A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


2. Chapter 2.

“Aylee!” Keller’s voice echoed through the room as Aylee reached out to him, her chest was heavy her whole body was heavy like a massive weight was on top of her; was the blue lady still there? She had to be. She couldn't have just vanished. Aylee reached out to Keller; she felt his arms wrap around her. Keller's arms felt like water under Aylee's body, she began to cry, "She's still here!" Aylee howled, Keller's focus was on Aylee and hadn't even sensed another presence in the room, Keller looked down at the girl in his arms, "What do you mean?" He asked her confused and tried to keep her calm. Aylee looked around the room, her head turned quickly and as it did it revealed the bruising and blood around her neck, as Keller saw this, he sat Aylee on the ground against her bed. "Don't move!" he ordered her as he checked the room, Sterling trailing behind Keller's feet. "Aylee what am I looking for?" He asked seeing no signs of breaking in or escape, the only things out of place were the rugs that Aylee had been thrown against. "Her's blue...she was a monster" Aylee cried, Aylee drew a deep breath trying to hold back her tears. Keller leaned over her and pulled her close. Soldiers ran into the room blasters and blades at the ready, the Dutchess and Duke behind them looking agitated, Sterling arched his back and growled as deeply as he could, a few soldiers stood back, the others standing their ground against the hound. Keller pulled Sterling towards Aylee were he laid his giant head against her legs with a huge huff.  The Duke and Dutchess being quick to analyse the room began shouting profanities at Aylee, who was still in a daze on her bedroom floor. "What nonsense is this Aylee!" shouted the Dutchess, "You constantly have to make every single moment of every single day about you! You're so ridiculous and childish!"  bleed the Duke, "You've made us think there was something wrong! Our guests are down stairs right now confused as all hell! You're such an embarrassment to the Stuart name!". This last statement lingered in the bedroom for what felt like hours; it made the air thick and hard to breathe, like breathing in smoke from a massive fire.
Still dizzy and afraid that she would die, but unable to sit in the thick clouds that were forming around her with every word that left her Aunt and Uncles lips, Aylee stood up and walked past her guardians and down the marble steps. Her ears rang with each step she took, she could hear Keller screaming out for her to stop, but she could hear her Aunt and Uncle clearer, "Let her go! She's pathetic! It's an act!" their words cut deeper than any bleed could.


Aylee makes her way into the garden; she takes a moment to breathe and sits on the weather worn stone bench. Her Father and she sat her when Aylee was a child. Aylee looked over at the bench beside her.Beside her, a tall, hazelnut hair man with grey eyes, his forearms are resting on his knees, " Aylee" his voice said, it sounded just like Aylee's father, "Papa!" Aylee's voice broke as she reached out for him, but as her fingers grew closer to his skin, it began to turn blue, and his eyes go from the beautiful grey that they both shared to the glassy, dead, white that the blue lady's eyes had been. Aylee begins to run again, her head still dizzy, perhaps more so now then it had been before.

Aylee races through the field towards the forest that broke up the neatly organized world of the Castle to the rest of the world. 

She continues to run through the woods; it becomes denser the further she runs. She doesn't stop running for nearly two hours before she gets to a gully. Aylee doesn't know what to do. The gully is deep and wide, and she can't see an end to it from either direction. Maybe this was her sign that she could stop running and think logically. Aylee leans against a tree catching her breath and thinking of her next move when she hears a branch break under a heavy foot. Asylees' heart stops, but her mind rushes through every single possibility of what could have caused that noise. It had come from behind her, Aylee slowly looks behind her to see nothing, her heart skips a beat as she takes a step forward and looks back, something has her by the throat. Aylee grabs the arm of her attacker, "What do you want from me!"
"Your life" the creature hisses back to Aylee. 

There's shouting coming from all directions and the sound of heavy feet against the forest floor; then the creature screams in immense pain and drops. Aylee to the ground, Aylee falls backward slipping on the leaf litter below her feet and falling into the gully as she fell, her eyes caught the sug listening on the golden hilt of a sword that was wedged deep inside the blue lady's chest.
Aylee lay breathless at the bottom of the gully, her arms and legs felt as though they were trapped under massive boulders, hot tears pooled in her eyes, "Princess!" called a voice from high up, "Stay away from me!" Aylee coughed trying her hardest to move; the person who had slain the blue lady slid down the steep gully wall and ran towards Aylee who was weak and shaking as she tried to pull herself up right, "Who are you?" Aylee demanded, leaning against a half fallen old tree,  "Aylee! It's me; it's Frances. Kellers' Frances, you remember me don't you Aylee?" he said reaching out towards her. She wanted to take his hand, but she pulled her hand back towards herself, "You're not real!" she trembled her hands shaking, "Honey, I'm real I promise" Frances says quietly, slowly moving towards Aylee. 

