A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


4. Chapter 4.

Aylee smiled to herself as she hung the mystery dress in the wardrobe. 'Aylee" a voice says from behind her, she spins on her toes to see Keller standing in the door way. She smiles even more than she was before, he was so handsome, tall and dark his hair wasn't up anymore it cascaded down to his shoulders, he had shaved his beard off in the time they had been home. Aylee walked towards him as he closed the door, she traced his jaw line with her finger tips, "I never did like the beard" she teases as she raises herself up on her tippy toes and kisses him. Aylee tangles her fingers in his hair as Keller pushes against her, he pushes her against the door, neither taking a moment to breathe. Keller locks the door as he lifts Aylee up, she wraps her legs around him, and they continue to kiss passionately. Jason breaks the kiss, and they both giggle as he walks her towards the bed throwing her down, he begins unbuttoning his shirt and Aylee wiggles herself out of her jeans, Jason leans over the top of her kissing her more and more. The pair undressed one another and themselves all while kissing and laughing. Aylee lay in her underwear on the bed and Jason above her looking down. "You're so beautiful" he smiles at her kissing her, he kisses her lips then her neck, kissing her boobs and then her stomach, she giggles as Keller reaches her thighs, she was ticklish there, and he knew it. Keller pulls Aylees panties off and undoes her bra he takes off his underwear and the two smile at one another. It was not the first time Keller and Aylee had seen each other naked, and it wasn't the first time they were this intimate, but something felt different this time. Aylee sat on Keller; she traced the massive scar that had brought them together, "I love you". "I love you".  

Aylee and Keller lay in bed embracing one another. That was the first time either of them had said those three words. Aylee was so relieved when she heard him say it back to her. Aylee felt sleepy, but she wanted to know something, "Jason," she says sitting up and looking at him, "Yeah baby," he says he was half asleep at this point, "What were you and Francis talking about, at the store". 
"Francis told me that there's no way I can stay. I have to leave tomorrow." Keller says, Aylee doesn't say anything she stands up, grabs her robe and wraps herself in it. Aylee stood on the balcony whipping away tears, Keller places his hand on Aylees' shoulder, "Aylee" he says holding her close, "I love you" he whispered to her, "You can't leave!" Aylee weeps, Keller just holds her tightly. The air swelled between them, Keller walked back into the room, opening an album and placing it on the spinner, a hologram spun out of the disc and displayed beautiful stars that shone brightly. The music began to play, a soft violin and acoustic guitar, tambourine and drums, it had a boho love, feeling to it. Jason took Aylees' hand and encouraged her to dance with him; the song wasn't from Naetune it was from Earth and was 
brought back to Naetune b y Aylee's grandmother when she returned from a holiday. Most of Aylee's music was from Earth she loved the feelings that this music expressed, it was not like anything else in the Galaxy. Aylee and Jason danced to the music all through the night. The song that played as the sun rose over the forests was slow, piano, guitars and violins played, a man and woman sang together, the song was about slowing down and loving one another, staying together, at a perfect time where nothing could go wrong. 
Aylee stared at Jason as the sunlight kissed his cheeks softly, "I will come home to you" Keller says kissing Aylees cold lips, "You promise?" Aylee asks putting out her pinky finger, he takes it with his and kisses her again, "I promise". "If you don't I will come find you and kill you!" Aylee smiles trying to add humour to the situation even though she wanted to cry and hide him away so he could not leave. 

Jason and Aylee walked back into Aylee's room and began to get dressed for the day. Jason always had spare clothes hidden at the bottom of Aylees wardrobe, and it made Aylee laugh a little when she pulled out a shirt and new jeans for him, "Here you go" she says passing him the outfit. 

Alyee pulls on a long sleeved crop top that looks like a garden, it has green fabric leaves, and blue and pink flowers scattered delicately all over it and a pair of skinny white jeans. She sat on the ground as she strapped on a pair of Alexander McQueen heels, they were black, peep-toed hells embroidered with jewels that shone brightly. Keller put his hand out to help her up, Aylee stood up and fixed her hair. 

