Life, Love, War *A Harry/Ginny Fanfiction*

After the Second Wizarding War, Harry goes abroad to help wizards who were negatively affected by Voldemort. But when he gets back, the people he loves are doing the same. Is the Dark Side actually gone? And will love be able to flourish through the pain?


2. Changes All Around

Harry's POV:

     The door opened and Ron stood in front of him staring.

     "Harry!? But--How--Where--" Ron stammered

     Harry grinned and opened his arms. "I'm back I guess."

     "You guess? Harry, mate, it's great to see you!" Ron exclaimed as he hugged him.

     Ron turned and yelled into the house. "Hey!! Harry's back! Get down here and say hello!"

     Harry looked around as he walked into the house.

     "It's like nothing has changed," he murmured. Feet pounded down the stairs.

     "Harry!" Hermione almost screamed, "Where have you been?"

     "It's a long story. It's good to see you guys. Mrs. Weasley, sorry for coming unannounced." Harry said.

     "No dear, you can come any time you want. It's just good to have you back. Anything to eat? You're thin again." 

     Harry laughed. "No Mrs. Weasley I'm fine. I just need somewhere to sleep."

     Then Harry noticed Ginny standing nervously off to the side. She stepped forward when he looked at her. "Umm hi," He said awkwardly.

     "Harry--" Ginny started.

     "Harry needs a place to sleep mum where do you think would be best?" Ron interrupted. Ginny scowled at Ron and stomped up stairs.

     "Oh, yes of course. Harry dear why don't you take Charlie's old room," Mrs. Weasley offered, "Since Hermione is staying with Ron I mean."

     Harry smirked at Hermione. "Oh is she now?"

     Hermione went slightly pink. "Oh shut up and go sleep."

Ginny's POV:

     While Harry was settling into Charlie's room, Ginny was softly crying in her own.

     She sniffed, wiped away her tears, and stared out the window. Why did I even think he still had feelings for me. Of course he's moved on. And so should I.

     There was a soft knock on her door. 

     "Ginny? Can I come in?" Hermione asked through the door.

     "Sure. You don't have to ask." Ginny said miserably. Hermione closed the door and sat next to her on the bed.

     "Ginny it's ok. He just got here. You never know..." Hermione trailed off.

     "Hermione he barely look at me as he said hello. I-- I just need to toughen up and move on. If he doesn't want me anymore, fine. Whatever makes him happy." Ginny decided.

     "You can't just give up on him so soon! Harry just came back. He might still love you!" Hermione insisted.

     "No he would have said something. Hermione you're the one who told me not to wait around for him. I'm not going to do it now. I'm fine really. It's over. It was over when he left with you and Ron to find Horcruxes. I just got my hopes up. I guess that kiss in Hogwarts before the fighting began only meant something to one of us." 

     Hermione looked like she was going to keep arguing for a second then decided against it. "Alright. Do you need anything?"

     "No I just want to be alone." Its not like I thought we were going to get married or anything.

     "Ok. I'll be in the kitchen." Hermione said as she left.

     When Hermione closed the door, Ginny grabbed her broom from under the bed.

     Out in the orchard she flew low enough for her shoes to skin the grass. 

     I'm fine. She thought firmly. As along as Harry's happy I'm fine. 



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