A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


11. Chapter 11

Looking down on to Speverus was like looking down to a green ocean, there was nothing but lush rainforests from the moment the ship entered the atmosphere, Aylee gazed out the window, admiring the planet, birds glided past the ship, diving back down to the safety of the canopy. Rex lands the ship, and they both walk down the ramp together Sterling at Aylee's heels like he always was, the King and Queen walked forward to greet Aylee and Rex. The Queen and King had three daughters who all instantly raced to Sterling and began patting him, "Girls come back here! You didn't ask the Queen to pat her dog! I'm so sorry Queen Aylee; they normally have better manners than this!" Queen Atina apologised for her daughter's behaviour. "Oh no honestly, the children are fine to play with Sterling, he loves it" Aylee smiled sweetly looking behind her to the three girls who bowed their heads in thanks and continued to play with Sterling, "This is Commander Rex, one of my best men I have in my fleet." Aylee gestured to Rex who bowed to the King and Queen, "My Husband, King Llorr and our daughter's Elara, Nola and Vela." they looked like Aylee they appeared to be human, but they all had beautiful emerald green scales scattered across their skin. 

Aylee stood in the room given to her. It was small, but she did not mind. Aylee looked in the mirror at her stomach, it was going to be harder to cover it up, but something else started to take over her thoughts, what was the baby going to look like? Would the child look like Jason or like her? Or a beautiful blend of both of them?  She smiled as she rubbed her belly.  


Aylee had spent two weeks convening Rex she would be fully capable of protecting herself while with the troops and that being surrounded by nearly her army of six thousand men and him, would be the safest place for her. Finally, the commander caved to his Queen and said he would accompany her to the base. Aylee kissed Rex's check when he told her they would go and raced to her room to get dressed. She braided a small section of her hair then used this to tie the rest into a segmented long pony tail; she flicked her hair over her shoulder as she got dressed. Brown almost black jeans, a navy blue long sleeved shirt, a chain mail and leather vest, and a brown belt with a gold buckle and of course brown riding boots. She paints her face with gold, using a mask pattern across her eyes and down to her cheek bones, she then stroked a large golden line up the centre of her face directly in line with her nose then two shorter lines of to the side of the first one. She looked ready for battle. 
Aylee walks down the stairs towards Rex who is leaning against the wall with his arms folded, "I thought this was a peace walk" Rex says as Aylee and Rex walk towards her ship. "It is," she says with her hands 
behind her back, "Hense the sword and blaster" Rex stops before he walks onto the ship, "Aesthetic," Aylee said trying to sound convincing, she wasn't successful, but Rex thought it might be better she carried something to protect herself. 
The army 
base is not far from the castle, as they fly over the base Aylee starts to see the impact this war is having on the world. Rex lands the ship and men stand by waiting to see who would come out of the ship, as Aylee walks out of the ship, the troopers all fall to one knee in honour of their Queen. "Your Majesty." One man says standing up and walking towards his Queen, "What are you doing here?" he asks, Aylee smiled at the General, "General Lucas, I thought you'd be glad to see me" Aylee teases. "I am, but this is no place for a Queen," he says, "Lucas I can look after myself" She smiles softly at the General and hugs him, "I came because I wanted to try and end all of this so that everyone could come home. This war has been going on for too long now, and I want to take after Father and Mother. I want to protect my people and to send them into pointless wars is not going to protect them," Aylee shakes her head a little as she spoke, Lucas took Aylee's hand in his, reassuring her. Rex piped up, "That's why she is wearing war paint" He chuckled to himself, and Lucas hugged him, "It's been too long brother," Lucas told Rex and Rex agreed. Aylee rolled her eyes at Lucas and Rex who were bonding while bullying her, just like they did when they were younger. 
Aylee walked through the camp talking to her men and getting a better understanding of what the battlefield was like; she walked through the mud and dirt with them for about half an hour before turning to Lucas, "Is there somewhere I can stand so that everyone will be able to see me?" Aylee asked him and then waited for the short jokes, "Well there's the stand  there, but I don't know Aylee you're short!" Aylee rolled her eyes and laughed at him. She walked towards the stand "Men! I am Aylee Queen of Naetune! Your Queen. My Father, once told me "Great leaders can not inspire greatness in others from far away, they need to be among their people." I hope to inspire greatness in all of you today, not to continue the fighting but to stop the fight. I look prepared for a battle, but I only want to bring peace to Naetune and Speverus." Aylee takes a breath and touches her baby bump, "So that our children may grow up with their father's coming home each night and live with out fear of being killed while they play in the streets." To this, all the men cheered, Aylee's heart filled with their cheers, "Queen Aylee!" They all cheered together, Aylee turned to look at Rex and Lucas who stood to her right, both stood with their arms folded looking at her with nothing but pride. 

