Welcome to my life

Have you ever felt broken?
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? That's me. Welcome to my life.


4. Weak

School dragged on. All I wanted was to go home and collapse on my bed.

Kimberly bounced along beside me, talking about her boyfriend, James, while I nodded and pretended to listen.

I was so tired. My eyes kept drooping. Darkness lined my vision. I needed sleep. Suddenly, I woke up in the nurses office.

What had happened?

My head hurt. I was still pretty tired too. The nurse jumped up from behind her desk.

"What happened?" I asked groggily

"You passed out," the nurse explained sweetly, "do you by any chance have your parent number? We can't get a hold of them with the numbers they gave us,"

"They won't answer. They don't care about me," I said without thinking, than, realizing what I had just let slip, I clapped a hand over my mouth.

"Of course they care about you," the nurse said, her eyes narrowing

I shook my head, than quickly started nodding. My hand fell slowly to my lap.

I didn't trust myself to speak.

"Do you want to go home?" The nurse asked

"Y-yeah. But I can walk," I said quietly

The nurse nodded slightly, staring off into space, deep in thought.

"Alright, your free to go. But I want you to take a friend," she said

So Edmund and I ended up walking to the park together. I slumped into a swing and pushed off the ground.

Soon, we were trying to see who could go higher, Edmund, having more strength, and therefore an advantage, won.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around town. Before he took me home, we stopped at my favorite bakery and got muffins.

"Thanks, Edmund," I said as we pulled up to my house

"It was my pleasure," he answered, smiling

I smiled back weakly before getting out, my stomach hurting with nerves.

No one was home when I got inside.

Instead, there was a note.


We went to Aunt Emma's. I expect you to have dinner made, the house cleaned, and your chores done when we get back.


I felt tears rise. Aunt Emma was like my other mother. I told her everything. She made me feel really loved. I remember when I was little, I would wish that she was my real mom.

Mom knew that I loved Aunt Emma. And they went without me.

I walked to my bathroom and picked up my razor.

With trembling fingers, I held it slightly above the skin on my left wrist. Tears escaped my eyes as I brought it closer.

Than I dropped the razor. I fell to my knees, sobbing. I couldn't do it. I was weak. I couldn't do it.

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