione didn't finish.

     Ginny stared at Hermione as it all came back. "We've got to find him! Now! Before it's too late!" Ginny tried to sit up but immediately fell back into the bed groaning from the pain in her ribs.

     "Ginny you can't get up, it's not safe. You lost so much blood you're heart almost stopped a couple of times. You're lucky Ron found you when he did. He ran back carrying you. You were covered in a scary amount of blood. You need to rest."

     "But, Harry..." Ginny said weakly. "I--We need him. He might die."

     Hermione tried to smile then gave up and tears moistened her eyes. "I know Ginny, I know how much you care about him. I really do. I want him back just as much. But you can't find him right now. The Order's looking. Just try and get some sleep." She left the room.

     Ginny rolled over in bed trying not to wince. "Harry," she whispered, "Please come back. I need you."

Harry's POV:

     Harry sat up. His head was pounding. Where in the world was he? Then he recognized it. 

     "Malfoy Manor," He whispered angrily. 

     Wait. Where is Ginny? Is she here too? Did she escape?

     Harry heard footsteps coming toward him. It was the Death Eater he had dueled with.

     "Hello Potter. I hope you had a nice nap. But now it's time to play. I want to know the current location of the Order of the Phoenix." the Death Eater said.

     Harry knew it was Kingsley's house but he wasn't going to say that. "Up your butt."

     This didn't faze the Death Eater. "I heard you were a naughty boy. And naughty boys need punishment. Crucio!"

      Harry screamed as his body was racked with pain. The Daeth Eater stopped the spell.

     "Tell me where it is!" he snarled.

     "You will have to kill me."

     "That can be arranged. Crucio!"

Ginny's POV:

*(Fast forward a few days)*

     Ginny went downstairs and found Hermione talking with Ron.

     "No Ron we already checked there! I just said that! This is the list of places we haven't checked!"

     "Jeez I'm sorry I'm just worried. You're as annoying as Malfoy was when you're angry!"

     Ginny dropped the plate she was holding which promptly shattered making them jump.

     "Ginny? What's wrong? Are you sore again?" Hermione sounded scared.

     Ginny stared out the window. "Malfoy Manor."


     Ginny turned to look at them. "Harry's at Malfoy Manor."

     "Ginny you're a genius! Of course! That's the most obvious place! How did you know?"

     Ginny shook her head, feeling more hopeful than she had in a long time. "I don't know. I can just feel it you know?"

     Ron looked confused. "What?"

     Ginny didn't know what to say. "Never mind. We just need to check that place immediately."

     As Ron and Hermione started to plan Ginny looked out the window again. "We'll find you Harry. We're coming."





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