A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


3. Chapter 3.

It had been four days since Francis had saved Aylee from the blue lady and it was finally time for the princess to leave the hospital ward. 

Aylee got dressed in the jeans and simple shirt Keller had gotten for her; as she pulled the shirt over her head, Keller walked into the room with Francis, the men smiled and nodded at her, Aylee flicked her long hair out of the shirt and smiled back. Keller smirked at Aylee, "The Duke and Dutchess have gone on a trip, they said they were stressed out and wanted time away." Aylee rolled her eyes at the news, "How long for?" Aylee asked, having had made up her mind on what she was going to do next. "They said two weeks" Keller answered. 
Keller and Aylee over the past four days had been discussing her throne more and more, Aylee felt unsure about becoming Queen. She missed her mother dearly and did not wish to replace her as much of the Kingdom still saw the late Queen as their only monarch, Keller convinced Aylee that her people loved her and would only adore her as Queen, she was her mothers' daughter after all. Aylee shared her fathers' features and skills but had her mothers' heart, she was the best of the late King and Queen, and the Kingdom had always adored their Princess. 

Aylee beamed as she looked between the gentlemen in front of her, "Time to celebrate then!" Aylee giggled as she pressed her hands together excitable, "What do you mean "celebrate"?" Francis asked following Aylee as she walked out of the ward, "I want to hold a ball in celebration of a new era." Aylee said mysteriously, "I have news to announce at this ball, so I need my top security guard to stay till then," Aylee said gesturing towards Keller. Keller chuckled to himself, "Aylee I'm the best so I can stay, and Keller can go" Francis interrupts, Aylee pouts, "You could both stay" Aylee teases walking towards the throne room."Aylee this isn't up for debate the council wants Keller on Xeglion to deal with the slave drivers." Francis told Aylee sternly, Aylee rolled her eyes and walked over to a maid that was cleaning the floors, "Have you seen West? I need to talk to him" Aylee smiled at the lady, "No, my Princess I have not" The girl responded, "That's alright." Ayleee said walking towards Keller, "Phone" she said, putting her hand out, Keller always took her phone from her when she needed to act more "lady like" as he put it. 
Keller placed the phone in her hand, and Aylee tilted her head in thanks. Aylee calls West and tells him of her plan to host a ball in three days time, Keller and Francis can hear West shouting over the phone as he rattles off all his ideas for the ball. 

After having set West on his task of decorating the entire ball room to perfection for the ball as well as designing a theme (His idea not Aylees), Aylee turned back to the knights who had been waiting for her. "Gentlemen" Aylee smiled, and Keller knew what she was going to say next "No!" he began and Francis stared in confusion and fear. "I'm going shopping" Aylee smiles as she pushes past the men and walks towards the stair well to go up to her room "Aylee please you have enough clothes!". Keller sighs following Aylee up the stairs, Aylee sighs, stopping dead in her tracks, "I'll buy you a new ...." she trails of trying to think of something that would make Keller wants to come shopping with her, "A new nothing" Keller smiles. He wasn't about to allow Francis to take his place; he wanted to spend as much time with his beloved. Aylee smiled ear to ear and run up the stairs to grab shoes and her handbag. 


Aylee and Keller wondered through the city, Aylee felt at peace when she was with Keller. Most of the time they were able to be alone when it came to shopping, but this time Francis came along. Aylee wondered through stores, "I want a dress that will leave everyone wanting more" Aylee says as her fingers dance over the coat hangers like she was playing the piano. A tall, dark skinned bald man dressed in a black suit with a hot pink thin tie. "HELLO! My beautiful Princessa!" he exclaims loudly, lifting his arms into the air and then pulling Aylee into him, "Princessa its been far too long - And who is this hunky knight, Mmmmm?" Aylee laughed at her friend as he walked towards Keller, "That's Keller, Sebastion." 
"Mmmmm, yes he is," Sebastion says smacking Keller ass as he turns back to Aylee, "What are you after my Princessa or did you just miss me?" 
"both Sebastian. You're obviously invited of course, but I am hosting a ball, I feel like it's time for a change and to embrace this new era I need-" Sebastion shrieks at the top of his voice "You need a new gown! Of course Darling! Oh, my gwad!" He talks to himself as he runs off into a back room, "Aylee!" Sebastian calls for her, Aylee follows him. 
Aylee followed him into a large room, the walls were lined with racks and racks of dresses and outfits, fabrics were on giant rolls and in the middle of the are three large work benches littered in patches of fabrics, papers, pens, paints and mannequins bits and pieces, a leg here and an arm there and even a head. Aylee smiles to herself watching Sebastian dart through the racks of gowns; ten minutes pass and Sebastian shouts, "Close your eyes baby girl," Aylee does as he says and giggles, she can hear something rolling around, "OPEN!" he gleefully shouts, Aylee opens her eyes and her jaw drops, in front of her, three ball gowns each different and unique and each custom made just for her.

The first gown; A full skirt the bottom is made of the most elegant Olga* Feathers, they layered over each other making the dress appear soft, as your eyes raise the skirt the detailing on the dress is golden feathers that mimic the Olga feathers, this golden detailing continue up the bodies which is fitted, and the neck line is a sweetheart neck line with a low plunging "V" the dress has sleeves that are just the gold detailing and an open back. This dress embodied elegance and grace.

The second gown; Continuing with the full ball gown skirt this dress was simpler than the last, but the detailing was so lovely. From the bottom of the skirt to the top of the dress a gradient of light blue to grey was used, from the waist, white roses climbed the bodies of the dress, the same as the last dress the bodies was fitted, with a low plunging "v" cut out, the dress seemed to sparkle in the light as well.The dress resembled innocents and purity; it was young and hopeful. 

The thirds and final dress; This dress was something else altogether, A line, dirty golden, skirt that fleered out under the layered golden scales, large bronze and gold feathers over lapping each other on the outside of the skirt attaching the golden armour like bodies to the rest of the dress, the bodies had golden spikes that came from where the hip bones would sit and softened into the bronze and gold feathers. The bodies has detailing under the boobs and in the V line area,  as well as golden detailing that swirled around and up towards the shoulders adding a level of elegance to the piece.  This number screamed power, strength and beauty. 

"Sebastian!" she cries, "They're beautiful!" Sebastian smiled to himself, "I know Darling". "I want the third one," Aylee told him, "I think?" She said again questioning her choice, "Sebastian I'm going to announce that I am taking my rightful Place as Queen of Naetune I need a dress that will make me look like a Queen" she sighed, Sebastian was filled with joy, he hugged Aylee, "My little Princessa is going to be Queen!" 

Sebastian stood still for a moment thinking; then his eyes grew bright. He runs off again and comes back with a bag, "This is perfect, everything is in it, take it, it is yours, but you can not! I mean it Aylee you can not look at this outfit or yourself in it until the night of the party!" Aylee smiles, she agrees and kisses Sebastian's cheeks. 

Keller and Francis had been arguing as Aylee walked out they both looked at her and stopped arguing, Keller's face was frustrated and Francis looked as though he had won. "Everything okay?" Aylee asked, and Keller shook his head but said: "Yes, everything's fine." Aylee screwed her face up but knew he'd tell her when they were alone, so she tells them she is ready to go home. 


Olga - a large white bird, very similar to a peacock, with the males displaying large fans out of their tail feathers. Often farmed and used for exotic dresses. 


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