A modern take on the life of a princess. Inspired by StarWars, Reign and my own imagination. I hope you enjoy this story.

Aylee Maria Stuart is lost, she has no clue what to do with her life. She continuously rebels against her Aunt and Uncle who dyne her control of her Kingdom, as the war intensifies Aylee is faced with choices she isn't sure she can make.


1. Chapter 1

The summer sun rises over the mountain peaks, warming the water as the light dances over the top of it and works its way through the forests and town. Rising over the castle that stood proudly amongst the beautiful green tree tops, its gold and green round roof mimicking the forest below. The sunshine works its way through the castle-warming the marble steps and making the walls glow. The sunlight shined through an open door of the Princess balcony filling her room with gold; wet, muddy clothes lay on the tiles, on the large queen sized bed, wrapped in the white sheets the Princess; her long hazelnut hair tangled and damp.
Knocking at the door made her wake a tiny bit but not enough to encourage a conversation with the knocker. The princess turns over in her warm bed to notice her clothing on the floor, she smirks to herself before slowly sitting up and running her fingers through her hair. The knocking continued, and this time the knocker engaged in conversation, “Princess Aylee you must get up, Lord and Lady Keltze are here with their son.” The knocker was a roughly spoken man, one of the guards assigned to Aylee; Aylee rolls her eyes and gets up out of her bed, “I’ll be down shortly.” She answers in the most mature and formal voice she could pull together this early in the morning. Aylee is short she stands around five feet two inches, she has beautiful long hazelnut hair and grey eyes, her skin is golden and sprinkled with brown freckles. She appears to be delicate and petite as though she would need saving from any situation, but she doesn’t need saving; Aylee is strong willed and determined just like her mother and father before her.

Wrapping herself in a thin, pink, silk robe, Aylee takes her brush in her hand and begins untangling her hair. She stands on her balcony as she does this, watching as the town starts to wake and come back to life, Aylee giggles to herself as she notices the puddles of mud and water that she had tracked over the balcony from the lake. Aylee was not an overly tall girl, but her hair reached the top of her bottom and took forever to detangle. 
Though she had finished brushing her hair, Aylee did not move from the balcony ledge. Aylee sat there for a while not thinking about anything just enjoying the warm summer sun; Another knock at the door this time it was more as though someone had walked into the door before opening it rather than a knock; “Aylee! Unlock the door “again a roughly spoken man was at the door, this time it was a different man though, his voice was deeper and kinder and more annoyed that he had just walked into the door. Aylee moves from the balcony and unlocks the door it opens with the same motion as she unlocked it, “Good morning Keller” Aylee smiled innocently at the tall, tanned man standing in front of her, his long hair tied back in a neat bun and his thick beard streaked with comb lines. “Why aren’t you dressed” he sighs as he rubs his forehead, “Oh well it’s not as easy as you think it is Keller! You know I have to make a perfect impression, I can’t disappoint the monsters” she smirks, shrugging and turning away.  Keller opens the doors to the wardrobe and pulls out two dresses. One is floor length “A” line yellow dress with a high neck that ties off into a cute bow at the back and no sleeves, the other a yellow, blue and purple gradient summer dress that flowed softly around the body when on, it had a low neckline and off the shoulder sleeves.
“Which one?” Keller asked, Aylee walked towards him put her index finger to her lip and hummed “Neither” she smiled and fluttered her eyelashes at him, “Aylee!” he exclaimed starting to get annoyed, “Keller!” Aylee replied mimicking his tone. She walks towards her wardrobe and examines her clothing items, “See Keller;” she begins as she pulls items out of the wardrobe. “You, are good at killing people and being annoying; but fashion isn’t your strong suit, as a Princess its mine and those dresses are hideous and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them and frankly” she continues gesturing for him to turn around; “Frankly they are only still in my room because “It” put them there.”  Aylee pulls on a pair of black leather jeans and begins buttoning a white blouse that is covered in tiny dandelions and on the ends of the collar is gold. She flicks her hair over her shoulder as she takes another dress from her wardrobe and the ones from Keller’s hands and walks towards her balcony and tosses them out the window.  “Mature,” he says as he rolls his eyes; “Thank you” Aylee smiles as she kisses her finger then pokes the top of Keller's nose.
“Hey shoes?” Keller says pulling her up as she walks out the door, “Why would I wear shoes? I live here.” Aylee says acting confused, “Two choices shoes AND decent ones at that, or go change into a dress,” Keller says folding his arms, “You, my friend are a butt donkey!” Aylee rolls her eyes as she goes back to her room and goes through her shoes, “Really that's the best you can do” Keller teases, “There let’s go!” Aylee says ignoring his comment.

