Burn The Floor

Kienna Moorlake loves to dance. Most of all, she loves salsa dancing. The subtle, sexy movements have entranced her since the moment she first saw them performed. She goes to peruse her dreams in Spain, but is kidnapped and sold to a man, who in turn sells her to another man. Doesn't seem like a pyramid scheme to me at all.


6. "Kitten"

He smiled.

That was it.

I flung myself at him, screaming and punching him, pounding on his chest. "Oh my god! Do you get some sort of perverted pleasure out of this?! You asshole!" I screeched.

He laughed, and I realized he hadn't even budged when I threw myself at him. So I shoved with all my might and he fell to the ground, me on top. He flipped me over, so I was trapped under his smoldering blue gaze, his rock-hard muscles, his sexy smirk... wait, what?!

I glared up at him, and saw that he was trying to suppress a laugh.

"I could get used to this position," he chuckled, and I tried to wiggle out– and then I saw that made me grind up against him.

He got up, still laughing, and said, "It's not what you think it is."

"Said the cheating husband to the wife."

"I buy these girls and set them free with a job and some money. I'm not a pervert, I swear," he said. "Then why didn't you let me go in the first place?" I countered, and he shook his head.

"You were injured, kitten. I couldn't let you go like that."

"Kitten?!" I screamed.

"Because, you're like, adorable as fuck, you know?"

"Kitten?!" I yelled again, and he winced. "Keep your voice down, kitten. There are security guards in my estate, you know."

Estate? Just how wealthy was this guy?

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