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Because I feel it necessary to read more of the content on Movellas, I'm proud to introduce my review book. Simply read the instructions and submit a form to get your book reviewed. Remember to READ THE RULES. || CLOSED TEMPORARILY, YOU MAY STILL REQUEST REVIEWS ||


1. Instructions/Rules

Hey, welcome to my very first review movella. You know that popular form of literature that most people have come to abandon over the years on Movellas, yeah that. My name is Archie and I'm going to try my best to review your books and give you prompted feedback that will help you touch up your true genius. It's not necessarily rocket science, but just so the documentation of this book is neatly organized and easy for me to handle, I'm going to ask that you first fill out a mandatory form. It's not much, don't worry. But before we do that I'd like to touch on what exactly I'll be reviewing in your books. That's always nice to know.

Cover*: I personally don't judge books based on their covers (as you may have already noticed I'm not that talented in the cover department myself), but there are many people out there that do. Here I'm going to judged your cover based on how effectively it portrays the book's plot or characters and if it is something I personally would be drawn to upon first glance. This topic will probably be cringe, a lot of cringe.

Plot*: Here I will judge your book based on the plot. And no this isn't a thing where I say whether or not it sucks (that would be too harsh), it's a thing where I explain whether or not your plot is unique and engaging enough to the point that reading it is a breeze and a half. I guess that is saying whether or not it sucks, huh?

Characters: This is completely optional, you can leave it in the form if you like. Here I will see how interesting your characters are, and explain what I got from their personality throughout the book. If they are copy and paste characters expect me to tell you flat out. I'm not a fan of it but it is common in most books. Its easy to have this happen so don't stress if you've fallen victim to it. Dialogue will also be expressed here if applicable.

Structure*: The most dreadful part for most writers (at least for me). Here I will judge the grammar, punctuation and the overall structure of your book. Most likely there will be a lot of mistakes, like a lot. Don't beat yourself up if it comes to this, remember that this book is here for you to learn and learn you shall. 


That's basically it, not that much believe it or not. I know you're super excited to get your review done, so I'll go ahead and fast forward to the rules. They're simple, very easy to follow but if you break any of these rules you will be added to the BANNED list. No one wants that...


Rule 1: Be patient! Reviews can take 1 to 14 days to complete, depending on my personal life, the length of your submitted movella and how many are currently in the waiting list. If you find that I haven't reviewed your book outside of this time, please remind me because I obviously forgot. 

Rule 2: Books are reviewed in order of submission! Please don't submit a review and expect it to jump to the front of the waiting list. Complaining will get you banned.

Rule 3: Acknowledge the review as soon as possible! If after three days you do not acknowledge your review, you will be banned. Honestly it's just a common courtesy thing, and I love to see your opinions regarding what was touched in the review.

Rule 4: Rate your review! This is more touched on in the form, but please rate your review after receiving it. The rating helps me see how good I am as a reviewer and also lets other members know how well their piece will be reviewed (or something like that).

Rule 5: Fill out the form! This is pretty self-explanatory but fill it out in it's total completion. That means you MUST link your movella for it to get reviewed. I don't want to click on your profile and have to search, I'm super lazy and proud of it.




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