Princess Protection Program || L.H. AU

"Look, I'm just trying to help you, princess."

"I am a princess and that's very insulting."


In which a boy who's just trying to make money through his dad's company, and a princess who's just trying to not die.


2. 1. "Adele Windsor is the biggest brat."

I woke up in the infirmary. I only knew that because one of my friends accidentally was knocked in the eye with a rose and had thorns all on her eyelid last year so we had to drag her here from ballroom practice.

"Someone is trying to attack you, Miss Windsor. We are going to have to call someone to evacuate you," headmaster Isador told me, her sheer cloth draped over her. Her crown sat promptly on her bulbous head, her mouth drawing in a fine line.

As you can probably tell, I wasn't a fan of headmaster Isidore, and that was for multiple reasons that aren't worth me explaining at the moment.

"Evacuate me?" I repeated, sitting upright in the infirmary bed, that basically felt like it had no mattress and smelt like dish soap.

"Evacuate you," Headmaster Isidore repeated. I could tell that she was joyful on the inside about sending me to be with the Program. I knew that she hated me as much as I hated her- we were just too much of ladies to actually do anything about it except talk to about each other behind our backs to other people.

"But why would anyone want to kill me?" I asked.

"Probably because you're a grade A-" Sawyer Dorsey said from beside me. I had no idea he was even here, or why, but he was also someone I immensely hated.

"No fowl language, Mr Dorsey," Isidore snapped, and flicked out her fan. Every time the fan rose up and down, you heard a clank of her heels against the infirmary tile.

"Sorry," Sawyer mumbled, crossing his arms. I gave him a cold stare and looked back at Headmaster Isidore, crossing my arms in my light pink silk pajamas.

"We have called the Princess Protection Program to come and escort you to their hospitality center in Arilla," Isidore explained to me.

"I'd rather not, thank you," I said and smiled.

"Oh, you don't have a choice, miss Windsor."

The next thing I knew, I had to pack my bags in my dormitory to be ready for departure in less than twenty two minutes.

"I'm so glad she's leaving. Adele Windsor is the biggest brat here," someone said with a laugh walking by my room. I scoffed and continued to pack my bags. Isidore said to not leave a trace behind, bus most of the time I did things in spite of her, and this was one of those times.

I took out one of my diamond necklaces and placed it under the mattress.

Now, there was a trace. Take that, Headmaster Isidore. I smiled at what I had thought of and zipped up my luggage, ready to leave at any minute. I sat on my bed and smoothed out my pink skirt, matching my pink sweater and my pink heels.

I wondered what the guy would look like, the one coming to save me. I imagined someone tall, fit, tan skinned, brunette, with slight stubble and great lips. Maybe his name would be something heroic.

As I drifted off in thought, I never realized that Headmaster Isidore was standing in my doorframe...with a blonde guy.

"Adele, meet Luke. Your protector," Isidore introduces.

Luke? That's not a heroic name at all. He had a lip ring and looked like he was out of some teenage boy band that I'd heard of.

"Pleasure to be of service to you," Luke said, and I suddenly noticed his Australian accent. He was dressed in all black, and looked like a spy almost.

"It's always a pleasure," I responded, pulling up the handles on my two suitcases and handing them to the doormen, who rolled them way.

"Okay," I heard Luke murmur under his breath. I scoffed. "We should probably hit the road soon."

"That's a very smart idea," Isidore agreed, flicking out her fan, once again. I just wanted to break that stupid fan and shove it down her stupid throat.

"Shall we...?" He asked me, holding out his forearm for him to lead me out.

"We shall. But I'm not touching you. I have no idea where you've been," I told him, walking past him.

"Oh and Headmaster Isidore," I said, stopping in front of her. "I hate your guts and I hope you choke." I smiled at her and waved on my way down the hallway.


Aaaah! I hope you're liking this so far from the little amount I've given you!

And let me assure you, lots of things are gonna go downnnnnn

If you like it, let me know!!

Xoxo !

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