A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


10. Chapter 10.

Keller paced backwards and forwards in the Jedi temple, "Keller" an elderly woman says kindly behind Jason, he turns looking at her, trying his hardest to contain his emotions, more Jedi masters walked into the room behind him, they all took their seats, but Keller remained standing in the centre of the room. "Master Polfri said you had something urgent you wished to discuss with us?" an older man says he was sitting across from where Keller stood, Jason's face grew confused as he stared at the masters, "He said that you had something important to discuss with me?" Jason looked at the Grand master and masters, everyone was confused, then Jason's communicator began to beep, it was Francis, "Keller" Francis voice comes over the intercom, "Master do you care to explain what you were thinking when you sent me here?" Jason asked his master frustrated, "This may motivate you a little, Queen Aylee has just taken it upon herself to-" before Francis can finish his sentence Jason cuts in, "Don't need to finish that anymore I can put the pieces together." Jason turns off his communicator takes a deep breath and tries to open his mouth, where does he start?
"Masters, I need you all to listen to the full story before you place your judgments," Jason begins, the Grandmasters nod their heads, already having an idea of what this conversation will consist of; He begins telling them of how he and Aylee meet, saving her life on one of the first nights together, how they bonded and became partners in crime over the last year and how they fell in love, he told them of all the sweet things that had happened over the seven months they'd been together, sneaking out to explore her kingdom, always hand in hand ready to face the world, the innocents and pureness of their love how their love created something new, "Aylee is pregnant and the child is mine, I fear for hers and the baby's lives, she loses weight instead of gaining it she is beyond stressed trying to hide the fact that she is with child and I only want to protect her and our baby. If that means I have to leave the Jedi Order, stepping down from my position in the army I will if it means Aylee and our baby are safe." Jason stood in front of the Council, they were silent, the whole room felt heavy, "You believe this to be true love?" the elderly lady who had greeted him upon entering the room spoke up, "Yes Master Alahsa, I do" Jason answered her, "It's against the Jedi code to form attachments" Spoke another Master, Alahsa turned to a man sitting beside her "Sia do you not have a family of your own?" Alahsa questioned him, he nodded to her, "And you Vaasu you have a family too?" and again Vaasu nodded in response, "I think that this is fine, it may not be the Jedi Code to fall in love but if Sia and Vaasu were accepted onto the Jedi Council and granted title of Masters, when it was known that they had families that we do not accept Keller would be morally wrong, it's time the Jedi become more lenient with their codes when it comes to Knights as skilled as Vaasu, Keller and Sia do you not think so? Their children will be just as skilled if not more so as their parents after all" Alahsa smiled at Jason who looked shocked and was rather taken back by this, it was not what he was expecting at all, though he was extremely grateful this was the way things had turned out.

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