Princess Protection Program || L.H. AU

"Look, I'm just trying to help you, princess."

"I am a princess and that's very insulting."


In which a boy who's just trying to make money through his dad's company, and a princess who's just trying to not die.


3. 2. "That Sweater Was the Perfect Shade of Pink!"

"So," I began, trying to get comfortable for the umpteenth time in this stupid carriage, "remind me again why you didn't hire someone to drive the carriage so you didn't have to?"

"That'd be more people I have to take care of," Luke responded simply. I looked out the window, the sun was completely down now and it was getting late.

"How long does it take for us to get there?" I asked him, removing the pillow from behind my back and throwing it on the ground of the carriage.

"Two days by carriage," Luke answered. I looked around the carriage floor for my nail polish box (because how else was I going to pass the time if my phone was dead), but realized that it was in the back. I rolled my eyes and reached over my seat and began rummaging through the back in search for my lovely nail polishes.

"What are you doing?" Luke yelled back at me. I ignored him and continued looking though the back. "You're going to shake the carriage too much and knock us-" his sentence was cut off by a sudden change in road, now muddy and dark. We began moving faster than before and I decided that my nail polishes could wait, and sat down in my seat. The next thing I knew, I was airborne, and then on the ground, tumbling at an insanely fast speed.

Well, I know that my nail polishes are broken now.

The tumbling finished with a forceful impact that had me land on my left arm and on the window, breaking it. Glass cut through my cashmere sweater as well as piercing my skin, leaving an excruciating pain for me to deal with.

I screamed and sat up abruptly, my head pounding from the sudden impact and my arm in an indescribable searing pain.

I looked down at it. My entire arm was covered in blood and my sweater was ripped. I saw the glass sticking out of my arm and about thew up from the gruesome sight.

"Luke!" I screamed, and opened the right door, which was now above me. I pushed it open and pulled myself out with my one good arm, falling onto the ground.

I looked around for the guy who was supposed to be protecting me. Tears fell from my eyes, ruining my mascara and makeup, I'm sure.

"Luke! You better not be unconscious!" I screamed again, as I looked around the carriage. I screamed as I tripped over something, landing on my stomach. I sat up and rolled around, seeing that I had tripped over Luke. I got up and looked at him- unconscious. The exact thing that I did not want.

"Oh for the love of..." I muttered, bending down to feel his pulse. He was laying right beside the carriage, his body sprawled out across the leaves and such that made up a forest floor.

"Luke. You better get up right now because otherwise we're going to be out in this stupid forest until you get up and find us a way out of here and a new way of transportation because you ruined that," I rambled, lightly hitting him with the toe of my Stiletto heel, which was now broken.

The nudging finally ended up helping, as he started to gain conscious again. I sighed a sigh of relief and sat down next to him, his face was covered in cuts and bruises from the fall, and his hair was messed up completely. I reached up and felt my hair with my good hand, feeling that it was still in tact.

At least something was still in tact.

He grunted, trying to sit up, but ended up laying right back down.

"My arm is covered in glass, no time to lay back down now. We have to try and find somewhere to fix my arm and quick because I'm going to bleed out or die from pain," I whined, looking down at my arm again.

"Hold on just a second," Luke said, a little frustrated with me I'm guessing, and rubbed his eyes and then realized the cuts on his face.

"One. Okay, lets go, come on," I said, getting impatient. My arm was going to literally fall off from the pain and my face was wet from my tears and my head was still sort of pounding from the tumble.

"Fine," Luke agreed, trying to stand up, but went to grab on the tree next to him to keep him steady. I took off my heel and broke the other one, to make it even. My heart broke during that, but you have to do what you have to do to survive.

We walked to the front of the carriage and Luke hoisted me of of the ditch, and then pulled himself out. We began walking down the dirt road and into the forest. The moon was the only light we had and it wasn't very bright. I dragged my feet against the dirt in my broken heels, the pain in my arm was extremely hard to ignore and I kind of just wanted to lie down.

"Carry me," I declared to Luke, thrusting myself onto his shoulders, my arms interlocking around his neck.

"Wha- No! Look, there's the water. That's how far you have to walk," Luke said, talking to me like I was a child, and I guess I sort of was acting like one. He unhooked my arms from around his neck and turned back around to walk to the water.

We walked down to the edge of the lake, I was assuming, and he beckoned me to sit down next to him (I ended up crouching because there was no way that I was sitting on possibly wet grass in the middle of the night where I couldn't see and the middle of nowhere where I didn't know what was below me).

The first thing that Luke did was rip off my sleeve of my favorite pink cashmere sweater off. I screamed in horror, because he had just ruined one of my favorite pieces of clothing- ever.

"Shut up, I'm trying to help you," Luke muttered as I went off on a tangent about my sweater.

"That sweater was my favorite one and it was the perfect shade of pink and you just absolutely ruined it! People would wait for hours for this sweater, and I was the one who was magically gifted of it! This sweater probably cost- no, correction, did cost more than your life!" I ranted, raging at the fact.

"You'll be glad I did this whenever your arm isn't infected," Luke shot back, taking out the last little pieces of glass. I was raging so much that I hand even noticed that he was taking out the glass. He next took the prices of my cashmere sweater and tore it in half, dipping one half in the water and gently rubbing it against my glass wounds. It wasn't delightful by any stretch, but if I just thought about everything I hated about Headmaster Isidore, my mind was taken off of my pain.

"Thanks," I said to Luke, and actually kind of meant it. "Your face is a different story. Gimme the wet piece of the sweater."

Luke handed it to me, and I rubbed the damp cloth over his cut marks on his face and his hands. He didn't seem to be affected by the pain, since his wounds just seemed to be cut by trees. After that, we decided to go back and get my luggage, just to make sure that if anyone found our carriage, they wouldn't get a lead on me. And, my clothes made for really good bandages. We found a little hidden spot by the water and took my fur coats and used them as blankets.

"G'night, Luke," I muttered, happy to finally get it bed. Luke grumbled a goodnight back and I immediately fell asleep.

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