The reason for Aylee getting so dressed up was because today was the day she was sending off the new soldiers. New troops were being sent on diplomatic missions across the Galaxy to help assist the Jedi who were running the operations, Jedi like Keller. Keller dressed in his black jeans, boots and white t-shirt smiled at his love as she applied a light blue/green lipstick and black eyeliner. Jason tied his hair back using one of her hair ties, he didn't put a lot of effort into it, and it was messy, but it looked good. As Aylee finished her makeup and turned to Jason he smiled, picking up his black leather Jacket off the bed, "Ready?" He asked as Aylee stood up, "No" she said taking his hand and walking out of the room. 


The parlour was filled with nobles of the Kingdom and neighbouring Planets, Lords and Ladies rose to their feet as Aylee walked through the doors, everyone bowed and curtsied to the Princess, the majority of Neighbouring planets recognised the Stuart family as their Monarch. Those that had no King or Queen of their own, sixteen nearby Planets in fact and six other Planets that had their Monarchs were friends with Aylees' parents and were all part of the same Senate. everyone was united together because of Aylees' Grandfather and Father, and she wished to continue their work in keeping the peace. Aylee smiled to everyone, even though her heart was breaking she needed to be persuasive, motivational and inspirational to the new, young troops who were about to enter into a war under her name. "Good morning Princess Aylee!" said a beautiful old lady, she was wearing a beautiful pink dress and had golden eyes and pale skin. "Good morning Lady Sofia," Aylee said taking the lady's hands and kissing her cheek, still holding the old Lady's hand Aylee addressed the rest of the room, "Good morning everyone," everyone else greeted her and interacted with one another. A short time had passed when Francis entered the room, "Your majesty the men are ready," Aylee looked to Keller, holding back tears, "Wonderful" she said with a smile following Francis from the room.

The nobles follow the Jedi Knight to the grand hall where thousands of troops were lined up in neat rows, all the nobles walked to the front of the troops and stood to wait for Aylee to address them. As Aylee approached the stand everyone's attention was on her, whispering between young children stopped and the bickering of parents stopped. Aylee took a deep breath, looking out to her subjects. 
"Gentlemen, today marks the start of a new era; An era of hope. You men will enter a battlefield, not for honour or glory, you'll fight for the freedom of your families, of your nations of your planets, of your people, as much as you are my people they are yours too. My mother and father always believed that Naetune could not and can not be frightened, bullied or bought by anyone especially the Empire. Naetune is in the hearts of all of us." 
Aylee took a breath as she thought of what to she had to do next. Before she could say anything else, each man that stood in front of her, began to chant, "Long live the Princess!". Aylee smiled and looked over at Keller who stood beside Francis and a few other young Jedi, they all chanted with the troops, Aylees' heart rose, and she felt joy like nothing else 
before, she knew she was ready to be crowned the Queen.

Star ships began to be loaded with troops and take off. Keller stood back for a moment watching as the men loaded onto the ships. A young girl stood talking to him about the mission they were assigned to, together. "Keller!" she said again trying to get his attention, his mind wasn't there, it was back with Aylee hiding in a world where they were happy and together. "Mmmm" he grunts looking down at her, she looks at him concerned but frustrated, she shakes her head, "Master this is important!" she says again to him. "Keller" Aylee's soft voice came from behind him, he turned to face her wanting to embrace her and tell her he loved her more than anything in the world, but he couldn't. "Your majesty?" Keller asked Aylee's eyes were filled with sadness as she looked at him, she wanted to tell him he could not leave and that she needed him here beside her, but she couldn't. "I await the safe return of every man and woman with a heavy heart, mine and the Kingdoms prayers will be with you all during this time of war. I had wished that the war would have ended before I would have to take over my parents rolls..." Aylee trails off, Keller adds to the conversation "Prehabes this will make you a better Queen, a wiser Queen. Peace times will come" Keller smiles at her he bows and then leaves with his padawan. 

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