Burn The Floor

Kienna Moorlake loves to dance. Most of all, she loves salsa dancing. The subtle, sexy movements have entranced her since the moment she first saw them performed. She goes to peruse her dreams in Spain, but is kidnapped and sold to a man, who in turn sells her to another man. Doesn't seem like a pyramid scheme to me at all.


3. Chapter Three

Two years.

That's how long I was in that hellhole, and not once did I perform.

But I was lucky. Some girls stay there their whole lives.

I had a fantastic salsa routine planned, and it would scorch the very floor the men were standing on– but it took two years for them to permit me to dance. "Katya Number eight- two-four-six, Hailey number three, Kienna number five- nine -five -nine. Thank you for your service, you have been selected to dance. Please make your way to the auditorium." When I heard those words, my knees buckled. I could get out of there. Then I realized– what if the person that buys me is worse?

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