Let Me Vent

Wanna know if you're not the only one feeling stuff that is weird or maybe too mature for people your age? Well you've come to the right place - where my life is the dictionary definition of complicated and venting is as common as daytime tv. Grab a seat folks - I'm just getting warmed up.


4. Day ? - Vent 4

one minute you're happy and feel fine - no complications, no confusion, no adrenaline. Then one simple text message changes everything. Someone you used to know - someone who you used to love. Then you go online to a site and see that someone you've been waiting for, for 11 months has come back and that sets off everything even more. Now you're running around and typing fast and thoughts are spinning and you couldn't sleep. Your hands are shaking the ground is breaking and yet somehow in all this chaos and adrenaline you feel right at home. You miss things being this way - but you know rthey can't - or at least you don't they can. You've been fighting for a normal life for over a year and right when you get that - the chaos starts, adrenaline pumps, heart pounding, hands shaking, the room suddenly feels hot and you can't breathe or sleep or even talk to anyone and its got you choaked up. But... in a good way. Strange enough you're excited to see what happens next - but also scared because a split second decision could make you leave a lot behind. I guess maybe i wasn't meant to have a normal life - is that just it? But everything happens for a reason, right? even vif it makes you want to scream and cry all at once. 

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