{ His Punishment: Melody }

{ a re-write/re-imagining of my old "melody" story // set just after the end of the first avengers movie }

After consulting with his advisers, Odin ultimately changed his mind about Loki's punishment and decided to send him down to earth in permenant exile until otherwise stated. It was Thor's duty to make sure he wouldn't leave, but of course the avengers helped too. Down on earth he would meet a girl, Melody, marking the start of a whole new era of his existence.


1. Chapter I

Eternal imprisonment was the punishment Loki had been expecting; the punishment he had been prepared for. Not this. Each powerful syllable uttered by Odin himself reverberated around the great hall and stuck a fresh blade into both Loki's pride and his soul.

"Loki Laufeyson of Jotunheim, you are sentenced to banishment on Midgard indefinitely until further notice is given."

"You cannot be serious..." The god of mischief murmured under his breath, his already pale face turning a sickly white. Banishment on Midgard was the last thing he'd expected - he hadn't even factored it into his plan - and yet it perfect... as a punishment. To be stuck on Midgard, surrounded by the living proof of his failure who would all be annihilated had he succeeded, would be the cause of constant shame and dishonor that he was sure Odin believed him deserving of.

There would be no escape from his punishment, his do-good brother and his group of so-called 'avengers' would make sure of that.

Loki stood, hands bound by strange, seemingly woven metal, and his mouth covered so he could not speak more than a mere whisper that did not carry past the material of the mask. He could do nothing but accept his defeat, and accept his punishment. Life on Earth.

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