Little Things

Peyton Williams mother is an attorney, she decides to take Justin into her home for a couple moths just so he could stay out of trouble. During that time Justin gets into a fight with Peyton's boyfriend which causes him to get arrested leading him back to the Penitentiary. After telling the incident to the judge he gets out starts making music to get out of the system to do BETTER.


1. Meet Justin

Sitting outside with my mom outside of the California penitentiary, I was getting very impatient. My mom is an attorney and she decided to take this convict in for a couple months. I didn't really agree with it but I had no choice but to since he will be staying with us.

"Oh my gosh how long is it gonna take, it's hot!" I said getting pissed off walking next to her.

"It'll take just a few minutes sweetie" She said checking her watch, putting her sunglasses on. "How are you and Clay" She asked trying to start a conversation.

"We're okay" I reply. We sat out here for a good five minutes until we seen him walking with other guys being escorted.

"Thank god" She said walking off meeting up with him, talking to the police officers. He had brown hair, caramel brown eyes, few tattoos of course.

We are very wealthy which is another reason she's taking him in, we live on the other side of town in this huge house. She just wants to help him stay out of trouble. My parents are divorced, my dad went away when I was turning 9 because he found someone else he's interested in leaving my poor mother to raise me. When they got done chit chatting, they both started walking towards the car.

"Peyton, this is Justin. He's gonna be staying with us for a while so try not to be hard on him" She says looking for her keys in her purse getting into the car, I rolled my eyes crossing my arms.

"You're cute" He says smirking. I scoffed getting into the car putting on my seatbelt. He got in also starting to drive home. I quickly got out hitting the stairs.

"Hey Peyton why don't you show him to his room, dinner will be done in an hour" She says, I turned around rolling my eyes.

"Damn it" I say under my breath. He followed me upstairs down the hall, stopping in front of his door. "This is your room" I say walking off.

"Thanks" He said looking at me seductively as I walked off. I went into my room sitting on my bed texting my boyfriend Clay.

First I would like to inform you that yes, I'm in an abusive relationship but it's hard to leave him. I love him. It sounds lame I know, my best friend Nicky says the same thing. My thoughts got interrupted by a knock on the door I groaned getting up seeing who it was. Why am I not surprised, Justin.

"What do you want" I asked.

"Look, I don't know why you're so rude to me. We just met 15 minutes ago and you're acting like this"

"I don't approve of this ex-convict moving into my house. I don't feel comfortable, what were you in for...robbery" I snapped crossing my arms.

"My friend was beating the hell out of his girlfriend so I stepped in and got arrested for defending her, got out once did some bad things went back in. It has nothing to do with stealing or killing alright. I don't wanna be here either but your mom insisted in helping me. Plus I plan on becoming a singer" He said proudly.

"You sing" I asked surprised.

"Of course, but once I do, I couldn't forget you and your mom for helping me stay out of trouble. It'll mean a lot if she can help me so I can do that"

"Yeah well she's not a magician. She can't automatically change how you act. She's an attorney not a counselor" I said.

"I know. Can we get to know each other"

"My boyfriend is coming over, are you sure you want to come in and get to know me" I asked.

"Fine, never mind then. I'll be in the room if you want anything" He says walking off. The doorbell rung I ran downstairs opening the door letting him in.

"Hey babe" He says walking in texting without making eye contact.

"I missed you" I said smiling going in for a kiss.

"Me too" He said still texting. I stopped, grabbing his phone and he looked up. "What! I was texting"

"You're here with me. Come on this isn't the reason why you came over" I said. He let out a big sigh.

"Where's your mom" He asked.

"She's in the kitchen making dinner" I said seeing Justin come downstairs.

"Who the hell is that and why you didn't tell me"

"I was getting to it, you're over here with your eyes glued to the phone. His name is Justin, he's staying with us for a couple months" I said.

"Why? He doesn't have a home"

"Oh my gosh Clay, why are you such an asshole. I asked you to come over so I could see you, I didn't go to school today because we had to pick him up" I said and he sighed again grabbing his phone from my hand. "Who were you texting anyways" I asked.

"No one, Nicky missed you at school. She told me to tell you hi. Are you coming tomorrow" He asked and I nodded.

"I'll be there, I probably have to help Justin with registration and stuff"

"Wait. He's going to our school" He asked kinda upset.

"Babe he's only 18 it's his senior year. I honestly don't know what grade he's in, I don't know anything about him. Wanna hang out today" I asked.

"I'm busy, maybe tomorrow. Have to meet up with Anthony" He said referring to his friend.

"Fine" I say.

"Cheer up, I'll see you tomorrow" He said trying to kiss me, I moved my face walking off. He scoffed leaving. I walked into the kitchen Justin was helping my mom cook.

"Hey Peyton, why don't you and Justin go shopping take my card. I'll be done with dinner when you get back" She say. I looked into her purse grabbing her wallet and her keys leaving. Justin hopped into the car.

I got to the mall walking inside. We checked out a few stores I know my mom wasn't telling me to do some shopping she was talking about Justin to get him some clothes, and other things he needed.

"How do I look" He asked putting on some sunglasses.

"You look great" I said.

"Heard you and your boyfriend conversation, you didn't tell him I was in jail"

"It's none of his business what's going on in the house"

"Well he's a dick, you deserve better" He say chuckling.

"And that's none of your business either"

"You're right it's none of my business, just giving you a few pointers. Can I ask you something though? Is he good to you?"

"Yeah we're wonderful together, I don't know why everyone asks me that question. I love him"

"Okay, there's nothing wrong with that. I've seen it all my friends girlfriend said the same thing next thing I know she's in the hospital fighting for her life"

"Will you stop comparing me to them"

"Fine, I won't say anything" He said putting his clothes on the counter. I could say we spent over three thousand dollars of clothes and other things he wanted or needed. When we left the store, a couple of girls were looking at him and he looked back at them.

"Really" I asked.

"What, haven't seen a piece of pussy in five months" He say I rolled my eyes heading back home.

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