Just like a dream

This story is a little different from other stories, It all starts with one girl named Bae Su-JI (but most people call her by her American name Suzy). Suzy was studying in the united states for over two years ,but it was time for her to go back home, to south Korea . Suzy always had a dream to become a musician and to be loved by everyone ,that's why her mom decided to let her go to a music school in soul. You would be mistaken if you though it was just any music school, it was a school not only with music students but with actual Kpop idol's going to the school. What would you do if you had a chance to become a Kpop idol and maybe have a romance with a Kpop Idol.


2. Fresh Start

​Incheon International Airport- As I get closer to my parents and my nanny yin I start to realize that this is a new start for me and new year full of hopes and dreams .I get closer and closer waving from a far distance and I see them smile and wave back . When I finally get to them I give all three a big hug and I smile , a small tear drops from my right eye as I stair at them with a big smile ,a tear runs down my mothers face .MOM -  how was your trip back '' .my mom looked at me with a smile . SUZY - '' It was nice , I'm happy just to be back ''. as I smile back at my mom my dad smiles at me and gives me a big hug . DAD - '' I'm so proud of you I heard good things about you  , you have improved a lot over two years !!'' as he says that he gives me a small laugh but not just any laugh a happy and proud laugh , the first one I ever heard and seen from my dad . as I stair at my dad I feel proud that I have done something right. now I face my view to yin my nanny who has always been there for me , she is like my second mother, when mom wasn't there for me yin was and I always felt like I could tell her anything . Yin - '' ohhh suzy !! you look beautiful you have grown so much in two years I'm so happy to see you again !!'' , as yin says does words she hugs me so hard that I feel like I can hardly breath . I laugh and also shed a little tear and hug her back harder . Yin - '' haha you have also gotten stronger '' .  DAD - '' lets go home we have a lot of things to discuss at home ''  . soon yin picks up some of my bags and suit cases and I carry the last ones , we all three make our ways to the car where our driver is waiting to take us home. when I arrive home a look out the window of the car and I see this big house with two floors and a big door in front , a lot of windows it looked modern but also luxury . I breath in and out and I finally say '' finally I'm home '' . my mom and dad take me inside while the driver and yin take my stuff inside the house . when I got inside I could see big stairs heading upstairs and a big living room and on the other side was the kitchen and than the dinning room there was a bathroom and a lot of open space. I headed upstairs to my room , my room is all the way to the end on the right . I opened the door and I walked in, it looked fresh ,classy but also girly . I saw a queen bed with blue covers , everything else was either white or blue it looked good . Suzy - '' blue has always been my favorite color , I finally get to see my bed '' I rushed to the bed and jump on it , I lay down for a minute and just to appreciate that I'm back home. As I started to get comfortable my nanny yin called me to go downstairs . Yin - your parents need you downstairs don't worry I will put the clothes' back to your closet and fix your room a little bit , go your parents want to talk to you. I hurry downstairs and I see my mom and dad sitting down on the sofa and they look like they have something important to talk to me about. Mom - '' Suzy honey please sit down ''  I sit down . Suzy - '' what's wrong '' . Mom - '' nothing's wrong, me and your dad want to talk about the school that we think its going to be great for you '' , I look in surprise but I'm still a little mysterious to what school they want me to go to and if my mom still remembers what I told her . Suzy - '' okay ....'' , Dad -'' your mom told me about how much you love music and that you want to be a musician , I think I understand I will give you a chance to go to a music school but with one condition ''. as my dad said that I looked surprised but deep down I was happy . Dad- '' you have to keep getting good grades if your grades go down to a B I will personally get you out of that school and change you to a normal academic school , you understand ?!'' . For the first time ever my dad has given me  a chance to proof myself and be what I want to be I smiled a lot at that time . Suzy - ''of course dad thank you !! thank you so much loveee you !!'' I hugged my dad for so long that if felt like an eternity , as I look up at him I smile and I say thank you again . I run back to my room . Mom - '' you did good this time , I just hope she does her part, but you know what I know my baby is good in music and she will do just fine '' . I rush to my room with a big smile laughing and dancing all the way . as I get to my room a see yin cleaning around my room and tiding it up , she looks at me and smiles . Suzy - '' I'm so happy yin I'm going to one of the top music schools in the world finally my dream is going to come true ''. yin looked at me and smiled so bright she walks towards me a little fast and hugs me . Yin - '' you don't even know how proud I am of you , suzy I'm so grateful your back I really have missed you and remember I'm always going to be there for you ''. I let go and I give her a big smile a cry a little . Suzy - '' thank you so much yin , thank you for always being there for me and my family , you will always be a part of this family and I will always treat you like one ''. yin lets go and gives me a smile back she finishes up and closes the door and goes out . I stair a my phone and soon remember to call my friend .  I call yuri , she has been my friend since elementary, her family is my family friends we are so close . Suzy - '' yuriii I'm back from America !'' Yuri -- '' omg we have to meet up , I'm so happy your back soo how was America did you had a good time ?''  . Suzy - '' yeah it was fine and guess what ...'' Yuri - what? .Suzy - I'm going to soul music school of arts , one of the best music schools in the world I'm sooo excited '' Yuri - wow omg I'm soo happy for you I knew you could do it I mean girl you can sing ''  Suzy - '' haha thank you , you should definitely switch to my school we could go together '' Yuri - '' suzy I don't think music is for me plus I'm just fine watching from the distance ,like I watch exo jeje ''  Suzy - '' omg I forgot about idols lol , you still like bigbang or do you prefer exo better ? ' .Yuri -  I will always have bigbang in my heart but exo is way hotter come on you got kai who doesn't like him , he is single now so that means I can have him ahaha!'' Suzy - '' ummm sure he will only focused on you and not to all the other beautiful Kpop idol girls ''  Yuri - come on suzy you have to at least dream, anyway not to make you a little stressed but girl your school also invites Kpop idols to go and study there too , you have to be careful to not fall for one haha '' Suzy - that will never happen I'm not interested in Kpop idols , specially boy groups I'm more into rappers , like jay park ,Drake ,crush, Dean '' Yuri - okay okay I know you don't like idols but I'm saying they are going to be there and not just 10 but a lot of them and people say that is common to see them there every day ''. hum I start to think as soon at yuri says that , wouldn't it be hard for me to sing , I mean having a lot of idols who actually sing good , I feel a little stressed , maybe I shouldn't go. Yuri - loom suzy I know what your thinking ''why would I go now I bet there's people that sing better than me'' , but you have to understand that no one is always the best singers there's always going to be better singers and you don't sing bad at all you can make it and you will so don't regret it already'' wow how did she knew I was thinking that , I smile and I give a small laugh back , me and yuri finish talking and I lay down on my bed thinking if what I'm going to do is okay , I feel stressed just to think I'm going to a new school in only one day , I look at my closet and I see the school uniform as I stair at it  I say to myself you can do it suzy you got what it takes , you have come so far and you cant give up now . I close the closet door and sit down on my office desk and open my laptop. I go straight to YouTube and the first thing I see is a group called BTS. I stair at the group for a sec and I click play , the song its called ''come back home''. as I click I stair at it and I smile without knowing it. 


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