"Stay there!" Aylee screamed her voice shaky and weak, tears running down her face. Frances nodded his head, "Can I sit?" he asked gesturing to the ground, Aylee nodded weakly, she still clung to the tree, and she was sure if she let go she would fall and be murdered. "What are you doing in Naetune, Jas...Keller told me you were in Goilia." Aylee felt heavy and was slowly putting more of her weight against the tree, "Jason Keller and I are having to switch places for a few months, he needs to complete a mission in the outskirts of Xeglion... Has he not told you?" Frances asks confused, "You're lying!" Aylee whispers holding back tears and trying not to allow her emotions to take over, the last thing she needed, if this was, in fact, the real Frances was for him to know about her and Keller's relationship. Aylee let her legs give way under her body weight, and she fell to her knees, her arms still wrapped around the trunk of the tree, which seemed like it was more of a tree now that she was underneath it. "Tell me something only the real Frances would know," Aylee ordered, she wanted to go home to Keller, but she did not want to go with Frances, she wanted him to stumble and make a mistake so she could run away back to safety. "When you were five years old, I was watching you while your mother and father signed peace treaties, this is the same trip you got Sterling. I gave him to you for your birthday; you had cried all day because your parents couldn't spend your birthday with you." 
It was something that was possible others would have none, but Aylee's hands were bleeding, and she knew she couldn't get herself home alone. 
Aylee let go of the tree, her arms fell heavy into her lap, Frances stood up and walked towards her, he kissed her forehead as he picked her up. Frances carried Aylee through the gully for a while till he had found somewhere low enough to get them both out safely, Aylee had not said a word the whole time, she cried quietly to herself pushing her head against his chest.

It was dark by the time Frances and Aylee got to the tree line that separated the Castle from the dangerous world outside. As Frances walked through the field Aylee still in his arms, six guards raced towards him, the seven men exchanged nods with one another, and one guard took Aylee from Frances to give him a break. 

As Aylees' guards and Frances crossed the castle threshold, Keller appeared out of nowhere; his hands shook as he traced his lovers' soft skin that was broken open. Aylees' eyes opened, and she wrapped her arms around him, Keller taking Aylee into his arms, they embraced for a while holding back kisses. "We need to take her to the medical droid Jason," Francis said putting his hand on Jason's shoulder. Francis knew Aylee and Jason were in love, as discrete as the pair tried to be, Francis saw the way they looked at each other and embraced one another even after only a short period of separation. Keller nodded to his master and stood up, his princess in his arms. 

Keller and France walk into the hospital ward; the medical droid indicated to Keller to lay Aylee on the empty bed. Aylee was conscious and held tightly to Kellers' hand not allowing him to leave her side. The medical droid scanned Aylee, buzzing around. "Jason" Francis nods towards the door, Keller follows his master out the door leaving Aylee in tears as she began to panic about what would happen next. 


"Master" Keller begins knowing that he had allowed his feelings to show, he expected a massive lecture on having attachments and what that would mean for the rest of his training and his position in the Council, "Jason, stop. I'm not going to tell you what you already know, attachments are forbidden with in the order, you know this already, but I know telling you, you and the Princess are not allowed to be together will only add fuel to the fire." Francis takes a breath, "I was the same when I was your age, Jason you need to make a choice, the order or the girl." Francis continues, "Master, it is not what you think it is. Aylee and I have grown close over the past year, yes, but my attachments to her are no more than they are to any other member of the order, she is a friend that is all, I see her as a little sister. We are nothing more than that." Keller had become good at this conversation, "Keep it that way" Francis said frustrated with his apprentice. 


The medical droid came through the door, "Masters?" it spoke, Keller and Francis followed it back to Aylee, "Hey Kiddo" Keller said trying to play off the "big brother" act that they were trying to use as a cover.Aylee smiled at Keller, then looked at Francis, "Thank you for saving me" she smiled as she lay half asleep. "Any time" Francis smiled. The medical droid began to inform the men of the condition and seriousness of Aylee's injuries; She had broken two ribs and her wrist and had a concussion from the fall, apart from that just bruises and cuts. The droid began working on treating her broken bones which was, in fact, a painful process; first, the droid would place rather large patch over the area where the bone was broken, and then from there, the patch would release tiny micro-droids that would enter the body and repair the bones from the inside out. Aylee was to stay in the hospital ward for the night until her bones were completely healed, Keller stayed with her to ensure she slept and that there was no chance of something or someone attacking her again. 

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