A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


8. Chapter 8.

Keller stood arms folded talking to Ohara early the next morning, Aylee walked up behind him, her skin was still pale, and she looked as though she hadn't slept, Ohara bowed to Aylee, and Keller turned to see her, "General Keller" Aylee said weakly trying to hold herself together, "Would you mind assisting me through the town today?" Aylee said trying to stay standing, "Could I come along?" Ohara asked, "This is my first time in Naetune" she continues, "Of course" Aylee smiles to the girl. She couldn't tell her "No" she'd begin to question why she couldn't come. 

Aylee worse a long coat that covered her hands so she could hold Jason's hand as they walked through the city, it also had a hood which she used to cover her face. Aylee stops to take a breath she felt dizzy again, "Ohara, there's a market place just through there," Aylee says pointing in the direction of the markets, "I have some business I need to attend to. First, you run along we will meet you there shortly." Ohara isn't sure at first, but then she smiles and goes in the direction of the markets. "Where are the doctors?" Aylee asks Keller once Ohara is out of ears rang, Jason takes her hand and walks her towards the small building that the doctors were in. 
Aylee sat on the chairs and waited as Keller spoke to the lady, with in seconds Jason was helping Aylee up and walking into the doctor's office.  Aylee's whole body is shaking and her skin seems to be getting paler if that was even possible. The doctor walked in and looked at Keller than at Aylee, "Jason" he said nodding to Keller, "Uncle" Jason said back to the man, Aylee looked at Jason with confusion and concern, "Jason, no" she began trying to get up, "Aylee we can trust him please, he's family" Jason told Aylee, holding her down on the 
bed, "Jason what is happening?" the doctor says putting his hand on his nephew's shoulder, this is when he sees Aylee, "Your majesty ?" He stood back shocked "Jason why is Queen Aylee sitting in my office?" Jason's uncle asked, "Uncle Glen, she needs help, she refused to go to the medical ward at the hospital, and I knew you'd be able to help us and would keep it all to yourself." Jason looks at Glen hoping that his Uncle would be understanding, Glen looks at the Queen who looks as though she is dying, "Your Majesty, can you tell me what is wrong?" Glen says sitting on his stool and walking it over to Aylee, "You can call me Aylee," she begins, she looks up at Jason who nods to her to continue, "So..." Aylee says as she starts to fidget, tugging at her shirt and coat, "I started getting very ill, last month, dizzy, vomiting, headaches, tummy pains, I couldn't sleep and always wanted to eat but couldn't keep food down, I told my friend, and she said there was a chance that I was pregnant, I did the math and waited and sure enough I missed my period..." Aylee looks at Jason, and she wants to cry, Glen looks between the two, "She hasn't eaten food in four days and hasn't slept for longer. There's something wrong Uncle" Jason cuts in, and Aylee's eyes fill with tears as she holds her stomach, "About six, seven weeks?" Glen says standing up and walking over to get something from his desk, Aylee nods, "Aylee I'm going to run some tests. A girl your age can experience more intense symptoms of early pregnancy but the way you look right now and the way you've described the last six weeks don't sound reasonable to me." Glen says coming back with a small tray of items, he began to run the tests and Aylee shed a tear. 
Glen looked at his nephew "You're the father aren't you" Glen says looking down at the hologram board in front of him that was beginning to show Aylees' blood levels as well as the baby's condition. Jason nods, "Yes Sir," he says looking his Uncle dead in the eye, "Your father would be disappointed that you haven't married her yet" Glen teased, Jason looked at Aylee, " So am I" he said quietly enough none heard him, Aylee sat back leaning her head against the wall, "Is the baby okay?" Aylee asked opening her eyes to look at Glen, he didn't answer at first, he looked at the board and Aylee, "Aylee there's a chance you won't be able to carry the child to full term, you or the baby could die if you carry till thirty-eight weeks, but if you get taken to a hospital early and deliver early everything should be fine,"Aylee holds her stomach a little tighter, "Then why-" Glen cuts her off before she can finish the question,"Why have you been so sick? I don't know, your blood, iron and everything it's all fine, all I can say is it is probably the stress of hiding the pregnancy. You need to stay as relaxed as possible because if you're not it can cause complications and problems down the line. So, Jason, you look after her, don't allow a single thing to annoy her, upset her or stress her out." Jason smiles at his Uncle, as they leave Aylee hugs him and thanks him for his time. 


"Ohara will be getting worried.." Aylee says walking towards the markets, Jason stops her though pulling her into him and kissing her, "I love you" he reminds her, "I love you". she says back to him before they continue walking towards the markets. 
Aylee spots Ohara walking through the market centre, "OHARA!" She calls out to get the girls attention, Ohara comes over and they spend the rest of the day walking through the city showing Ohara everything about Naetune. 


