Burn The Floor

Kienna Moorlake loves to dance. Most of all, she loves salsa dancing. The subtle, sexy movements have entranced her since the moment she first saw them performed. She goes to peruse her dreams in Spain, but is kidnapped and sold to a man, who in turn sells her to another man. Doesn't seem like a pyramid scheme to me at all.


7. Crushed

A little backstory on me:

I grew up in a very poor family. My father was an old man cougar (is that a thing?) who used my mom for sex. In the sixties, he was what people called a "draft dodger," a man that ran away from the Vietnam war to save his skin. He beat mom, but never laid a hand in my three brothers. I loved my brothers more than the sky loves the moon. They were my everything. I was their everything. With me gone, I don't really know how they're doing. My mother worked three jobs and my father worked one. Even then, we were barely scraping by. Finally, my brothers and I moved out. Jack, Cole, and Luke (my brothers) worked two jobs each, while I won money at dancing competitions. We weren't doing so bad, and I auditioned for a dance school in Spain. I got a scholarship and got on a plane, and here I am. In a strange man's house, injured, but still unstoppable.

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