After the successful mission to the camp, Aylee returned to the castle. Nola, Elara and Vela all greeted Aylee at the gates, "Queen Aylee would you like to come play with us?" the little girls asked Aylee smiled at the girls, "Let me go get changed then I will come play." Aylee told the girls, Vela piped up, she was probably only six years old, "Can I come to your room and play with Sterling?" She asked Aylee nodded, and all three girls came to Aylee's room with her. 

All three girls raced into Aylees room and began cuddling and kissing Sterling giggling their heads off as he licked their faces. Aylee washed the gold paint off her face and undid the belt laid it over her bag as well as the vest; her stomach was a little more obvious now that she was only wearing a loss shirt and jeans. Aylee took her riding boots off and walked behind the divider to get changed, as she lifted her shirt over her head she noticed bruises on her stomach, she didn't notice those in the morning when Aylee got dressed, she stood still for a moment trying to think of what to do. She couldn't show Rex he would question about the bump and if she told the medics here, they would probably tell Rex considering he is in charge of her safety. Aylee tries not to over think it and slips on a navy blue and gold shirt that covers her belly. 
Aylee walks out into the gardens with the girls and Sterling, they all laugh and play together, the King and Queen watch this and agree that a peace treaty is the best idea ever.

On Aylee's third week of being in Speverus, the peace treaty was laid out, and both parties signed it; "Today marks the start of a beautiful friendship between Speverus and Naetune" King Llorr spoke to the kingdom and everyone watching cheers. 
That night the castle was filled with music and laughter, the King and Queen invited all their alleys to a ball in honour of the treaty. 

Aylee wore a beautiful gown, it reached her ankles but did not touch the floor, it was cream in colour, with white lace and embroidered with stunning red and blue flowers on the bottom of the skirt and the top, the flowers were complemented leaves of emerald green and vines of gold. She wore her hair down, and it cascaded over her shoulders and down her back; her crown looked like the rising sun, it was made of gold and had beautiful crystals across the top.The gold chain connected five golden triangles, and then another piece of chain contacted a large tear drop cut opal to the rest of the crown, and on each side of the crown at the bottom, a collection of crystals wrapped in the gold chain hung down. It was a magnificent crown.Aylee stood next to Rex who was wearing a lovely outfit Aylee managed to pull together for him, black jeans, dress shoes, a white button down shirt and a nicely fitted red blazer, his shiny bald head finally looking alright for once. 
Vela, the kings youngest daughter, was playing with a young girl Aylee hadn't seen before and assumed it was one of the nobles, the girls came to Aylee and asked, "Your Majesty will you dance with us?" the smiled up at her with wide, hopeful eyes. "Of course" Aylee smiles taking the girls hands in each of hers, the girls all dance together to the traditional Speverus music. The music was heavy, and there was a lot of drums and some violin it was beautiful but eerie and made Aylee wonder if there was a dark story hidden behind the music.
The King stood in front of everyone and announced dinner was ready, people began to sit, and Aylee watched as the two girls sat together beside King Llorr. Aylee walked towards where Rex was sitting, but someone stopped her, "No you are sitting up here" the man said Aylee was taken a back by the forwardness of the stranger but chose not to say anything. Aylee sat beside the small girl she had been dancing with; Aylee, realising she did not know the child's name she asked her, "My name is Aylee what is yours?" the girl looked at Aylee with a rather glazed expression in her eyes, "Rhanniun, " the child. Aylee noticed the girl's neck was red, and so were her ears, and the tops of her fingers. Aylee turned to see where Rex was she could not see him. Dinner was served, and Aylee ate a small amount of food before Rhanniun spoke to Aylee again, "My mummy is pregnant too" the girl said looking Aylee dead in the eyes, "Oh really? Are you excited to have a new brother or sister?" Aylee asked trying to pretend that this was normal, "No but Daddy said I will still be his favourite" Rhanniun said pushing her lips together seeming rather smug with herself. Aylee did not know what to say to that and looked again for Rex, who was back in his seat staring at Aylee with a worried look. All of a sudden the doors to the hall burst open, and a tall man, dressed head to two in black walked into the room. "Daddy" Rhanniun shouted climbing under the table and racing towards the man, Aylees' face filled with terror, as the mystery man pulled two items from behind his coat. Rex was beside Aylee with in a second and had his arms around her trying to pull her out of the room, "Aylee we are leaving!" He ordered her, Aylee took Rex's hand and followed him, "THE SITH HAVE RETURNED, AND OUR FORCES ARE STRONGER THAN EVER AND WE ARE COMING FOR YOU QUEEN AYLEE OF NAETUNE" Aylee heard the mans voice as Rex pulled her away, she looked back in sheer terror, "Rex!" Aylee cried as they ran down a narrow hall, "REX THEY'RE GOING TO ALL DIE!" Aylee cries, "AND SO ARE YOU IF I DON'T GET YOU OUT OF HERE!" Rex pushes Aylee a head of him.