Aylee walks down the marble stairs her black Louboutin heels against the marble echoes through the castle. Through the main hall and down to the balcony were there, in the morning sun was a large table set ready for a gathering of eight people, everyone was seated apart from Aylee. They all rose as she entered the balcony. Aylee’s guardians, her aunt and uncle, their children and the Lord and Lady looked at her as though she was a hot mess, the young boy across from her looked at her as though she was just hot and the girl sitting next to her smiled looking inspired. “How kind of you to finally join us.” Aylee’s Aunt snuffed, “Oh you’re so very welcome dear Aunt, I wasn’t planning on it as I didn’t want to distract anyone from the true beauty of enjoying breakfast with you but I figured why not it’s not every day you can waste an entire morning eating food.” Aylee hated the idea of being around her Aunt and Uncle as much as they hated the idea of being around her. She was witty with her comebacks and had no filter when it came to her opinion, Aylee took her seat at the end of the table next to a young girl who was probably only five or six years old and who immediately engaged in conversation with Aylee. “HI! I’m Victoria” she was so beautiful with green eyes and amber hair that was long and curly she looked completely different to her parents and her older brother. “Victoria, it's lovely to meet you my name is Aylee” the girls spoke, and Aylee completely ignored Peter, the boy who was trying so desperately to get her attention. “Hi Aylee, I’m Peter, clearly,” he said reaching his hand over the table to shake her hand, “Peter dear can’t you see I’m talking, you’ll just have to wait.” Aylee was only rude to him because he had always been such a bully to her as a child apparently did not remember her after their countless introductions. Victoria giggled to this and tried to hide it behind her hands.

Aylee looked behind her as breakfast was served and noticed Keller was not behind her as he always was, under the table, she pulled out her phone and began to text him;
“So much for sticking it out with me, where the hell have you disappeared off to?”

“Aylee worry more about talking to your future husband than to me! And where the hell were you hiding your phone I’m sure as hell I had it!”
       “You have your secrets than and I’ll keep mine. That also means how I got my phone.”

“Who are you texting” Victoria whispered to Aylee, “My friend” Aylee replied to Victoria who smiled and continued to eat her waffles and berries.

As breakfast grew to an end Aylee and barely touched any of her food, noticing this the Lady Keltze questioned her on it“Dear why haven’t you eaten?” she says she sounds kind and rather concerned with Aylee’s diet “Oh I’m not a big breakfast person” Aylee smiles softly, she stands up and takes her plate away. Aylee wanders down into the kitchen where she greets an older lady, “Good morning Margret!” She smiles kissing the lady on the cheek, “You know my girl it tastes better fresh!” Margret smiles teasing Aylee, “I know!” Aylee smiles rolling up a waffle as she sits on the bench she puts a majority of the rolled waffle and cream into her mouth. “I don’t understand you sometimes miss!” Margret says standing in front of Aylee wiping her hands on a hand cloth, “M-e everth!” Aylee struggles to speak with a mouth full of waffle. “But you still love me” Aylee smiles, Margret smiles “Yes I do!” as Margret brushes Aylee’s hair out of her face as Keller walks down the stairs, he leans against the wall, arms folded, he’s smirking at Aylee, “You’re in so much trouble missy” he says, his hair is messier than it was before, it was in a tidy large bun, but now it looked as though he’d fallen out of a fighter jet, “Keller what happened to your hair?” Aylee looks at him with half a mouth still full of waffles, “What? Nothing?” he says trying to readjust his hair, “come here!” she smiles putting her plate down, Keller rolls his eyes and walks over standing with his back between Aylee’s legs, “Down!” she says, and then again, “Lower!” he moves lower and is basically sitting on the ground by now, “Thank you!” Aylee smiles as she pulls the hair tie out of Keller’s’ hair, she slowly detangles his hair, “Ouch!” he teases, “I’ll kick you!” Aylee teases Keller, “How was Peter” Keller asks, knowing the answer, “Childish,” Aylee says tiredly. She wraps Keller's long sandy hair around her hand and continues to cover it till she reaches the end of it, then tightly tying it into a bun, “There” Aylee says pushing Keller off her. “Can we go for a walk?” Aylee asked she seemed down all of the sudden and Keller just nods taking her hand.

