A Heart Of Gold

It´s about a girl called Lilly, she is spending her holidays in Texas and there she get the chance to help 12 homelees people


1. The holiday


Seeing the little girl in the grass? That was me Lilly 8 years ago, now I am 15. My mom died in an accident when I was 5 year old. My dad have always taken good care of me an I appreciate that. My dad have always told me that I have to help people who need it, so I did. I want to tell you a story, and it begins in the US.


Me and my father were spending the holiday, in Texas. We were having so much fun, we sailed, swim with dolphins, surfing and just having a great time alone, since my mother died he haven’t really had a girlfriend so it was just him and me. One day we were walking around in the city, and we walked pass a lot of beautiful things. We have walked for 2 hours and then we passed a bridge and under the bridge there was a cave. In the cave there was sitting 12 homeless people. We walked by and we didn’t stop. Longer down the street there was a bakery, so I asked my dad “dad? Can we please go into the bakery?” of course he said “yes”. We walked into the bakery and I bought a bag with 50 small bred in, it just cost 14,36$. My dad asked me “what do you want with all that bred?” my only answer were “just watch”. 

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