Rex pushes Aylee onto the ship, Aylee turned to look back at Rex, "Sterling" she said her eyes were filling with tears, "There's no time Aylee!" Rex said continuing to force her onto the ship, "STERLING!" Aylee cried as she sat on the ground of her ship. Sterling was her last connection with her parents, her best friend; now she had nothing.
Rex started the ship, Aylee remained where she had fallen, she sobbed quietly to herself. Aylee sat with her knees against her chin and her head resting on them. 

The journey home was silent, Rex knew he had hurt her by leaving Sterling behind but she was safe and alive, and that was his job, to keep her safe and alive. 
Rex landed the ship and the ramp lowered, he stood up and looked at Aylee, she removed her crown and left it on the ship, standing up and walking down the ramp, whipping her tears away. Francis and Ohara stood amongst Aylee's advisers and a few members of the Jedi Council. Aylee looked at Francis tears in her eyes, she quickly turned her head away and walked past them all, Francis chased after her. "Aylee?" he whispered taking hold of her wrist, she doesn't stop or say anything to him as she pulls herself away and walks up the stair towards her room. 
Jason was sitting on her bed room floor, holding a photograph of him and Aylee together. Aylee walked into the room, and her eyes fell on him, and she burst into tears, he jumped to his feet, "Aylee?" he questioned as she sobbed into her hands. Jason holds his arms open, and she walks into them, Jason wraps his arms around her and strokes her hair, "I had to leave him" she cries, "Who?" Jason asked, "Sterling" Aylee said through tears, "What happened?". Aylee told Jason of the dinner and of Rhanniun, the Sith and the threat he made on her life and of having to leave Sterling behind. Sterling held Aylee in his arms for a moment confused and scared by the fact that a Sith lord was back. "We need to tell the Council," Jason says looking down at Aylee, she stops crying for a moment and nods. 


Aylee and Jason meet Francis across the hall. Francis looks at Aylee whose face is still red from crying, "Aylee?" he asks she was like a sister to him, she was family and it hurt him she was keeping secrets from him but he understood why. Master Alahsa, Master Vaasu and Master Sokzusow all came and stood behind Francis, Aylee told them of the Sith and the threat made on her life. Alahsa, being the oldest of all the Jedi masters, pondered for a moment, she informed Polfri and Keller as well as Ohara that they would be Aylee's personal body guards they would protect her day and night as well as her child when it was born, Aylee's jaw dropped at Alahsa mention of the child, "Don't worry, Keller told us all about the child and I convinced the other masters it was only far Keller was allowed to stay in the Order considering other masters have families of their own." She told Aylee who turned to Jason and smiled relieved by this. Alasha went on to say that the Jedi would b e searching for this Sith Lord and would do everything in their power to make sure Aylee was safe and the Sith was caught. 


"Aylee," Francis said once all the masters had left, " I'm reckless I know," she said and Francis shook his head, "You are but you're also brave and bold and you're a strong Queen" he says as Aylee embraces him, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I was just so afraid what would happen to Jason" Aylee begins, Francis shakes his head, "I always knew, you aren't good a lying to me" he teased her kissing her forehead and sending her on her way. Jason stayed back with Francis, "Thank you" Jason said to his master, "She loves you, you know that right?" Jason said to Francis, "I know, I love her too, I've known her since she was five years old, I spent more time with her than I did my own niece. She's my family" 

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