A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


7. Chapter 7.

It had been six weeks since Keller had left Aylee's side. Aylee was still ill, and it seemed only to be getting worse. She had sent a hologram message to Jason telling him she needed him to return home. Francis honestly followed Aylee around everywhere she went, he was concerned for her and had become sure of what was causing Aylee to bee so ill.He had begun to sense something else, but he kept this to himself, Aylee had already told him she hated when anyone tried to understand her with out speaking to her. 

Peter had returned since Aylee's coronation, but she had avoided him for as long as possible. But today he seemed to be everywhere she was. Aylee stood on the balcony in a blue flowing dress that had a diamond laced back, she was leaning over the balcony trying to relieve some of the pain in her stomach when Peter appeared, "Aylee?" he questioned looking at her hunched over, "Peter" Aylee said immediately standing up right, her eyes filled with tears from the pain, she put a hand on her stomach and cradled it, "Aylee I was hoping..." Peter begins, "Aylee I wish to be your King and rule beside you." Peter looked at Aylee who stared at him confused, "Peter if this is how you propose to women, then you will never be married." Aylee says she begins to walk away then she stops, "And just so we are clear, that's a strong no." then she walks away leaving Peter on the balcony confused and hurt. Francis raced after Aylee as he had been looking for her for some time having found her on the balcony with Peter and over hearing their conversation, "Aylee are you okay?" he asked putting his hand on her shoulder, she was crying again, it seemed every time Francis found Aylee she was either covered in vomit or crying. "I'm fine," she says trying to walk away from him,  "Aylee" Francis began, "Francis I don't care, I don't wanna know, please leave me alone!" Aylee says her frustration is reaching its peak; she walks away before Francis can tell her the news. 
Keller and his troops had dealt with the situation in Xeglion and were on their way home. 

Aylee lay in her bed with Sterling on her stomach; she felt weak and tired all the time; Margret always brought her soups as that seemed to be the only thing Aylee could keep down. That night Aylee didn't eat at all, she was restless and wandered through the castle grounds till day break, Francis had sensed her restlessness and watched her from a distance as to not upset her, each day he felt something small grow bigger and stronger within her. Francis had not told Keller or the council though he probably should have, he knew Aylee hadn't told Jason and Francis thought the couple should decide what to do first before he did anything.

Aylee sat on the stone bench her and Jason always sat at to talk, she traced her stomach with her fingers wondering what this would bring her. The sun rose over the tree tops as it did each morning and it warmed Aylees body as it touched her skin. Aylee turned her head towards the castle and thought for a moment, none was awake yet, and yet she felt someone watching her, realising it was one of two people she walked towards the castle to find Francis sitting on the cold floor watching her, "Francis" Aylee said looking down at the Jedi, "I just wanted to make sure you were safe" he says standing up, as he does Aylee hugs him, "Thank you" she says, she had realised she'd been distant and rather rude to him over the last couple of weeks but she knew he could sense the child she was carrying and she didn't know how he'd respond to it all, she was afraid. "Aylee, Keller called me last night, he's coming home, he'll be back by mid-day," Francis says still embracing Aylee, Aylee let out a heavy sigh of relief not saying anything at all. "Go get some sleep, you need it" he says breaking the embrace and looking down at Aylee he quickly glances to her stomach then back to her eyes, and Aylee's heart sinks, her face says it all, fear and anxiety fill her lungs and she can't breathe, she begins to shake and Francis holds her tightly again, "Go get some rest" he says once again breaking the embrace but this time leaving a kiss on Aylee's forehead like he did when she was a child. 

Aylee lay in bed still restless she wanted Jason home now. She couldn't sleep so she got up and got dressed in something nice, she had begun to gain weight and was extremely stressed out by this, so she chose a loss fitting dress, it's blue and dull, no intricate detailing. Aylee walks down stairs as the troops begin coming off the Starships. She walks quickly towards the hangers, at first she doesn't see Jason anywhere, there are troops coming in on medical beds as well as troops wrapped in bandages and covered in scars they did not have when they left. 
"AYLEE!" Kellers voice came from a head of her, she raced blindly towards him, tears streaming down her face, when she saw him, he was exactly how he had left her, she jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly, "Don't ever leave me again" she cried, Jason felt her tears against his skin, it brought him a sense of joy because he knew this was all real and that it wasn't a dream. 

Soon after Aylee and Jason were reunited the hangers were almost empty, she whispered in his ear, "Jason, I'm pregnant" he looked at her with shock and she just nodded her head, as he opened his mouth to say something to her, Francis emerged with the young Jedi that had assisted Jason, "Keller it's good to see you home safe" Francis smiles at his old friend, the pair hug and Jason smiles at the young girl and begins to inform Aylee and Francis of the things that had happened on Xeglion and how amazing Ohara had been.


It was nearly midnight before Aylee and Keller had time together to discuss what was going to happen. 
"Jason I can't do this alone, I've been so sick..." Aylee begins her anxiety was through the roof and she still felt so weak, "You don't have to do this alone, I'm here for you, I'm yours" Keller says looking at his girlfriend who was so with-drawn, pale and sickly looking, it broke his heart to see her in this condition considering this child was meant to represent their love; Was their love going to kill her? 
"Aylee have you been to a medic since you realised you were pregnant?" Jason asked trying not to voice his fears that she was going to die carrying this child, Aylee shook her head, no, as she sat down on the floor leaning against her bed, "I can't trust anyone," Aylee says pulling her legs towards her, "In the morning I'm taking you to a doctor in town, one I trust, one I know won't tell anyone." Keller said sitting beside her, Aylee shook her head, no, again her eyes filling with tears, "Aylee I want to make sure the baby and you are safe and healthy. Please let me look after you" Keller says wrapping his arms around her, "Please" he says again and she finally agrees. Keller stood up and grabbed her hands, he helped her up, undressed her and put her into her pyjamas then put her into bed he laid beside her tracing his fingers over her tummy where their baby was, "I love you" Jason said as Aylee pushed herself closer to him, "I love you more" she whispered back sleepily. Jason stayed with her all night, he'd missed the softness of her skin and the way she snuggled into him, when she hadn't slept for days on end, he calmed her, took some of her fears away and this wasn't through any of his Jedi powers, which he'd only used on her once, a couple nights after his arrival on Naetune and the passing of the King and Queen, the night before their funeral Aylee tried to kill herself, wanting to see her parents again, Keller used his Jedi powers to show her them, as he pulled her back from the ledge of the balcony. Aylee was upset but grateful for his actions but made him promise never to use his mind trick powers on her again. 



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