I was born ready

"In honor of The Hunger Games book series.... We here at Martin middle school will host our own version of the Hunger Games."
The entire auditorium gasped, but me? Yea right. I love death. I cheered and I got some strange looks but whatever.
The principal continued, "Each of you must come to school tomorrow prepared in whatever way you see fit to have with you in the case you were called. May the odds be ever in your favor. Dismissed."


1. Prologue

Kristine Huyser. That's me. I'll keep this straight, simple, and to the point. I'm the girl that nobody likes. I'm weird, goth, and a music nerd. Death is my favorite thing in the world by the way. Oh and did I mention I'm the girl whose normal outfit is black ripped jeans, tight black tank top, black leather jacket, and black combat boots. Yea that's where the goth comes in. There ya have it.... that's me the freak of the 8th grade class.

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