My boyfriend is a vampire?

Elena is that girl next door but in the mall she meets a boy he's mysterious and hot but there is something weird about him.

This story is inspired by the vampire diaries.


3. The storm.

dear diary

so I have to meet up with Stefan today at 2:00 pm at the grill. aunt Jenna is in town so she promised to curl my hair I'm so exited I already picked my outfit then my mom and dad are gonna pick me up at 5:00 pm cause we are gonna go to our lake house for the storm tonight I love going to the lake house normaly we swim and fish and stuff like that. but today we have to stay inside because of the storm. OMG I have to get ready I have to be there in an hour! - Elena Gilbert 


Don't burn my hair Jenna! I said. `don't worry I'm professional hehe` Jenna said. usually I just have my hair straight but today its going to be curly! your going to look amazing for your little date hehe... Jenna said. it's not a date Jenna! I said. okay your done and its about time to go. said Jenna 

when I got there Stefan was already there we talked and talked and I really liked him and I think he likes me to. it was almost 5 so we went outside the rain had already started I looked into his eyes and we kissed. this was totally not supposed to happen I'm sorry I said. your right anyway I better get going see you. then then I saw our car I got in the car and we started driving when we came to wickery bridge a tree fell down in front of us my dad turned the car and we went over the side and down into the water my mom and dad tried to get the door open, but it just wouldn't open I took my dads hand and I passed out.

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