In the House

Faye Anderson has just graduated college and she decided to start checking off some things she's been wanting to do since starting college but couldn't since she was too young. One of them was entering the well known reality game show Big Brother. So when she finds out she's going to be playing on the new season, she is pumped. But will she be able to stay out of a potential showmance?


1. The Key to the Game

"Faye, come on! We got to get to work on this story!" My friend slash co author for our book Elizabeth calls to me. 

"Hold on! I need to get my coffee!" I tell her waiting for the pot of coffee that I had prepared to finish brewing. If we were going to write this story this early in the morning, I might as well get something that will keep me up after almost pulling an all nighter trying to finish this one chapter that we had to pull through. 

If only I got a degree in English and not sports therapy.

Once the coffee finished brewing, I pour myself a cup and then walk over to Liz sitting down. "Did you get my laptop?" I ask her. She nods and hands it to me. I thank her and then open it up.

But everything that I was thinking about involving our story went out the door when I saw a key with my name on it.

What else was on it?

Big Brother. Yes, the game show where 16 total strangers are in one house for an entire summer.

I told my mom that when I graduated college, I wanted to try and enter a reality game show. Big Brother was my first choice, then maybe Survivor but nature is not my favorite person in the entire world.

Alright, back to this exciting moment.

"OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO BIG BROTHER!" I scream off the top of my lungs picking up the key and standing up to jump up and down. Liz stood up to hug me as I am still in a state of shock that I am truly going to the Big Brother house with 15 other strangers.

The camera crew already got my reaction, so now it was time for me to introduce myself to what will be seen to the world as an introduction as one of the houseguests.


"My name is Faye. I'm from Erie, Pennsylvania, and I'm a college graduate and a part time writer. I just recently graduated from Slippery Rock University with a degree in sports medicine, but my roommate back in the day and I are both co-authors since she got a degree in English so we both decided during our senior year of college to start a novel. I think I'm going to win Big Brother because I have the wits and the guts that will hopefully help me in competitions and maybe even my charisma will help me out a bit."


I finished up packing all the things I might need for an entire summer, and when the car pulled up to my house to take me to the airport and to California, I say goodbye to my family and friends. They all wish me the best of luck and that they will be watching me every week and also try to watch some of the live feeds online. I was almost about to cry but I couldn't cry.

The car honks its horn at me so I put my bag into the backseat of the car, get into the shotgun, and off I was going to the Big Brother house.

This is going to be one memorable summer.

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