A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


5. Chapter 5.

The day of the ball arrives, and the castle is buzzing with activity, servants dart around decorating the Grand ball room and the hall ways as well as the balcony, stairwells and ceilings, even the gardens were decorated.Fairy lights and glowing orbs light up the ball room, hanging from the roof. Aylee began to get ready for the party, she washed her hair and shaved her legs. She loosely curled her hair, as she finished doing so Aylee looked in the mirror at the photo she had tucked in between the frame and the glass, it was an old picture of her parents; Aylee took the photo down and began to cry. "I'm afraid" she cried to the photograph, the photography just stared back at her, her beautiful mother smiling and her father gazing at his beautiful bride like the whole world was in her eyes. "I have none here for me anymore, they took you and Daddy and now they've taken Jason, how can I run a Kingdom all by myself? I don't trust anyone here anymore." Aylee cried some more before finishing her makeup which was hard to do because her face was red from the tears. 

Francis was standing outside her door and had heard her crying, he was going to go in, but when he heard her say she had none she could trust, he was afraid to enter and over step, so Francis left, feeling sad because he had hoped Aylee would want his company here. 

Aylee walked to her wardrobe as the night drew closer, she hung the bag containing the mystery dress on the door of the closet, took a deep breath and unzipped it in front of her, a simple, flowing dress, it was bright red, thick shoulder straps and an open back. Aylee was relieved she wanted something beautiful and simplistic she didn't want it to be complicated though most of her pieces were detailed for this night she wanted to be as straightforward and straight forward as possible. 

Aylee dressed herself she put on the pair of golden shoes that were in the bag and placed the crown on her head, it was also gold, repeated around the crown was a symbol that Aylee recognized from her mother and fathers crowns, it was three spirals that were contacted in the center, Aylee remembered her mother telling her that this simple represented change on each side of this there were two golden swords and it was all connected to the base of the crown but a golden rope. She was ready. 
There was a knock at the door, and Aylee opened it, Francis stood there. He smiled at her, "Ready?" he asked, and she nodded. 


Aylee walked down the marble stairs, many people that were waiting to enter the ball room looked up to see the young Princess walking down the stairs, every one of them bows in her presence. As Aylee goes to get into the ball room with the others, three young girls of local nobles greeted her, "Your Majesty" the girls beamed at her, "Hello" Aylee smiled her voice kind and bright, the girls looked at one other, "We love your dress! Who designed it?" the four girls talked about the dress and how Sebastian had created it for Aylee. It had been along time since Aylee had spoken to or even seen a girl the same age as her and she was over joyed to talking to these girls. 

The party begins with beautiful music all played by a local orchestra and choir. There was plenty of food and dancing and drinking and laughter. The party had been settled for about an hour before Aylee stood up and walked towards the front where her parents' thrones were, the party grew silent, and Aylee addressed her people. "Tonight I have invited you all here to help me celebrate a new era; My mother and father, raised me to have nothing but love and respect for our worlds-" Aylee stopped for a moment, her heart was beating fast, and she didn't know if she could do this, she thought of her parents love, and it comforted her. "And I have come to realise that to protect our worlds, to carry on my parents legacy I must become Queen; I stand here before everyone and ask this; Will you take me as your Queen?" Aylee looked out over everyone; this was something that had never happened before, someone of royal blood, whose right was to be a ruler had never asked their people permission for this role. Slowly every person in the room stood up, one man stood forward, he leant down on one knee, and everyone followed him including the women, "Your Majesty, we have waited a long time for you to rise." and everyone behind him shouted, "Long live the Queen!"
Aylee's eyes filled with tears of joy she had only wished her parents had been here to see this moment. 

The music started again, and people began to dance, Aylee walked around talking to guests; she noticed the three girls that had spoken to her before the commencement of the ball standing together looking sad as they had not been asked to dance. Aylee walks over the band and requests a song, not many people knew but thankfully the girl who was singing and the boy on guitar knew this song, the band quickly spoke about what to do, and the choir followed in on the song. Aylee walked up to the young girls, the song beings as Aylee gets to the girls, "Girls would you like to dance with me?" Aylee smiled. 
I was young, so I forgot, which was my place and which was not, 

The girls giggled as they all held hands walking towards the dance floor, Aylee stops everyone and tells them, "Take off your shoes! Take them off!" she giggles as she takes her shoes off and leaves them in a pile the girls follow her. Together they spin around in a circle laughing and dancing, everyone else who was dancing stopped and watched the four girls, it was odd, and none had seen girls act like this in such a formal event before, but soon more ladies joined in with the Princess. 

Follow the signs right back to you! I know they wind right back to you time after time 
Love, lower your eyes, leave me a sign 
Follow the signs right back to you, 

Aylee spun in a circle by herself raising her arms up above her head as the final verse of the song was sung, beautiful flowers and flower petals fell from the ceiling, covering the ball room in their sweet scent. Aylee stopped spinning as the first of the flowers fell, she looked up in awe, she had not seen something so beautiful before.

The flower drop marked the end of the night; the guests left slowly one by one. Aylee remained on the balcony of the ball room looking up at the stars, holding a flower in her hand, someone stood in the door way behind her, she turned to see who it was, it was Francis. Aylee turned back quickly whipping a tear away, "Francis" she said trying to cover the fact she was in pain; Francis, knowing Aylee well knew she'd deny her tears and saw it better to move past it., "I'm very proud of you" he begins, "Your Father and Mother would be so proud of you Aylee," he continues, 
"Thank you," Aylee says this time turning to face him, Francis walks towards Aylee, " Aylee, I hope you know you can trust me. I know you may have some resentful feelings towards me because of Keller, but -" Aylee cuts Francis off before he can continue, "I don't resent you, Francis, Keller had to go, it's his job, of course it was hard for both of us because we have become such good friends, after my parents died I shut everyone off from me, so I lost all my friends, Jason- Keller, forced me to be his friend." Aylee chuckles to herself, "I mean, he'd be in so much pain from his injuries yet he'd jump on a horse and chase me through the forsets when I was angry, he followed me when I snuck out of my room to go for a midnight swim,. He didn't leave me be and it was what I needed." Francis smiles at Aylee, "He will return home soon." Francis promises Aylee hugging her, before he leaves. 





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