That night Aylee and Keller went their separate ways. Keller and Ohara joined the rest of the guards in the mess hall, Francis was there as well. "Master Polfri," Ohara says as she sits beside him, "Hello young one, Keller" he nods to each of them, they talk ab out what they did that day and Ohara tells Francis of all the wonderful things she saw. Keller sat quietly thinking to himself a bout his child and the affects this was having on Aylee. 
"Keller?" Ohara said again and again till Keller looked at her, "Uh?" Keller said looking at him, "What is on your mind, Keller?"  Francis looked at his old Padawan and long time friend, "Nothing Master" Jason says standing and leaving the room. "Master Polfri" Ohara says looking at Francis, "I don't know what's wrong with Master Keller, but I went to his chambers last night because I couldn't sleep and wanted to talk to him, he wasn't there and when I asked him about it this morning he said he was there. but I know he wasn't" OIhara looks at the old man concerned for her master, "It would seem Keller has gotten himself into a situation he shouldn't have. He will tell you when he's ready" Polfri tells Ohara and they continue to eat. 

Jason wonders through the gardens waiting for Aylee. Aylee walks from the castle down to Jason, she smiles at him and her heart fills with joy, "Jason" she said as she kissed him. "Aylee, are you feeling better," he asked her as they hugged, "Mmmm yes I am" Aylee answers him. Aylee and Keller left the gardens and went to her room. Keller spent the night there again. Keller stayed in Aylee's room with her for nearly two weeks every night, until one day Ohara come to him early one morning. 

Ohara stands behind her master, who is on the balcony staring out on to the lake. "Master" Ohara walks towards him, "Ohara," he says not looking back to her, "Where have you been every night?" Ohara asks now standing next to him, he doesn't answer her, "Jason" she says again, "What do you mean?"Jason answers her finally trying to act as though there was nothing happening. "Master you haven't been in your chamber for the last two weeks, I barely ever see you at the mess hall and when I asked Master Polfri about it, he said you had gotten yourself into a bad situation. Master if your life is in danger" Ohara stops herself before she says anything else, she sees the look on Kellers face, he had turned around looking back into the castle, Aylee was standing there in a tight golden dress speaking with nobles of a near by planet, she had started to show at this point and often avoided tight fitting dress, the fact that she was showing scared both of them, Glen assured them that there was only one child but Aylee was only eight weeks, she shouldn't be showing. Keller looked down at his Padawan who was also staring at the Queen, "It has something to do with the Queen doesn't it?" Ohara asked, "Enough Ohara!" Jason words felt like fire in the air, there was so much anger behind them. 
Ohara watched Jason walk towards the chambers, she stood on the balcony for a moment thinking of what to do.

Ohara decided to follow the Queen around, taking over Kellers' role as her body guard. 
"Your Grace," Ohara said as she raced up behind her as she walks through the castle, "Ohara! How are you?" Aylee turns smiling at the girl, they embrace for a moment, "I've been alright Aylee," she smiles, "I was actually hoping I could join you today," Ohara says as they continue walking, "Of course Ohara, I love your company" she says wrapping her arm over Ohara's shoulder. 
The girls wander through the gardens and open field; Jason watched them from the castle, he leant against a pillar and pressed his finger to his lip, as his intercom beeps, he sighs as he rubs his eyes, he doesn't want to answer it but the beeping continues so he does, "Yes Master" he says, Francis answers Keller back, "The council wants to see you" Jason doesn't answer for a long time, "Understood Master" he finally answers before walking towards his chambers. 

Jason stood in his room, it was half light by the sunlight entering through the blinds, he was angry and scared, he was about to leave Aylee again, he didn't know for how long either, what was he going to tell her? Why did the Jedi Council all of the sudden need him there? Jason sighed deeply trying to control and contain his emotions. 
Jason wrote a note that he left under Aylee's door telling her he loved her. He couldn't bear to tell her he was leaving again. As the afternoon grew closer Jason got into his fighter jet and left for Usleon's capital city Onthath were the Jedi Temple was. 
Aylee and Ohara looked up into the sky having heard the noise of the fighter jet taking off, Ohara could feel the emotions of the person inside, angry, frustration, heartache; Ohara let out a sigh, "Master" she says under her breath, she looks over at Aylee who is holding herself watching the ship disappear into the Galaxy. A tear rolls down her face and she walks away before Ohara can notice.
"Aylee." Ohara is quick to follow Aylee as she walks away, "Yes?" Aylee says slowing her pace down and whipping her tears away, "Everything will be okay" she says, Aylee simply smiles before walking away.

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