In the House

Faye Anderson has just graduated college and she decided to start checking off some things she's been wanting to do since starting college but couldn't since she was too young. One of them was entering the well known reality game show Big Brother. So when she finds out she's going to be playing on the new season, she is pumped. But will she be able to stay out of a potential showmance?


2. day one

I made a promise to myself that I would not get into a showmance. I even promised my brother who just graduated high school that I won't get into a showmance.

Yeah he's doubting me a lot. But even as I stand outside the doors of the Big Brother house while the crew is showing our footage of me and my fellow soon to be house guests and our reactions, I can't help but can't think of my promise, but how I'm going to puke.

There were eight of us outside the door, and soon enough we will be together for a whole summer.

Then Julie Chen starts to talk.

"Welcome. In just a few moments, the eight of you will walk through those doors. Soon after, eight more will come in. Once you are inside, the only time you will come out the front door is if you are evicted or won the half million dollar grand prize."

Geez, Julie, this is now nerve wrecking.

"Houseguests, are we ready to go in?" Julie asks the right of us and we all say yes. "Great! The first four people to enter the house are...Adam, Erica, Faye, and Corey."

I jump a little bit after Julie said my name to go inside. But I was only able to keep it contained until Julie said we can enter the house and I grab my bag and walk into the house.

I was the third one inside, and just being inside now I can let out all of my inner fangirl.

"Rooms! Rooms!" One of the house guests, I'm guessing it's Adam, yells and we all run to look at the rooms to see which bed we will claim.

As we run around, Erica and I run into a room that was a periwinkle purple. "I call this bed!" I yell throwing my bag onto a bed as Erica calls the other bed. She walks over to me and we introduce ourselves hugging each other, which will be probably maybe the first and maybe last time we hug as friendly people? Who knows.

We walk back to the main area and introduce ourselves to Corey and Adam, and we sort of look around the area. Then the door opens again and the other four enter the house. They go to find beds and then come back to introduce themselves.

"Hi I'm Faye."

"Hi I'm Laura."

"Hi I'm Faye."

"I'm Bree."

"Hi I'm Faye."

"Hey I'm Joel."

"Hi I'm Faye."

"Hey I'm Liam."

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