Blindly speaking (LGBTQ+)

Hi, my name's Kim I have some friends that are all lesbian. I'm the only straight one. But I've never have a boyfriend so I'm not so sure.


2. Truth Or Dare?

We were at one of our fun roommate meetings which is on Friday's, our serious meetings are on Monday's. Today we had planned to play truth or dare, which is a game I personally don't really like. I called down everyone (as per usual) "Alex, Sal, Kiwi! Come downstairs now or no truth or dare!" I screamed from the bottom of the stairs as I walked into the huge living room and sat in my chair in the left hand side of the room next to Sal's couch that she just lays on. Kiwi and Alex ran downstairs and sat on their couch together waited for Sal. I strutted into the kitchen and got handfuls of chips, onion rings, marsh mellows, and popcorn. Set those in respected bowls as Sal walked into the living room and laid on her couch. I blushed slightly, she was wearing a very inappropriate crop top which showed the bottom of her boobs. And some s'more pajama pants. That's usual for fun meeting night, I looked at her for two seconds to long as I blushed, because then she looked and me and said, "Kim, are you okay?"

"O.... oh uh yeah," I said blushing then walked back into the kitchen and grabbed coffee for everyone except Alex, I'm not so sure why she doesn't like coffee, but she loves hot chocolate so I made her some of that. I put the coffee and hot chocolate by the food on the coffee table. I walked upstairs and went into my room. I grabbed very high pajama short that showed my butt and took off my shirt and walked downstairs. This was the first time the group had seen me in shorty shorts and a bra. I blushed as I walked back down the stairs.

"Yes mama, work queen!" Kiwi and Alex said. Sal's jaw dropped, I wasn't thinking that wasn't going to be her reaction. I sat in my chair and Sal couldn't take her eyes off of me. "Ooooo," Kiwi said, "let's get this game started!" Then she whispered something that was inaudible to me to Alex and she nodded. Sal took her eyes off me then.

"I'll go first," Kiwi said, looking at me suspiciously, "Kim, truth or dare?"

I didn't want to look like a wuss, I did get chosen first. "Give me the best dare you've got!" I challenged. To be honest I was terrified because I know Kiwi's mindset.

"Okay," she responded a little surprised. "I dare you to make out with Sal for one minute." Then laughed.

"Um, Sal are you okay with this?" I asked her because I wanted to make sure she was okay with it. I blushed profusely.

"I mean it is a Dare so bring it at me sister!" She replied with a smirk. She sits upright with her legs together then I walk up to her and wrap my legs around her waist and grabbed her face to look at me.

I look at Kiwi then she says, "3, 2, 1 go!" We kiss once then look at each other, people have kissed me, but they were not as good as Sal is. We lock lips again and we couldn't unlock them. The minute was over and Kiwi said, "okay you guys can stop now." We both ignored her and kept going at it. Then I looked over at Kiwi and Alex and they started making out too. Sal pushes my arms onto the couch and unwrapped my legs to wrap her legs around my waist . I was trapped in this never ending make out session that was amazing.

We walked upstairs into my room and Sal followed me in...

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