Princess Protection Program || L.H. AU

"Look, I'm just trying to help you, princess."

"I am a princess and that's very insulting."


In which a boy who's just trying to make money through his dad's company, and a princess who's just trying to not die.


1. introduction

We always practiced in school how to deal with an attack. Of course, I was the one who royally screwed it up whenever it really mattered.

"The protection program'll here in just a few minutes, okay? Just, let's get in the classroom."

I just stood there, unable to move. Nothing like this ever happened at the Princess School of Salaria. If it was a drill, you could most likely find me in the bathroom painting my nails a wonderful shade of royal blue.

But since it wasn't a drill, my mind completely freaked out.

My friend jerked at my hand, beckoning me to move, but I was glued to one spot.

The next thing I remember was getting knocked out by someone flying through the window.

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