A Summer Love

It was the summer of 2017 when 16-year-old Mia Roma fell in love...


1. The Very Start



The Very Start



Main character

In love with someone, she can't have


Best Friend to Mia


Mia’s summer fling and Jen’s boyfriend


One of the most popular girls in school


Tatiana’s friend, and has a crush on Mia

It was only the first week of summer vacation and all I could think about was a hot summer romance. I was thinking of all the places I would go to meet cute guys that had no idea who I was or what I was like. To go to different places around town, he’d show me this place that I had never been to before and that would become our spot. We would spend all day together and sneak out past curfew to meet up again at our spot. Then at the end of the summer when school would come around we’d part ways but, still think about our time together.  


Sadly this sweet idea of the summer romance that I had conjured up with was not the summer romance that I got and it all started the first week of summer…


*Snap*, -Mia’s phone

Who are you sending that to, -Tatiana   

No one *chuckles*, -Mia

Oh C’mon you’ve been texting some guy the entire day, sending cute pics of yourself, -Tatiana

Ughhhh fine. So do you remember that guy I was dating at the beginning of the year, Ty, -Mia

Yessss, OMG! Are you guys getting back together? -Tatiana

No, he has a girlfriend, -Mia

Oh *sighs* Do you still like him? -Tatiana

Yah, I'm starting to again… but it's complicated. The last time we were together it didn't go well. I don’t know if he will trust me again or want to be with me. And also he has a girlfriend, Jen, so I'm out of luck, -Mia

Well there are a ton of guys coming to the concert tonight so that will help you get your mind off of him, -Tatiana

*Ding*, -Mia’s Phone again

Oh it's him, -Mia

*Tatiana’s face lit up* I have an idea, we should just make him jealous. I can invite my friend Logan to come with us. He’s really hot and he will just take pictures with us and just hang out with us. He’s super chill and I think you guys would like each other *smirks*. Yah know if you decide if he’s better than the ex them you guys can get it on, -Tatiana

Fine, I’ll do it can’t be that bad, -Mia

K, I'm gonna call Logan now, -Tatiana

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