Our Story

This is our story, the story that has made us to who we are today. I, Skyana, have a heartbreaking story. My story may blow you away. CalumHood16, she also has an interesting story to tell. Enough of this! Let's get going!


2. Yasmin/CalumHood16

Okay so first I will tell you how my mum and dad got divorced. At first my mum, dad, and I were a very happy small family. We loved each other very much and we basically did everything together. We ate dinner together as a family, we watched movies (Shrek) together, yeah you get the idea we did everything together. Sometimes my mum and dad would drop me off with my grandma or godmother so they can spend the day together without me. Of course adults love their children but they also want time to themselves.

A few months later after, I started to hear my mum and dad yelling and screaming. Sometimes that would wake me up from my nappy nap. When I walked into the room they were yelling in, I would always used to say:

“Mummy, daddy it’s okay don’t fight please.”

Every single time I said that my mum will take me to their room and she would ALWAYS tell me:

“It’s okay mummy and daddy still love each other very much we just are disagreeing about a few things but don’t worry everything in the end will be fine.”


I wish I was old enough to say:

“Oh yeah mum? Haven’t you seen movies and when couples say that they always end up splitting up.”


After many months of dealing with my mum and dad fighting, I would always cry cause I know my mum was lying when she said that she and dad still loved each other. And I knew it…...they split up. My mum took me and my dad when his separate way.

I was crying because I didn’t want to leave my dad. I loved both of my parents way too much for them to split up.


Every single day I would always ask my mum:

“Where’s daddy?”


I was way too young to know about divorce. After living with my grandma for almost 2 months my mum got a house, or should I say apartment in Tijuana far away from my dad.


My mum would always keep me from seeing my daddy and I would cry because I would miss him and wonder where could my one and only dad be? I would only receive phone calls from my dad. Many phone calls later my mum let my daddy come to my grandma’s house for like 15 minutes and my dad couldn’t take me anywhere. Soon those 15 minutes became into 30 minutes then 45, 1 hour. Finally my dad convinced my mum to take me to parks and places like that but only for one hour.


Dealing with my mum and dad’s divorce was hard for me and it still is. My mum and dad are now friends and are really supportive towards each other. But I still wonder how life could’ve been if my mum and dad were still together to this day.


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