~ A Pretty Little Liars Fanfiction ~

After the reveal of A.D., all was well. Everyone was happy. However, will the re-emergence of traumatic past events and unresolved problems be the undoing of this contentedness?


2. Prologue


It was a beautiful day in Paris. The sun shining brightly, the cloudless sky a fulfilling shade of deep blue. The streets were buzzing with the peaceful rumble of local Parisians and curious tourists happily enjoying their Sunday afternoon outdoors, admiring the town in all of its beauty. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Of course, amongst the chatter and intense bustle of people, no one cared to notice a small woman, perhaps in her late thirties, sitting anxiously at a table outside the Café de Flore, located on the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoît.


She twiddled her thumbs in contemplation as her stylised brunette locks airily floated gently in the afternoon breeze. A small cup of coffee, filled to its lip, was placed in front of the middle aged woman, appearing untouched – completely stone cold. She mindlessly stirred its contents in deep thought. Her eyes cautiously skirted her surroundings in anticipation. However, her gaze stopped attentively every few minutes. The women’s focus was on the empty chair occupying the other side of the quaint table.


As if on cue, a blonde woman, donning a composed expression to match her tight jeans and leather jacket, entered the cafés vicinity. Her presence quickly caught the smaller person’s attention. A brief moment of understanding crossed the two women’s faces during their brief, yet meaningful, moment of eye contact. After a pregnant pause, the eloquent blonde strutted purposefully towards the vacant chair the brunette had been so intently staring at.


“Mona,” the standing woman addressed curtly.


“Brynn, please, sit,” Mona indicated towards the empty chair, “we have business to discuss.”


Brynn sat exasperatedly, “Well, I’m sure you know why I’m here – ”


In a contemptuous manner, Mona waved her hand.


“Please – I’m a busy woman. Cut to the chase.”


The woman sighed in defeat, “You know, there was a time I thought we were friends. Real friends. All you seem to do lately is dismiss me. Shut me out.”


She reached across the table and grabbed Mona’s hand firmly. In response, she feistily pulled away from Brynn's attempt at kindness with a dissatisfied expression on her face.    


“And you wonder why Leo left you,” the fed-up blonde exclaimed.


Mona’s eyes widened with anger. She leaned forward menacingly.


“We are not friends. Maybe once, but certainly not now. And honestly Brynn, I know you called me here to discuss that little problem in my basement.”


Brynn nodded quietly. She leaned forward, her previously miffed expression was now one of anxiety.


“They are coming for you,” she whispered, “I overheard classified intel at head office on Friday.”


Mona sat up straight.


“Hand them over – okay? Just give it up! I tried to help you. So did Leo!” Brynn enunciated loudly, “If not for yourself, think about Sophia.”


Mona abruptly hit the table, seething with rage, “That’s enough!”


Noticing the strange stares the pair received from onlookers after her loud outburst, Mona whispered with heavy emphasis to the now enthralled looking Brynn.


“Don’t underestimate me. I’ll sort something out.”


They sat in an uncomfortable silence, processing the danger of their current situation.


“Look, Mona,” Brynn pleaded, “I just – I just, don’t understand. Why can’t you let this go?”


Mona smiled wistfully at her concerned companion. “I don’t expect you to understand. What I do think you can comprehend, however,  is my desire to make up for past mistakes – your past mistakes. I know how to fix them.”


To the blonde’s confusion, Mona picked up her dainty handbag and adjusted her soft pink coat.


“I just had an idea. I’ll email you the details later. We’re in for on hell of a ride.”


And with that, the petite form of Mona Vanderwaal exited the Café de Flore, leaving Brynn Lawrence completely defeated.


“What have I gotten myself into,” she muttered scoldingly, before leaving the Café herself, disappearing into a crowd of oblivious people who were, unlike Brynn, innocently enjoying what was left of the weekend.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little introduction! The whole story won’t be constructed just around Mona – Chapter 1 will be set in Rosewood! I’ll update as soon as I can!

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