Harmony Of Asgard

You may have heard of her brothers Loki and Thor but I bet you have never heard of their sister Harmony who is destined to be the greatest Queen Asgard has ever had.Long may she reign.


1. New beginnings

April 15th 2018 Shield headquarters  somewhere in America , classified location 206 bass 1.  "Tony, why are we all here?" spoke an aggravated voice that was clearly American.  "I don't know Rogers ask the old man" the two of them bickered on like old men fighting over the remote control on a cold  crisp winters evening. 

The old man they were speaking about  came out of the shadows into the light of day, he wasn't that old despite being branded  old by Tony, he was middle aged  and bold but the most adamant thing about him was one of his eyes  was covered over with what looked like a black eye piece however wasn't like the normal ones you get from the pharmacy rather a modern design that looked as if it had been woven into his eyes and had latched onto his skin like a leech.He wore  a black and white  badge with the name  "Fury" engraved into it.  "Boys, I see your little Civil war didn't keep you apart" he said rather proud and half sarcastically at the same time, his voice deep and strong like an army commanding officer.

Fury walked towards a set of doors in front of the three  and  leaned forward opening the first door to his left which was misty  and cold on the palm of his sweaty hands ,and you couldn't see in or out  but as  soon as you went through it it led to a conference room with already many people seated around the perimeter.

They were very familiar faces. A red headed Russian ( Natasha Romanoff), a Slovakian witch ( Wanda Maximoff), a winged man ( Sam Wilson) and a retired archer (Clint Barton) and don't forget a green scientist. ( Bruce Banner) They all turned and their eyes passed Fury and  they suddenly loooked at the two men: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.They sat next to each another at the head of the table with their backs to Fury and each one of them  nodded as if they were in charge at their friends across the table as they sank back into the black leather seats that were imported from Spain.

Fury stood at the edge of the glass table which was shiny and transperent so much so their wasn't a spec of dirt on the entirety of the table. Their was silence for quite a few awkward moments and  no one spoke or even shared looks until Tony who was first to break the ice "Fury you expect me to sit here with the man who nearly killed Veronica!" he snapped looking at the winged man (Sam Wilson) who was sat now starring through the table looking guilty.

As soon as Tony finished Rogers stepped in being the loyal friend he is "Tony stop, you know that was Vision, where is Vision anyway?" he searched throughout the room with a purpose although there was no sign of him. The witch (Wanda ) looked to the door on her right and as  soon as she did in came Vision in his  freshly ironed red cape as normal "Sorry I am late the message took longer to reach me than the others"  he smiled not knowing what was going on  but one thing which broke the intense atmosphere for a minute  was Clint as when  Vision arrived it was actually hilarious since  Hawkeye (Clint ) jumped out of his skin and almost let out a little whimper more girly than a girl.

Despite the second of amusement  , Tony now looked even more disgusted and stood up out of his chair about to let wrath out upon Rogers and Wilson fortunately for them Fury also known as Nick  stepped into stop their confrontation before things escalated further " Team, what happened to you guys? , you were my prizes my team and people who were looked up to  and admired because instead of being powerful and corrupted you were powerful and fair, what happened? "

Steve Rogers now looking around the table with all the glum faces was first to speak up "Fury look I have no time for these childish games whats going on?"  he raised his voice as he spoke which was so out of character since normally he is patient and open minded but not today.Fury sighed and continued "Well, in Califiona there has been a reading that..."

Before he could finish the most powerful sirens pierced through the building hurting everyones ears within  two miles  and the room lit up with red flashing lights  every two seconds.In the distance building up and up like a stereo being turned to hundred , yells  and gun shots erupted through the bass and sent the group  into action.

The red head Russian  ( Natasha ) reached under the table to pull out a newly placed black gun and loaded it quickly, after her  Tony acted and he flicked a switch on his one  million pound watch and his arm turned to red metal and  they all braced themselves for impact on  whatever was getting closer and closer.

The doors shattered into a million pieces and they all pointed whatever weapon they were armed with towards the door and what stepped through the door shocked them and everyone single person dropped their jaw almost to the ground except for Vision ( nothing surprises him).



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