A Heart Of Gold

It´s about a girl called Lilly, she is spending her holidays in Texas and there she get the chance to help 12 homelees people


2. 12 Homeless people

 We walked back to the bridge, and I talked to a old lady, and I said “here is some bred to you and the others” she took the bred and said “thank you so much how can we thank you?”. She looked at me and I answered “to see you guys happy is the only thing I want”. The lady told me too sit with them, a little bit. I took a seat between the lady and a little girl. A little dog came up to me and laid on my legs, I asked the lady “where have you guys found this dog?” the little girl answered “we found her in the woods 2 weeks ago”. I was choked but I said “I really respect that you took her with you. Do you have a name for her?” “no we haven’t” answered the girl, then the lady said “we have always wanted to call it a special name, and now I think we will call it Lilly, because you were a sweet girl with a heart of gold”. I was so happy but I still said “guys its to much you didn’t have to, but its sweet of you”. My dad and I talked to them for hours we told them about my mom, and how it is in California where we live. They told us story’s about there lives and how the live as homeless. We talked and talked until the girl said “your mom would be proud of you, and I know she is watching you right now, with tears in her eyes, because she thinks “is that my daughter”. I hugged her and then I said “you are a amazing little girl, and you are lucky to have all these people who loves and cares for you” all she answered was “yes and thank you”. The time ran and we needed to go we said goodbye but before I leaved, I gave the girl my necklace and said ”keep it safe, I got it from my mom, but I think you should have it” the girl said “thank you” and gave me a little stone in white “that’s all I have “ she said, I answered just “thank you I will keep it safe”. We said goodbye and leaved. After that I started a collection to the 12 wonderful people there loved every thing. One thing I learned after that was to love the little things in life.



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