My boyfriend is a vampire?

Elena is that girl next door but in the mall she meets a boy he's mysterious and hot but there is something weird about him.

This story is inspired by the vampire diaries.


2. Dear diary.

Dear Diary

​today I met a boy. I don't know what it was but I got a weird feeling, it wasn't like normaly when you have crush on someone. I wanted to run to him and give him a big hug. but I couldn't cause I still have a broken toe. it was like something just pulled me towards him. I don't know but I do hope that I will meet him again :) tomorrow I'm gonna go to the hospital because I can maybe get my cast of!... yay. I hope that I can get it of. it's quite annoying. but I'm gonna go to bed now so good night. - Elena Gilbert


to weeks later.


*bip bip bip* it was my alarm clock. I got out of bed and I went downstairs. I was happy for the first time in a long time. There was this one thing that got me out of bed today. I knew that today I might see him again. my mom made eggs and bacon for us today and with us I mean me and my little brother Jeremy. he's kinda this loner kid. me and my aunt Jenna caught him smoking pot in his room we threatened to call the police but we couldn't take it seriously we were all laughing so much. okay Elena we have to go now, my mom said. bye Jer I said.

we sat in the waiting room when I heard some of the nurses talking about some of the resent animal attacks in Mystic Falls I saw Matt walking trough the hall way. I got up and walk towards him I saw tears in his eye. so I asked him what had happened he told me that was Vicky she had been attacked by an animal the nurses weren't sure that she would survive. she had been bitten in the neck so she has lost a lot of blood he said. finally an nurse said Elena Gilbert. Thats me I said and followed her in to a room okay Elena have you walked on your foot or anything like that? the nurse said. I answered with a confident no. she checked my toe and finally she said okay Ella you can get your cast of today. Nice and my name is actually Elena I said. okay Elena come back in a month for a last check up and you should be good to go. I walked out the door and I bumped in to someone I quickly said sorry when I looked up I saw it was the guy from the mall... I said I'm Elena while I looked into his perfect green eyes. I'm Stefan he said.  I asked him, do you wanna have some coffee later maybe. not today he said. tomorrow at the grill? I said yeah he said.





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