Diversity is a treasure

A small collection of poems and short stories


1. It's okay to be different

Imagine a bind fold covering your eyes

There are people all around you

Can you pick out the different races?



Health statuses?


No. You can't

Because we are all the same at heart

Everyone should be blind to the differences that tear our country apart.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone else:

Do you want to be made fun of because of your sexuality?

Do you want to be hurt because of your religion?

Do you want to be disrespected because of your gender?

Do you want to be given hurtful looks because you have a mental or physical illness?

Do you want to be banned from places because of your race?

Nobody wants any of that. Deep down, all everyone want is to fit in and be accepted.

It's not right to hurt someone for differences they can't help.

You don't know what these people have been through. Be kind to everyone, and treat them like you are blind to their differences.

Everyone deserves to be loved for who they are. Don't take that away from them. God loves us all despite our flaws, our imperfections, our differences. For it is he who made us this way.

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