A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


6. Chapter 6.

It had been two weeks since Aylee had asked the Kingdom to allow her to be their Queen and her coronation was soon. 

"Aylee! time to get up!" Francis was at her bed room door again, telling her to get up. Aylee laid in bed with this heavy feeling in her stomach and a horrible headache, "Francis I'm not getting up so you can stop trying!" she shouts back at him and he opens the door before the sentence has even been finished, "Mmmm! Nope, not an option missy! Up" he says grabbing a jacket off the end of the bed and throwing it in the wash basket in the corner, "Come on" he said looking at her, that's when he noticed she was pale and her eyes were drawn, "Aylee what's wrong?" he asked her walking towards her, "Just a stomach bug" she says looking at him, Francis reminded her so much of her father and it was rather odd, except he was a little older and with red hair. "I'll call the medical droid," Francis says standing up, "No don't! please they're so annoying" she says trying to sit up, she vomits a little in her mouth, "It probably just the stress of everything," Aylee says looking at Francis, trying to convince herself and Francis of this. Francis agrees not to call a medical droid but he stays close to her all day.

by late afternoon Aylee was still not feeling any better but she got out of bed and walked down stairs, she saw her aunt and uncle in the foyer with bags from their trip, "Aylee?" they question as she stops in her tracks, she places a hand on her stomach trying to control the urge to vomit. "Aunt, Uncle," she says looking at them with a level of disappointment. Two servants took their bags and walked them up the stairs past Aylee, "We hear you've announced that you will be crowned Queen" Anna says pressing her lips together, "Actually," Aylee said continuing down the stairs, "I told the people I was ready to be Queen and asked them if they wanted me to take the crown over." Aylee said with a sweet smile and sour eyes, "Forgive me Aunt but I must go much to prepare" Aylee says walking away before either could say anything else to her. Aylee walks down the narrow staircase that leads to the kitchen, at the bend of the stairs she stops, she couldn't hold it in anymore and she collapses to the ground vomiting on the step below her, her whole body shakes and she is as pale as a ghost. Margret was in the kitchen and heard the noise she races towards the stairwell and sees Aylee on the ground hands covered in vomit, "baby what happened to you?" Margret cried as she helped Aylee up, "I'm so sorry Margret" Aylee wept, "My child, no, no, no, don't be sorry" Margret comforts her, "Margret I'm scared I don't know what's going on, I'm constantly dizzy, I can't sleep but I'm always tired, I keep vomiting and I always want to eat but everything makes me feel sick."Aylee rests her heavy head against Margret's shoulder as Margret asks for another lady to clean the vomit up. Margret knows exactly what is causing Aylee's illness, "Aylee," Margret begins softly, "How long ago was the last time you and Jason were intimate?" she says even softer, Aylee shakes her head confused by this question, "Ah.. the night before he left so... two weeks or so? Why does that matter-" Aylee stops as she looks at Margret's face which is filled with nothing but concern, Aylee's jaw drops, "No... no, no, no!" Aylee beings to stutter, "No I can't be!" Aylee says looking around the room is starting to spin and her heart is racing at one hundred miles a minute. "What the hell am I going to do!" Aylee begins to cry, she is so afraid, she wasn't ready for this. Margret comforted Aylee as Francis walked into the kitchen having had been looking for her, "Aylee" he said seeing the princess on the chair crying her eyes out, Margret turned to Francis and instantly lied about why Aylee was crying, "She was just sick and feels terrible because Polly was cleaning it up. Would you mind taking her up to her room and making sure none disturbs her?" Margret says to Francis who nods walking over to Aylee, "I'll be up soon with some soup baby" Margret says kissing Aylees forehead. 

Francis laid Aylee down on her bed, "I'm calling a medical droid" he says, Aylee rolled over onto her side and cried some more. A short time passes by and the medical droid comes in with Francis, the Droid scans her and cheeks her for every illness, but everything comes back negative and the droid says that the only possible cause was stress and anxiety, saying that Aylee needed rest and time to herself to relax, he gave her some sleeping pills and left. 

Margret came into the room with a tray of pumpkin soup, Aylee's favourite. Francis was still in the room so Margret couldn't talk to Alyee about what to do, but simply said, "You're going to be fine, you're strong and you know you can get through this" then she kissed Aylees forehead and left. 

Two days had passed and Aylee had not left her bed and Francis had not left her side. "Aylee I think you need to postpone the coronation, just till you feel better," Francis said to Aylee late one afternoon, "Impossible."Aylee responded, "Sebastian is on his way over right now to dress me for it. Everyone has arrived and it's all happening now!" Francis looked at Aylee who looked as though she was about to burst into tears or vomit at any second.Francis nodded, " Naetune is only as strong as its Queen. I need to be seen as strong at every point no matter what is the truth.: Aylee says sitting up and walking towards the balcony to get some fresh air. "HELLO, MY QUEEEEEENIE!" Sebastian bursts through the door with two black bags in hand, and a shoulder bag that looked as though it was about to burst, Francis looked at Aylee who had not responded to Sebastian's entry, "She's a bit stressed" Francis says to Sebastian as he leaves the room, "baby what wrong?" Sebastian asks putting the gowns' bag on the bed, "Nothing, I'm just a bit anxious about this whole thing" Aylee says whipping her face and walking back inside, she hugs Sebastian and he looks at her concerned. "I just want Jason to come home, then everything will be fine," Aylee says saying more of the truth but not all of it. Sebastian decides that not pushing her today was the best idea and so he tells her to go undress as he pulls out parts of the outfit for her to put on. First, a pair of white leggings that were see through apart form at the front where they were embroidered with a thick lace patterned material, Aylee slipped herself into this, "You'll need me to help with this part" Sebastian says, Aylee walks out from the the divider and allows Sebastian to put on the rest of the outfit, it's a white floor lenght, piece, at first it appears to be a coat, it has vested sleeves and a high collar, buttons all the way down to Aylee's knees, but the buttons only do up to just below her crotch, the rest of the material connected to a wire half skirt to give it a traditional royal look, the top is also embroidered with thick lace patterned material only across the edges that main material used on the skirt of the top is silk and the rest is cotton. The top has jewels of white and gold stitched into it. Inside the windows of the wire skirt that has been covered with the sheer material used on the pants, jewels and lace were woven in. and the whole outfit was tied off with a matching belt and white peep toe heels that had white jewels cascading down the front of them. Once Aylee was dressed Sebastian told her she could look in the mirror, she turned to face the mirror and she couldn't hold back the tears. "Thank you so much Seb," she says kissing his cheek. 

Aylee waited for the doors to the throne room to be opened. her anxiety swelled in her stomach. The doors opened and she walked towards the throne all by herself, everyone stood to watch her. Aylee approached the throne where her Father had sat before her, she knelt before the priest who blessed the crown. He then turned to Aylee and asked her, "Do you solemnly swear to protect and care for the people of this Kingdom and every that follow you?"
"I solemnly swear," Aylee says confident more now than ever before. "Do you promise to respect the laws and traditions of these people?" He asked her, "I do," Aylee answers. "With the power given to my by the holy lord, I crown you, Aylee Queen of Naetune." the priest says as he places the crown on Aylee's head, it was her mothers crown and as soon as it touched her head, Aylee felt her mothers love with her. Aylee stands walks towards the throne and sits down on it, the entire room is filled with voices of the people chanting, "Long live the Queen!" 




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