I was born ready

"In honor of The Hunger Games book series.... We here at Martin middle school will host our own version of the Hunger Games."
The entire auditorium gasped, but me? Yea right. I love death. I cheered and I got some strange looks but whatever.
The principal continued, "Each of you must come to school tomorrow prepared in whatever way you see fit to have with you in the case you were called. May the odds be ever in your favor. Dismissed."


3. I'm in

I walk into the auditorium just before the bell rings and take a seat in the back, alone. The principal walks on stage and gets our attention. "We decided early that both people will be from 8th grade, one girl and one boy. Now to the calling. First the girls." He reaches into a bowl on a long table to his right and pulls out a paper. "Kristine Huyser. Please come to the stage" everyone turns to look at me and I smile, happy that I've been picked. I walk o to the stage with much confidence and stand behind the right table facing the other side of the stage. The principal then pulls a paper from a bowl on a table to his left. "Colt Jameson." Life long enemy number 1. It'll be fun to kill him. Football team captain. Strength. Looks. But absolutely no stealth or brains. He walks on stage looking like he owns the place. Pfft yea right. "Five minutes to get changed and lay out your weapons. Starts now." I pull my black hair back in a sleek high ponytail while Colt goes off stage to change. He comes back in wherein his football uniform. He studies my outfit and makes a comment, "You sure that's practical?" I do a couple back handsprings, off the stage and land in a split. I jump back on the stage. "Yea I think so." I start laying out my weapons while he just stands there. Guess he didn't bring any. The principal asks after all my weapons are out if u can carry them without a bag. I attach my sheaths to my calves and gun holders to my thighs. I sheath my dagger, put my guns in their holders, stick my woodcarving knife and amo in an inside pocket of my jacket, sling my quiver of arrows across my back, and put my bow on my shoulder. 


The principal next announcement gets me excited.


"Let the games begin"

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