Keller held Aylee’s hand as they walked through the gardens the shrubs had beautiful flower scattered over them, “Aylee you haven’t been yourself for a while, I can sense it” Keller says letting go of her hand and looking at her, “You know I don’t like it when you do that” she says stopping in her tracks and watching the ground. “Aylee tell me what’s wrong”;
Aylee runs her fingers through her hair making it fall messier and shape her face more naturally, she turns to face him, she hesitates for a moment, “I haven’t been sleeping  again” she says looking at him, “Last night I slept for twenty minutes before I was woken.”  Aylee says, and Kellers eyes grew with worry, “Can we just walk and not talk about it please?” Aylee says unable to stand the worried look in her friend's eyes. Keller takes her hand as they continue to walk leaving the garden and the prying eyes of Aylee’s Aunt and Uncle.

“Aylee,” Keller says softly as he stops and looks at her, “I know it’s been hard” he begins, Aylee looks at him her eyes slowly filling with tears as she thinks of the past years’ events, “Aylee! Princess!” shouts a voice from behind Keller, it's Peter. “Aylee, would you like to come for a walk with me?” Peter half pants he was out of breath for some reason even though he had only walked from the Castle to the garden, Aylee looks at Keller for a long time than answers Peter, “Sure” Aylee says quietly walking towards Peter, he takes her hand and she looks back at Keller as they walk away. Keller leans against a stone pillared and pulls out his intercom that had begun to beep; “Yes, Master?” he answers, Aylee hears this as she walks away and starts to panic.
“Aylee I am honoured to meet you finally, we didn’t get to talk at breakfast, but I’m glad I found you now,” Peter says as they walk back towards the castle, “You do realise we have met every second year since we were five right?” Aylee says looking at the dumb look on Peters' face.  “Oh-I-um” he begins to stutter, Aylee shakes her head and continues to walk, Peter waddling after her. “Peter” smiles his mother and Anna as they walk across the hall towards Aylee and Peter, “Aylee!” shouts Victoria as she runs out from behind her mother and hugs Aylee, “Victoria!” Aylee smiles as she hugs the girl back. “It’s wonderful to see the pair of you finally talking” Anna says looking between Peter and Aylee, “Yes, well it would be easier to speak to each other if he actually remembered me” Aylee answered her Aunt looking directly at Peter, “Princess Aylee I am sorry” he begins, she shakes her head, “You expect me to want to marry Peter, even though he can’t even bother to remember who I am, we have known each other since we were children. Victoria is the only one who doesn’t recognise me because she was so small when she last visited.” Aylee says shaking her head, everyone stares in shock unsure of what to say or do next, “I’m going to my room” Aylee says walking away rubbing her face.


Aylee sat on her bed her heart hurt she feared what Keller's master had wanted; she feared losing her best friend, the only man who had protected her and loved her since her father passed, they needed each other. Sterling, Aylee’s Scottish hound, lay with his head on her legs, "Oh Sterling, what am I going to do?" she asks him knowing he will not answer her because he does not understand her. A knock at the door was the only reason Sterling moved, he raced to the door and growled, snarled and barked, something he did not normally do. Aylee grabbed his collar and pulled him away "Sterling?" she spoke to the dog as the bedroom door opened a woman walked in, she reeked of death and was wearing a uniform Aylee recognised as Imperial, "Who are you?" Aylee demanded standing up straight but still trying to maintain her grip on her hound, the woman continued to walk towards Aylee, Sterling growls became more aggressive, and he lunged at the woman several times before Aylee lost hold of him and he lunged onto the woman. "Sterling!" Aylee shouted as she reaches forward to remove her dog from the intruder. As her fingers touch the hounds’ collar the woman’s icy fingers wrap around Aylee’s neck and before she knows it she is on the ground with the woman above her. The stench of death is more prominent now than it had been before, Aylee struggles to remove the lady. Aylee notices the woman has white, glassy eyes rotten teeth and hair that has fallen out in patches; her skin isn’t skin coloured, it’s blue. Where had this woman come from? Sterling is jumping around insanely trying to attack the woman above his beloved owner. Aylee is struggling to breathe at this point, she gabbles at the woman’s hands and tries her hardest to push the woman off her. “Sterling” Aylee gasps as her vision fades…

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