When It all falls apart

I never thought that i would say this.. but i love her.


1. Baby

I looked into her beautiful light green eyes as i helped her pick up her shopping "Hi i'm ruby, what's your name?" she asked me in her gorgeous australian accent. "Liv" I replied quietly, "are you ok you look really pale?" she said back to me, "y-y-yes i think so" i stuttered back to her. "I'm so sorry to ask this but would you mind helping me carry these bags back to my hotel" Ruby asked me. I immediately agreed and nodded my head, i must of looked like one of them bobble head things that you get with your car insurance.

We walked to her car and i gathered the courage to reply to the questions she asked me. We ended up getting along really well. When we reached her hotel and it was time for me to go Ruby turned to me and said, "You have really beautiful eyes" gazing into my eyes. "T-th-thank you" I muttered in reply. She gazed at me and i did back for what seemed like an eternity, but no eternity is ever big enough, some random dude walked up to Ruby and started making out with her. Ruby was clearly struggling so I punched him, really hard to the side of his head, Ruby hugged me and planted a kiss on my cheek. My body froze, that was amazing. "Thank you so much"Ruby said really fast, pulling away from the hug whilst also putting her hands on my arms. Wow, she's beautiful.

"So....d'ya want erm to go out.. with me" Ruby stuttered, i nervously giggled and said "YES" whilst hugging her. Guys, i know, i've only known her for less than a day but, well, i really have feelings for her and i feel like i could really tell her anything. "Really?" Ruby asked me surprised but happy, "definitely" i replied.

Ruby walked over to her car and opened the door of the passenger seat and she bowed down like a chauffeur, "m'lady" Ruby said, I giggled and blushed. I stepped into the seat. Ruby shut the door and ran round to the drivers side and slid in. She started driving to Starbucks. We arrived at Starbucks and we ordered the drinks, Ruby refused to let me pay, I kept on insisting and she pretended to give in and she kissed me on the cheek, distracting me whilst she handed the money to the bartender. I frowned at her and she just winked at me and grinned.

After we'd had the coffee we walked through the park hand in hand. For the whole walk I felt nervous and tense but somehow relaxed, it is seriously the oddest feeling. We sat down on the swings and talked about our lives and what we had planned for the weekend. Ruby went first and told me that she was doing nothing, i wanted to cancel my weekend so bad but I was going to my brothers wedding.

By the time we'd left the park it was half eight, "Do you want to go get some food somewhere fancy?" Ruby asked me with a hopeful tone in her voice. "Yessss" I said, Ruby grinned and kissed me. We went back to my apartment to get changed because Ruby's was further away. I let Ruby look through my wardrobe for clothes because we were the same size and we had the same fashion sense. Ruby picked out a black short sleeved baggy shirt and black skinny ripped jeans. "Damn it you look hot" I said as she grinned and nervously laughed. "What are you wearing?" Ruby asked. I picked out a sleeveless black and blue chequered shirt and I wore that with my skinny ripped jeans. Ruby laughed at me. "Baby, you are so freaking hot" I blushed and attempted to cover my cheeks.

"Actually Ruby, do you want to come to my brothers wedding with me, I need a plus one." I smiled and kissed her on the cheek, "Yessss baby." Ruby said to me.

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