I was the lost

Thank you to Born to be free here on Movellas, for the idea to the title of this song.
This song is about an unhealthy relationship that's over... it seems like all of my songs are about that in some way, haha.

I just finished finding the piano parts for this song, now I just need to practise them for a while.


1. I was the lost, song by Karoline Hundrup

You want me to survive without pain
And I can't tell you why I stayed
You've left me now and I can say
My love is gone and my heart remains


Love and pretty flowers
Wither in the coldest hours
You were the loved and I was the lost
But I guess now I see things differently


You made me feel like I was to blame
But it was from your mouth the cruel words came
I tried too hard to stay the same
But your words and lies they turned me insane


Don't think our time is forgotten
It's hard to forget something that rotten
I would have cried a thousand tears
If I had stayed with you a thousand years


Love and pretty flowers
Wither in the coldest hours
You were the loved and I was the lost
And now I see things rather differently

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