My boyfriend is a vampire?

Elena is that girl next door but in the mall she meets a boy he's mysterious and hot but there is something weird about him.

This story is inspired by the vampire diaries.


1. A bad day.

Okay, so today was a chaos my dad lost his job and I broke a toe. Nothing more can go wrong I said. And Then it started to rain. But its summer break, finally! I’ve waited for this the whole year! This year was a mess. Okay MY LIFE IS A MESS. But I’m kind of exited for next school year cause I’m finally starting high school. New life new friends new everything. I’m totally ready for my new life except I need one more thing…. A boyfriend! Okay mom I’ve made a list. I need a new set of clothes A hairbrush Binders And pencils And a b… I said A what? my mom said. a... a... book uhm… yeah, I need a book. I said Okay my mom said Across the mall, I saw a boy or rather just a back but a hot back.
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